a radical question leading to innovation. a radical question we don’t ask: “are we doing things...

Download A Radical Question Leading to Innovation. A Radical Question We don’t ask: “Are we doing things right?” We do ask “Are we doing the right things” to educate

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  • A Radical QuestionLeading to Innovation

  • A Radical QuestionWe dont ask: Are we doing things right?We do ask Are we doing the right things to educate students for lives of leadership and service?

  • This Question Changes EverythingEmployers seek people with skills and valuesHow, then, is leadership learned?What, then, are:The Centers mission and values?People?Programs?Student experiences?Inputs, outputs, structure?Outcomes?

  • Source: National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) 2012Job Outlook SurveyAbility to work in a team


    Communication skills (written)

    Problem-solving skill

    Strong work ethic

    Analytical/quantitative skill

    Communication skills (verbal)

    InitiativeSkills Employers Seek

  • Source: Liberal Education, Spring 2013Nearly all employers agreed that a job candidates demonstrated capacity to think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems is more important than their undergraduate major (Hart Research Associates, 2013).Skills Employers Seek

  • "I have recruited all over the United States and I can honestly say the students at Hope that I interviewed and hired are second to none! The Centers students integrity, ethics and moral compass align with the Dows long standing philosophies and attitudes that attract the top performers in the industry.

    Keith A. Potter Account ExecutiveThe Dow Chemical CompanyValues Employers Seek

  • "Hope College has created a great environment, attracting and developing students for the real world. The emphasis on servant leadership, entrepreneurial spirit and the awareness of giving back to our local communities is what I believe stands out the most. It is these types qualities combined with a personal touchthat makes Hope students a great fit with our company.

    Pat DawsonSenior Vice PresidentThe Dow Chemical CompanyValues Employers SeekDennis R.J. Geppert/Holland Sentinel Staff

  • Preparation for leadership does not come from books. Books sometimes give you an insight or an outline, but real preparation consists of hard work and wandering in the desert, much feedback, much forgiveness, and the yeast of failure.--Max DePreeHow Leadership is Learned

  • The Centers MissionTo enable students to experience their faithful leadership potential by engaging them in projects that apply in the real world what they learn in the classroom.

  • The Centers ValuesEntrepreneurial

    Student-led and Mentored

    Applied and Consequential

    Integrated and Interdisciplinary

    Community-engaged and Sustainable

    Transformational and Transitional

  • The Centers Practitioners

  • The Centers Programs

    Integrated Learning/LDRS courses

    A Student Consulting Business

    An Entrepreneurial Development Program

  • Integrative Learning ExperiencesLDRS 201: Service Learning

    LDRS 231: Lean Start-up and Idea Pitch and Investor Pitch Competitions

    LDRS 391: Participative Consulting

    LDRS 395: Internships

    IDIS 495: Experiencing New Cultures (Alaska wilderness)

  • Student Consulting Experiences

  • Entrepreneurial Development Experiences

  • The Centers InputsWorking in teams

    Solving real-world problems

    Assisted by a Coach and Mentor

  • The Centers OutputsStudents are more aware of what they are capable of and their calling.

    They have more authentic confidence.

    They have a better understanding of faithful leadership.

    They are more skilled communicators, learners and creative, critical thinkers.

  • The Centers ModelWorking in TeamsSolving Real-world ProblemsAssisted by a coach and mentorMore aware of capabilities and callingMore confidentMore equipped for faithful leadershipMore skilled at communicating, learning, and creative critical thinkingIntegrated LearningStudentConsultingEntrepreneurial DevelopmentOtherOpportunitiesthroughleads to students being

  • The Centers OutcomesVirgil, Thanks again for all your guidance with Lindsay (and Steve VanderVeen also). I still cant believe how progressive and effective your program is. I think the program really prepares people like Lindsay to really WOW job interviewers, such as she did at Dow. -- Lance Allward

    "This experience was life changing." -- Russell Fyfe

  • What Makes Us Grow?Now faith is the confidence of what we hope for and assurance of what we do not see (Hebrews 11:1).



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