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  • A Sacred Star Lion Journey A Spiritual Journey from the Origins of Man

    to the Heartland of Enlightened Consciousness Wednesday 18th to Saturday 28th November 2015

    with Wynter Worsthorne & Linda Tucker in support of the Global White Lion Protection Trust

  • Wednesday 18th November 2015

    You will be met at O.R. Tambo, Johannesburg International airport by your host, Lee Saudan. From there you will travel with her in a comfortable mini bus to the Maropeng Hotel at the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage site, where evidence of first man has been found. This is home to the famous Sterkfontein Caves, where much research for Linda Tuckers book Mystery of the White Lions took place.

    On arrival you will be given time to settle in before a scrumptious lunch is served in the hotel restaurant. After lunch we meet up for introductions and intention settings with Wynter and Lee. There will be free time to explore or rest before dinner at the hotel.

    Thursday 19th November 2015

    The day starts with a leisurely breakfast at 9am. Wynter then shares some of her knowledge on Interspecies Communication. She tells stories about the beginning of time, based on African oral tradition. We then go and explore the site, around which first man lived and loved. We meet Professor Ronald Clarke, founder of little foot, or one of his esteemed colleagues, and learn about the scientific version of the story of the beginnings of mankind. www.maropeng.co.za/content/page/little_foot1

    After lunch is a guided tour of the Sterkfontein Caves (weather permitting). You then have free time to either explore the various exhibitions or go back to the hotel to rest. We meet up at sunset for quiet meditation and gentle discussions about the day and how science meets sacred science. Dinner is at the hotel and an early night prepares us for the following days travel to Margsol.

  • Friday 20th November 2015

    We start off with a dawn meditation to prepare for the day. After an early breakfast we head off for the next part of our journey. We travel to Margsol, a beautiful old guest house which has been in Linda Tuckers family for generations. Set in the hills between Nelspruit and White River it is where Eugene Marais wrote his famous book The Soul of the Ape.

    Linda Tucker meets us there and will take us through her personal journey and the mysteries of the White Lions, relating to the sacred Nile Meridian upon which they occur. In alignment with this meridian is Adams Calendar, the oldest man-made calendar known and initiation site of Baba Credo Mutwa, the Lion Priest of Africa. After a delicious meal prepared by the White Lion chef, we end the day with an early night to absorb and integrate the knowledge of the day into our dreams.

    Saturday 21st November 2015

    A gentle yoga session before breakfast gets the energy flowing. Today we head off to Kaapse Hoop to spend time connecting with the wild horses. These horses represent the Unicorn connection to the White Lion mysteries and are the guardians of this sacred site. After lunch we are taken on a guided tour of Adams Calendar where we will sit in ceremony in honour of the ancients.

    Back at Margsol we have time to rest before dinner and we will then enter into discussion and conversation about the days experiences.

  • Sunday 22nd November 2015

    Another early morning simple yoga flow session before breakfast prepares us for our journey along the tail of the dragon. Today we travel to Tsau Conservancy. The route takes us along the Blyde River Canyon which is part of the Drakensburg Mountain range- the Dragon Mountains. We will be stopping at the sacred sites along the way, recognised by the African elders, but unknown to western man. Here we acknowledge and pay tribute to the ancestors who hold the sanctity of these spaces along the Nile meridian.

    Lunch will be en-route. We arrive at Tsau in the afternoon. Here you will have time to settle into your rooms and then we will meet up with Jason Turner, lion ecologist who heads up the White Lion Re-introduction project.

    After going over the protocols of the project, we head out on our first drive through these sacred lands to meet the guardians. This is a time of introduction and if we are fortunate enough for the lions to greet and meet us, we will sit in quiet reverence and respect. As we sit in stillness we listen to the sounds of the African dusk, feeling them resonate through our bodies attuning us to this new environment.

    A delicious meal around the fire awaits us back at Camp Unicorn. An early night is suggested to envelope yourself in dreamtime assisted by the roaring of the lions. Pay attention to your dreams, as they bring important messages for your time here.

