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2. Objectives Definition Types of electronic wallet Advantages and Disadvantages Microsoft .NET Passport Yahoo wallet W3C Micropayment Standards Development Activity The ECML Standard 3. Definition Hold credit card numbers, electronic cash, owneridentification, and contact information. Give consumers the benefit of entering their information justonce. Make shopping more efficient. A digital wallet (also known as an e-wallet) allows users tomake electronic commerce transactions quickly and securely. 4. Types Of Electronic WalletElectronicwallet Client SideServer Sideelectronic walletelectronic wallet 5. Types Of Electronic WalletServer Side Electronic Wallet A server side electronic wallet stores a customer informationon the remote server belonging to a particular merchant orwallet publisherClient Side Electronic Wallet A client side electronic wallet stores customer information onhis/her own computer. Many of the early electronic wallet were client side wallet thatrequire users to download the wallet software. 6. Advantages and DisadvantagesAdvantages The e-wallet makes online shopping easier because it fills inthe fields in an online order form automatically, saving you thetrouble of doing it yourself. This is also a great advantage for online merchants, becausecustomers sometimes abandon online purchases if they feelthat the order form is too confusing or frustrating. The e-wallet can overcome this phenomenon by automatingthe completion process. 7. Advantages and DisadvantagesDisadvantages If you try to use the e-wallet with an online order form whoseblank fields are in a different order from those in your e-wallet, or if the form has fields that the e-wallet does notrecognize, the form may be left incomplete or be completedincorrectly. This would force you to erase all the fields and enter yourpersonal information manually, defeating the purpose of the e-wallet. 8. Microsoft .NET Passport An electronic wallet operated by Microsoft Passport consists of four integrated services: Passport single sign-in service (SSI) Passport Wallet service Kids Passport service Public profiles 9. Yahoo wallet Server side electronic wallet offered by Yahoo! Lets users store information about several major credit andcharge cards Many industry observers and privacy rights activist groups areconcerned about electronic wallets 10. W3C Micropayment StandardsDevelopment Activity Common Markup for Micropayment Per-Fee-Links Standards developed by W3C Electronic CommerceInterest Group (ECIG) Provide extensible and interoperable way to embedmicropayment information in a Web page Extensible system One that developers can add to (or extend) without voidingany earlier work on the system 11. The ECML Standard Electronic Commerce Modeling Language is a protocol thatdictates how online retailers structure and setup theircheckout forms Proposed alternative standard that would replace electronicwallet standards with a single standard 12. Thank You