a sa selectionlection of french titlesof french bd 2016...tool for all those interested in comic...

Download A SA SELECTIONLECTION OF FRENCH TITLESOF FRENCH BD 2016...tool for all those interested in comic books and graphic novels ... Thorgal: translated into 19 languages ... leader in French

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  • Promoting French publishing all over the world

    For almost 140 years, Bief has been promotingFrench publishers creations on the international scene with the vocation of facilitating and developing exchange between French and foreign professionals in the publishing industry.

    This catalogue presents 17 publishing houses and morethan 70 titles. It is intended as both a working and referencetool for all those interested in comic books and graphic novels published in France, especially foreign publishers keen tobuild their list of translations and/or adaptations in this sector, as well as booksellers and librarians.

    We hope this catalogue will encourage them to discoverthe variety and high quality of comic book publishing in France, so fortifying existing links with their French counterparts.

  • Illustration de couverture :Marc-Antoine Mathieu, Les Sous-sols du Rvolu Futuropolis / Muse du Louvreditions , 2006

  • Index of publishers / Comic Books & Graphic Novels

    BambooCastermanDargaud Le LombardDelcourtDenol GraphicDupuisFuturopolisGallimard Bande dessineLes Humanodes AssocisMuse du Louvre ditionsRue de SvresSarbacaneSoleilSteinkis Groupe



  • Bamboo Year of creation: 1997Titles in catalogue: 900Titles published annually: 160

    Stories about Leeks, Bicycles, Love and Other PhenomenaHistoire de poireaux,de vlos, damour et autres phnomnes Marzena Sowa & AudeSoleilhac,Bamboo, Collection Story, 2015

    Vincent, eleven, loves to go tothe market with his parents who are vegetable producers, more to be among his friends than to sell leeks.He also secretly loves Marie, the floristsdaughter, and he dreams of off ering her a potato in the shape of a heart.He also dreams of long bike ridesbut first, hed better get a bike.In the warm atmosphere of the stalls, all these stories of leeks, bikes, love and other phenomena come together to create a tender, nostalgic portrayal of childhood.

    FictionAge10 +72pages 22 29,6cm 15,90EAN9782818933787

    Since it was created in 1997 by Olivier Sulpice, Bamboo dition has been endeavouring to renew the one-page gag genre ina series with popular themes such as: Jobs (Teachers, Cops), Sports (Rugby players), Girls (Sisters, Dance studio).The authors nurture a sense of humour intended for a wide public, from 7 to 77. This formula has made Bamboo a reference in the world of funny comic strips. The Grand Angle seriesare realistic comics that play on diversity and emotion: stories with a touch of poetry, politically committed but unbiased,real and moving testimonies, captivating thrillers. In short,from a frisson of pleasure to inner revolt, emotion guaranteed as the pages turn!

    116, rue des Jonchres 71850 Charnay-les-Mcon, France > www.bamboo.frForeign Rights: Catherine Loiselet > c.loiselet@bamboo.fr


  • 12rue RoyaleHervRichez & Efix,Bamboo,Collection Grand Angle,2015

    Because he is ready to do anythingto expand his establishment, Mathieu Viannay, head chef of the famous restaurant in Lyon La mre Brasier, has just accepted the challenge laid down by the landlord next door:to fulfil, thanks to the sheer power of his art, the seven gastronomic tasksof Hercules

    GraphicNovelAdults, YA, Teenagers110pages 22 29,6cm 18,90EAN9782818934524

    Where Did the GoodTimes Go? Vol. 1O sont passsles grands jours ?, vol. 1Jim & AlexandreTefenkgi, Bamboo, CollectionGrandAngle, 2014

    Its the story of Fred, who killedhimself. He was the best friend of Hugo, tienne, and Jean-Marc. But noneof that is important now. Its alsothe story of a phone number, Freds, which Hugo cant bring himselfto delete from his phone list. In any case, not without making one last call. Its also the story of three gift s, left posthumously by Fred, which progressively change all their lives. Finally, its the story of the passing of time, of slight perceptions, of those impressions that you keep to yourself, silently. Until, one day, everything explodes

    FictionAdults, YA, Teenagers70pages 22 29,6cm 16,90EAN9782818925522


  • A Ladies PostmanFacteur pour femmesDidierQuella-Guyot& SbastienMorice,Bamboo, CollectionGrand Angle, 2015

    1914, on a Breton island, the rather introvert and handicapped Mael is not mobilized and becomes a postman. He understands quickly that being the only man on the island has some advantages. Because the women cant read, he has to read the letters aloud He also picks up the mail, reads it before sending it, and so gets to know this loyal and captive audience better and better. From conquest to conquest, Mal acquires a faithful group of loving women. But when the war threatens to end, the soldiers who escapedthe slaughter are about to come back home and morality must be preserved at all costs

    GraphicNovel, HistoryAdults, YA, Teenagers112pages 22 29,6cm 18,90EAN9782818934135

    Bitter Russia, Vol. 1Amre Russie, vol. 1AurlienDucoudray & Anlor, Bamboo,Collection Grand Angle,2014

    In the mid-90s, a Russian mother whose soldier-son is on a mission in enemy territory learns that the leader of the Chechen army has agreedto release prisoners if their mothers come and fetch them. Its the beginning of the harsh, touching saga of this mother accompanied by her little dog Milza, a comic and moving

    underlying theme through a hostile Chechen territory devastated by war.