  • Monday 23rd November 2015

    After a leisurely breakfast you start your work around developing your innate ability to communicate intuitively with all beings. Moving beyond the species barrier, Wynter subtly guides you in the art of interspecies communication. Through various meditations and visualisation exercises you will be shown how to still your mind and connect with all animals in order to understand them on a deeper, more intuitive level. Wynter explains the practicalities of interspecies communication, combining ancient knowledge with modern day practices.

    After a delicious lunch the group returns to the workshop space. With the help of the resident lion camp domestic animals, Madash and Gorgeous (if willing), you will be guided in a question and answer session to show that you can communicate with the animals. Here you are able to explore your ability to pick up physical and emotional messages from different species.

    We then prepare for our dusk visit to the majestic star lions, putting into practice what you have learnt during the day, we sit in silence and are open to any messages waiting to be received by us from them.

    After another scrumptious meal prepared by the White Lion Chef, the national geographic documentary The return of the White Lion will be screened.

  • Tuesday 24th November 2015

    We rise early in order to join the dawn check to visit the prides, watching and feeling how they greet the day. Back at Camp we break our fast and then sit in session where you will learn how you can connect with animals over any distance. You will be shown how to apply this knowledge into your everyday life with both wild and domestic animals. We also discuss the difficulties and blockages one may experience in this work and how to overcome them. The presence of the beings on this land gives extra energy and guidance to this teaching.

    Lunch is a picnic beneath the Wild Fig tree, where you will have time to meditate and rest after the mornings work. We then take a riverine walk to the Rock Star Lion, Ngovuma Rising sculpted by renowned South African artist Andries Botha, which faces the great Sphinx of Egypt and rises up to greet the meridian.

    From there the group sets out for another dusk visit to the Royal Prides. This time you are able to put your knowledge to the test, tracking and connecting with them on a different level, with more understanding and integration into their world. Back at Camp Unicorn we enjoy our evening meal and end off with storytelling by the fire.

  • Wednesday 25th November 2015

    We rise early for our day outing to the Kruger National Park, here you will be guided by your inner knowledge and listen to all the animals who cross your path. We spend the day with no expectation, but respecfully greeting each animal we meet. This will not be a race to see the big five, as many people there will be trying to do, but an acknowledgement of every part of nature working together in the greater cosmos.

    We return to Camp Unicorn for dinner and story-telling by the fire, before we go to bed to process the knowledge that we have gained from the animals throughout the day.

    Thursday 26th November 2015

    The dawn monitoring of the Royal prides is optional today. We ease into this day at Camp Unicorn with a delicious healthy breakfast. A short session with Wynter prepares you for a day of journaling and rest. Wynter will be available for one on one mentoring sessions through-out. Before the sun sets, we join the monitoring team to spend time in reverence with the Star-lions, being completely open to any messages they want to send to us. This will be your last opportunity to be with the Tsau prides. Back around the camp fire, we have our evening meal and end the day with sharing and story-telling.

  • Friday 27th November 2015

    An early start sees us on the road to visit Mbube, part of the Tsau Conservancy and home to the Akeru pride. Letaba and Regeus are the sons of Marah, the founding lioness of the project. We spend time with them and their golden princess, Khanyisa absorbing the powerful energy of this land whose name represents the centre star of Orions belt, significant in African oral history. A walk along the river bed ends in a ceremony of honour and protection for all of nature.

    Today we learn about the culture surrounding the Sacred White Lions, and how the lions walking in freedom have also freed and invigorated the human community. We visit one of the local schools which form part of the White

    Lion Trusts work with the community, teaching young people the importance of protecting and honouring the land and her animals as well as her people. Early evening sees us at Mufanyani Cultural village for a traditional meal and dancing. The village belongs to Lion Queen, Maria Khosas family. Her sister Sarah, the medicine woman for the village, will be available for consultation with the Ancestors through throwing of the bones, a divination tool used by African Shamans. After dinner we head back to Camp Unicorn for a good nights sleep. This will be our last night together.

  • Saturday 28th November 2015

    After an early breakfast, you have one last group session with Wynter to prepare yourselves for the journey home. She discusses how to integrate the knowledge you have gained during the last 10 days into your regular, daily lives. We set our intensions for the future and are offered guidance in WHITE LION WARRIORSHIP. We end off with a farewell and thanksgiving ceremony receiving and giving blessings to and from the animals and nature. Knowing that we can communicate and connect with all the beings we have come into contact with, over any distance.

