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  1. 1. Have you been thinking about adding space to your home?And do you feel an extension would be too costly or take uptoo much space of your garden? Then why not plan building aconservatory? Whether you need a new office, play, study orgarden area, it's the perfect solution.
  2. 2. A conservatory is typically like a room attached to house onone side, having glass roof and walls and is commonly used asa sunroom or greenhouse. Conservatories first appeared duringthe during the Victorian era of the 19th century whenlandowners thought to cultivate various citrus fruits such asoranges and lemons bought by merchants from swelteringareas of the Mediterranean. It instantly adds style to yourproperty and considerably increases your living space at amuch lower cost than an extension.
  3. 3. Without doubt, a well chosen and easy fit conservatory can bean asset to any property. But is a major financial investmentthat involves lots of decisions to make. Here are some of themost popular types and styles of conservatories that can helpyou come up with some polished ideas for conservatory decor.
  4. 4. Gable-Fronted Conservatories :Gable-fronted conservatories offer optimum and excellent useof internal space. They are also typically rectangular or squarein structure with roof remaining upright, which gives theimpression of ample light and increases the amount of lightcoming into the room. The gable-fronted conservatories gives acathedral-like appearance, dramatic front elevation and createsa large interior space that adds a unique style and sense ofgrandeur to your home.
  5. 5. Edwardian Conservatories :Also known as Georgian conservatories, these are the lowpriced conservatories and are highly popular among thehomeowners because of their cost-effectiveness and the waythey optimize space. The timeless appearance and airy feel ofthese conservatories make them blend well with both old andnew homes. Usually with square or rectangular in shape andhigh sloping roofs, these conservatories provide ample spacefor placement of tables, sofas, plants and other patioessentials.
  6. 6. Victorian Conservatories :They are the most elegant and luxurious among all theconservatories. The steeply pitched roof and ornate ridgedetails gives this type of conservatory a classical appearance.The Victorian type is available in 2 variants: one has an anglefront with three main windows and the other has a bay frontwith five main windows. The latter type is ideal forhomeowners who wish to add large living spaces to theirhomes with budget quite higher. Because of their curved walls,which are difficult to install, these conservatories fall in therange of high prices.
  7. 7. P-shaped Conservatories :A P-shaped conservatory is a great option for the people whowant to add considerable space to their properties. But theproperty should be large enough to allow for the proportions ofa P-shaped structure. This shaped conservatory is a perfectchoice for a room that serves a dual purpose. It can be used asone room or split into two adjoining rooms to be served as twodifferent living arenas.
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