    ContemporaryHistoryAdults, YA, Teenagers48pages 24,2 31,6cm 13,90EAN9782818931134


  • Casterman Year of creation: 1780Titles in catalogue: 3 000Titles published annually: 250Emblematic titles or series

    Tintin, Herg:translated into over 108 languages

    Corto Maltese, Hugo Pratt:translated into over 20 languages

    Les Cits Obscures,Benoit Peeters & Franois Schuiten:translated into over 17 languages

    Ctait la guerre des tranches, Tardi: translated into over 10 languages

    La Trilogie Nikopol, Bilal:translated into over 15 languages

    Founded in 1780, Casterman, a Belgian publishing house,started publishing comics in 1930! Since the publication ofthe fi rst Tintin, which is still the pride of its prestigious catalogue, Casterman has remained faithful to its initial approach:to make quality books available to everyone, and publishartists such as Tardi, Hugo Pratt or Franois Schuitenand Benoit Peeters. Casterman also publishes picture books, childrens books with novelties and well-loved characters from Ernest & Celestine to milie and Martine.

    Cantersteen 47, Bote 4, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgique > www.casterman.comForeign Rights: Jrme Baron > jbaron@casterman.comNathalie Glorieux > n.glorieux@casterman.comNolwenn Lebret > nolwenn.lebret@casterman.com

    Corto Maltese, Vol. 13Under the Midnight Sun Corto Maltese, vol. 13Sous le soleil de minuit Rubn Pellejero, Hugo Pratt& Juan Daz Canales, Casterman,Collection CortoMaltese,2015

    A faithful yet modern rerun of a contemporary legend. Pellejero takes over all Hugo Pratts graphic codes while adding his own personalityto the story through the landscapes, secondary characters and colouring. The new scenario imagined by Canales reuses all the familiar features of Pratts stories (treasure hunt, genuine historical facts, loyalty towards friends,etc.). The powerful dialogues will delightfans and appeal to the uninitiated.

    AdventuresTeenagers, Adults88pages 22,5 30cm 16EAN9782203092112


  • Snowpiercer, Vol. 4.TerminusTransperceneige, vol. 4.TerminusJean-MarcRochette& OlivierBocquet,Casterman, 2015

    The occupants aboard the Snowpiercer believed themselves to be the last humans alive, yet they soon learn that they are not alone. Aft er braving the relentless cold, they come across an underground people with their own social rules and values. They gradually get to know each other and unite, but this will trigger some questions: is humankind to live artificially underground or should they explore new ways of living?

    Sci-FiTeenagers, Adults232pages 19,4 26,6cm 25EAN9782203089419

    The Oriental PianoLe piano orientalZeinaAbirached,Casterman, 2015

    In The Oriental Piano, ZeinaAbirached writes and draws about her grand-father. He worked as a civil servant,or at least he pretended to; becausein reality he spent all his workingtime on inventing a very special piano.She captures Lebanon at peace in the 60s, before the civil war tore the country apart over two decades.A poetic metaphor of the encounterof two cultures.

    GraphicNovelTeenagers, Adults212pages 18,5 26cm 22EAN9782203092082


  • Lastman, Vol. 7Balak, BastienVivs& MichalSanlaville, Casterman, 2015

    Lastman is based on video game codes like Streefighter. It deals with topics such as gender relationshipand the diff iculty of being an adult. Adrian, a young shy teen, is joininga wrestling competition.Unfortunately, his team matedoesnt show up and Adrian comes across a newcomer who agreesto replace him.

    Manga-styleTeenagers, Adults216pages 15 21cm 12,50EAN9782203090941

    How to Makea Fortune in June 40Comment faire fortuneen juin 40XavierDorison,Fabien Nury & LaurentAstier, Casterman, 2015

    The Germans are approaching Paris.As a precaution, the Bank of Francehas transferred all its gold reservesto protect them from looting. However, they have forgotten twotons of gold. They select a team of three conveyors to transport it further South.In this chaotic context, FranckPopp and AngeSambionetti have other plans for this gold. Together with their partners in crime, they hold up the Bank of France.

    AdventuresTeenagers, Adults120pages 21,