    You will be transported to Hoedspruit Airport for your onward journey to Johannesburg, where we say our goodbyes, knowing that this is not the end of your travels, but the beginning of a spiritual journey of the soul.


    TO BOOK: A non-refundable, 50% deposit is required upon booking to reserve your place. Contact: info@starlionjourneys.org for reservations and more information FLIGHT AND TRAVEL INFORMATION: You will be collected from O.R. Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. You will be travelling back to Johannesburg from Hoedspruit with Ashtons travel by comfortable mini-bus. If you prefer to fly out of Hoedspruit Airport, Mpumulanga, you would need to make your own arrangements. SAA is the only commercial airline which flies from Hoedspruit to Johannesburg. There is now also a direct flight to Cape Town. WHAT TO BRING: Comfortable walking shoes/boots. Clothing: We will be there in the early Summer, so temperatures could be between 25-35 degrees. There may be thunder showers, so wet weather gear is important. Sunblock, hat and sunglasses. Mosquito repellent: Timbavati is a Malaria area. If you feel you do need to take prophylactics we suggest consulting a homeopath or herbalist, as the allopathic anti-malaria tablets can make you feel ill. Make sure you have insect repellent cream or spray for the evening and while sleeping. We would prefer you to use natural based products, to lessen the impact of chemicals in the environment. Although this is a non-photographic project, you may bring your camera. Photos of the White Lions themselves are not to be taken, but you are welcome to take photos of the base camp and the environment. Beautiful photographs by professional photographers are available for purchase with proceeds going to the Trust.

  • ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation is shared in rondavels at the lion camp. 3 rondavels have en-suite bathrooms (shower only), 4 have separate showers outside, which are shared. The rondavels are allocated on a first come first served basis. MONITORING VISITS: Group visits to the lions with the monitoring team are limited to a maximum number of people. If necessary, the workshop group will be split for the visits to ensure each person spends quality time with the lions, without impacting them. Please note the itinerary is not set in stone, and may change depending on

    the weather, the people and most important of all, the lions. We are at all times working with a scientific project and all work with the lions is subject to strict scientific protocol. Due respect will be paid to the needs of the project and the lions themselves. In true African tradition, it is appropriate to bring a gift in honour of the lions. This can be either a physical gift, for example a crystal, or an energetic gift for example a prayer or poem. We ask you to meditate on this and bring what you feel is right. INTERNET ACCESS: Please note that there is VERY limited access to wifi on this journey, the purpose of the journey is to disconnect from the trappings of the modern world and reconnect with yourself, nature and the animals.

  • COSTS:

    1,980.00 (Pounds) | $2,800.00 (Dollars) | 2,600.00 (Euros) (Prices may fluctuate dependent on exchange rates) All prices are based on per person sharing - rates for single supplement are available on request.

    INCLUDES: Transport from Johannesburg Airport to Maropeng, Margsol and Tsau Conservancy Transport by comfortable mini-bus back to Johannesburg from Tsau Conservancy. (Alternative travel arrangements back to JHB will be at your own extra cost) All accommodation All meals All excursions and entrance fees. (excl. Shamanic reading: Allow around R500/40) Dawn and dusk visits to the White Lions with the scientific monitoring team. Workshop and talks with Wynter Worsthorne and Linda Tucker. A signed copy of The Mystery of the White Lions by Linda Tucker.

    EXCLUDES: International flights or transport to O.R. Tambo Airport for the start of the tour, or any onward journeys home. Gratuities/Tips these are at your own discretion Alcoholic Beverages. (Please note Tsau Conservancy is non-alcoholic, so no alcohol will be available or allowed. Any drinks at Maropeng Hotel and other venues will be for your own account.)


    Contact: mailto:info@starlionjourneys.org or call Wynter on +27(0)78 115 4894 for reservations and more information

    We look forward to welcoming and guiding you on this incredible journey. www.starlionjourneys.org

    http://www.animaltalkafrica.co.za For more info about the Global White Lion Protection Trust - http://w...