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  • helpbooklet

    A simple guide to Facebook

    and Skype

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    The Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology (QASMT) is

    one of the most successful and prestigious selective entry state high schools in

    Australia. Our Academy is one of three conceived under the Smart State Agenda,

    aimed at providing a genuine transition for highly capable students in years 10,

    11 and 12 between senior school and university. It is a school whose exceptional

    academic standards rest easily beside great endeavor and success in a wide

    range of activities.

    We are fortunate to have outstanding teachers who consistently contribute to the lives of our students.

    Inspirational teaching and quality learning are our cornerstones ensuring that our Academy is ranked as

    one of Australia's finest schools, consistently achieving outstanding learning outcomes.

    Our Academy aims to extend students learning by blurring the line between school and university. The

    curriculum is rigorous and was developed in partnership with The University of Queensland ensuring our

    students experience a smooth transition to tertiary education. Our core curriculum is the International

    Baccalaureate Diploma; a program that has earned a reputation for rigorous learning and assessment,

    enabling IB diploma recipients access to the world's leading universities.

    As one would expect, our curriculum has a strong emphasis on the sciences and mathematics. Our

    partnership with The University of Queensland ensures students have access to and use technologies to

    gain exposure to the cutting-edge of these disciplines in a manner which values academic rigor.

    Underpinning our academic success is an outstanding pastoral care system supporting every student and

    helping each one to feel a vital part of the QASMT family. Student welfare is implemented through a

    Mentor Program ensuring all students achieve to their potential. We believe in the importance of guiding

    students to become responsible and caring individuals, who are sensitive, open minded and respectful of

    all cultures. QASMT aims to develop tomorrows leaders; individuals who will be internationally-minded


    Choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions you will make as a parent. At

    QASMT, we understand this responsibility, and that is why we are committed to and passionate about

    nurturing our students academic, social and personal development in a caring and safe community.

    We provide a world class education in an environment where we nurture excellence, foster innovation

    and celebrate diversity.

    Kath Kayrooz


  • Contents for Facebook

    Signing up Chapter 1

    Getting Started Chapter 2

    Status updates Chapter 3

    Thank you to all the students who have been part of this working party

    h elpbooklet

  • Chapter 1: Signing up

    This process is a very important step as it is about making your account on Facebook. But,

    these helpful and easy steps will help you get it done under five minutes.

    Step 1 The Sign Up


    This is the page where

    you can create your own

    account on Facebook by

    typing in your personal

    details you name, email

    address, password,

    birthday and your gender.

    Step 2 Your Name

    Type in your first and last

    names in the box indicated.

    Step 3 Your Email Address

    Now type in your email

    address in the next two boxes.

  • Step 4 Your Password

    The box pointed by the arrow is

    where you put your password in.

    Make sure your password is secure

    and that no-one can figure it out,

    so people cant hack into your

    account. A secure password

    should have at least one capital

    letter, one lower case letter, one

    digit or number and one symbol in

    it such as - !.*$^. That way no one

    can figure out your password and your account will be safe.

    Step 5 Your Birthday and Gender

    After typing in your

    password, select your

    birthday and gender from the

    pointed section. After that,

    press the green button below

    that says Sign Up!

    Step 6 Finish!

    Congratulations! You have

    now finished making your

    own account on Facebook.

    Click the circled button to

    skip to the next step.

  • Chapter 2: Getting Started

    This is when you set up your profile page, your privacy settings and adding some friends.

    Step 1 Steps on

    getting Started

    I bet youre very excited

    to make your own profile

    page and all that, but

    before that, weve got

    some steps to skip.

    When you skip a step a

    pop-up shows, saying, in

    a nutshell, that you will

    regret this. But you can

    do it later, so dont worry.

    Step 2 Steps on

    getting Started


    Skip this step as well.

    You can do it if you

    want, though.

    Step 3 Profile Pictures

    When you have skipped the last two

    steps, this step will come up - this step

    is about setting your profile picture.

    You can take a photo by clicking the

    Take a photo button if you have a

    webcam on your computer. If not,

    click Upload a photo to upload a

    photo from your computer.



  • Step 4 Upload a photo

    Click Choose File to choose

    a file from your computer.

    Step 5 Choose a


    After you click the

    Choose file button, a

    pop-up will come up.

    This will show you your

    Pictures library, where

    you will choose your

    desired picture.

    Step 6 Choose a picture (cont.)

    Click Open when you have

    chosen a picture.

    The chosen picture is

    within this library.

    Once you have

    clicked on the photo,

    click open along the

    bottom of the pop-up

  • Step 7 Waiting for your picture to upload

    When you have clicked

    Open, you will be

    back on the page you

    were before with

    another pop-up saying

    Uploading picture.

    Step 8 Done!

    You can now see that your

    profile picture has changed,

    not to mention the little

    icon on the top right corner,

    next to your name, has

    changed as well. Click the

    Save & Continue button

    on the bottom right corner

    to save your picture and

    continue on to build your


    Step 9 Done! (cont.)

    When you have clicked

    the button, the page

    will redirect you to a

    Welcome page, to give

    you a tour of the site.

    Here you can find your

    friends, take a privacy

    tour, and add people

    that you may know.

    As you can see,

    the picture along

    the top right has

    been changed to

    your choosing and

    will remain there

    after you click

    save and continue

  • Verifying your email address

    Step 1

    As you can see on the

    screenshot above, there is

    a yellow bar on the top of

    the window telling you to

    go to your email to

    complete the sign-up

    process. This is the email

    verification process. If you

    click on the Go to your

    email button, it will open

    a new tab and go to the

    login page of your email.

    Step 2

    Log in with your email


    Step 3

    Click on the

    email from



    The author of the email

    is Facebook, titled

    Just one more step to

    get started on Facebook

  • Step 4

    Click on the green button that

    says Complete sign up.

    Step 5

    When you have clicked that

    button it will open another tab,

    and going into your News Feed on


    Setting your privacy settings

    Step 1

    Click on the Welcome

    button to go back to the

    Welcome page, then click

    on the Take a Privacy

    Tour button. This should

    show you all you need to

    know about your privacy

    settings and how to adjust




  • 3. Status Update

    A status update on Facebook allows families and friends to know about

    your thoughts, whereabouts and any other important information.

  • Contents for Skype

    Signing up Chapter 1

    Downloading the app Chapter 2

    Signing in Chapter 3

    Adding Contacts Chapter 4

    h elpbooklet

  • Chapter 1: Signing Up The first step into getting started is by

    signing up. You can do this by going

    onto the Skype website, which is


    Next is to fill in your information. First

    by filling in your name and then you

    email address.

    Here, you can fill out your birthday, gender,

    country/ region, city and also you language.

    It also asks you to select how you intend to

    use Skype. It gives the option of: business

    conversations or personal conversations.

    Next, you make your new Skype

    name; this is what your contact

    will see on your profile.

    Then you will type in a

    password and you have to do

    this twice to verify it. Make sure

    you remember this password, or

    you writ