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Honda presents A Night Of Fashion At The Art Gallery with Attitude Magazine


<ul><li><p>A NIGHT OF FASHION AT THE ART GALLERYwith </p><p>attitude magazine</p><p>presents</p><p>Corporate symbol / Honda logo</p><p>a s h o w c a s e o f p r e m i u m lo c a l a n d a u s t r a l i a n d e s i g n e r s</p><p>s at u r d ay 2 2 n d o f s e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 2 | a r t g a l l e r y o f s o u t h a u s t r a l i a</p></li><li><p>www.harrisscarfe.com.au</p><p>ANOF_PROGRAM_240x340sp.indd 1 29/08/12 3:28 PM</p></li><li><p>What do you think A Night Of Fashion will accomplish for Adelaides art community? A Night Of Fashion will be a marriage between Adelaides art and fashion communities, a meeting of like-minded creative individuals. </p><p>What do you think is the relationship between fashion and art? Art and fashion have been bedfellows since at least the beginning of modernity. Fashion designers have their artist pin-ups and many of us in the art world have designers we admire. We both like to be at the cutting edge. Artists have frequently collaborated with fashion designers to define the look of the time; this is evident in the recent collaboration between Marc Jacobs and Japanese artists Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton. The Art Gallerys collection also holds some excellent examples of art / fashion collaborations including fabric and garments designed by Bloomsbury artist Vanessa Bell early last century.</p><p>What is your art background? I went to art school in Newcastle and actually majored in textiles and fibre art. There, I was introduced to a whole raft of textile processes and looked closely at contemporary design.</p><p>What do you think is the significance of having the Elder Wing as the venue for A Night Of Fashion? The Elder Wing is undoubtedly our most beautiful gallery and many believe it to be the nations most inspiring display space dedicated to Australian art. A Night Of Fashion will mark the first time the Elder Wing has housed a catwalk and its sublime architecture will provide the perfect backdrop for this meeting between fashion and art.</p><p>What are you most excited to see on the night? Im most excited to see the Art Gallery Of South Australia humming with creative energy and hope the works of art provide inspiration for the designers, the makers, the models and the audience. </p><p>As the hosts, what does the Art Gallery Of South Australia wish for guests to take away from the evening? I hope that guests take away that the Art Gallery is a place where the unexpected can happen; a place that embraces new ideas and audiences; and a backdrop for life at its most creative.</p><p>n i c K m i t Z e V i c h d i r e c t o r a r t g a l l e r y o f s o u t h a u s t r a l i a</p><p>c h a r l o t t e c h a m b e r se V e n t d i r e c t o r a n i g h t o f f a s h i o n a t t h e a r t g a l l e r y</p><p>t h e e l d e r w i n g s o p u l e n c e a n d h i s t o r y </p><p>p e r f e c t l y s e t s t h e s c e n e f o r t h i s h i s t o r i c </p><p>f a s h i o n e V e n t , w h e r e w e a r e p r o u d t o </p><p>s h o w c a s e s o m e o f t h e b e s t n a t i o n a l a n d </p><p>l o c a l d e s i g n e r s . </p><p>w e t h a n K a l l s p o n s o r s , l o c a l b u s i n e s s e s , </p><p>d e s i g n e r s a n d o t h e r s w h o h a V e h e l p e d m a K e </p><p>t h i s e V e n t p o s s i b l e . a t t i t u d e m a g a Z i n e i s </p><p>h o n o u r e d t o h o s t a n i g h t o f f a s h i o n a t t h e </p><p>a r t g a l l e r y o f s o u t h a u s t r a l i a w i t h h o n d a .</p><p>w e l c o m e</p></li><li><p>8 p m</p><p>c h a m b o r d c o c K t a i l s w i l l b e s e r V e d i n t h e a r t g a l l e r y g a r d e n s</p><p>8 . 4 5 p m</p><p>g u e s t s i n V i t e d t o t h e e l d e r w i n g</p><p>9 p m</p><p>- w e l c o m e b y - m a n u e l o r t i g o s a</p><p>- m c -</p><p>c a s e y s a i n t</p><p>p a r a d e c o m m e n c e s</p><p>- f a s h i o n b y - </p><p>s c a n l a n &amp; t h e o d o r e</p><p>w i l l o w</p><p>b i a n c a s p e n d e r</p><p>c a r l a Z a m p a t t i</p><p>J a i m i e s o r t i n o</p><p>c o u t u r e + l o V e + m a d n e s s</p><p>p a o l o s e b a s t i a n</p><p>t h e n e w g u a r d</p><p>c l a i r e i n c</p><p>9 . 4 5 p m</p><p>p a r a d e c o n c l u d e s</p><p>1 0 p m</p><p>a f t e r p a r t y c o m m e n c e s </p><p>i n t h e a r t g a l l e r y g a r d e n s</p><p>- d r i n K s p r o V i d e d b y -</p><p>c h a m b o r d</p><p>f o x c r e e K w i n e s</p><p>m c l a r e n V a l e b e e r c o m p a n y</p><p>t h e h i l l s c i d e r c o m p a n y</p><p>s c h w e p p e s</p><p>d e s s e r t &amp; c o f f e e c a r t p r o V i d e d </p><p>b y c i b o e s p r e s s o</p><p>1 1 . 3 0 p m</p><p>e V e n i n g c o n c l u d e s</p><p>p r o g r a m m e</p><p>w e l c o m e</p><p>p r o f i l e / h o n d a </p><p>n a t i o n a l d e s i g n e r s</p><p>l o c a l d e s i g n e r s</p><p>p r o f i l e / t h e n e w g u a r d / c l a i r e i n c</p><p>p r o f i l e / p r i d e m o d e l s</p><p>w e l o V e</p><p>48</p><p>1 01 21 41 61 8</p><p>2 02 22 42 63 03 43 5</p><p>p r o f i l e / f i n e s s e m o d e l s</p><p>p r o f i l e / c a l i b r e / h a r r i s s c a r f e / t o n y b i a n c o</p><p>h a i r / b e a u t y</p><p>e a t / d r i n K </p><p>p r o f i l e / l i s a K i n g / s u Z y o r o u r K e</p><p>w h a t s i n t h e h o n d a b a g ?</p><p>s p o n s o r s</p><p>c o n t e n t s</p></li><li><p>MeMbership</p><p>presenting sponsor</p><p>Become a DEPARTURE Member then sit back and enjoy the ride. Join other art-lovers in their 20s and 30s and experience a cultural events program like no other.</p><p>Join before 15 October* and receive a ticket to DEPARTURE on 19 October. An exclusive opportunity to see art after-dark, hear from curators, experience live music and sample great food and drinks.</p><p>Plus, as a Member youll enjoy discounted and pre-sale tickets for all DEPARTURE events, 10% discount in the Gallery Shop and Restaurant, home-delivery of our Gallery mag and more.</p><p>Annual membership $100</p><p>(Membership valued at $80, DEPARTURE ticket valued at $60)</p><p>Join now artgallery.sa.gov.au/departure </p><p>* Membership and inclusive ticket offer subject to availability.Installation view Deep Space: New acquisitions from the Australian contemporary art collection, Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide featuring Narelle Autio, The summer of us, 2009; Ed and Sue Tweddell Fund for South AustralianContemporary Art, assisted by the artist, 2011, Narelle Autio, courtesy of Hugo Michell Gallery, Adelaide</p></li><li><p>Aesthetically, youll be delighted by the new Civic Hatchs sleek design. Featuring a wrap-around cockpit, aerodynamic shape and innovative Magic Seats, which, with a pull of a lever, can be transformed into no less than 18 combinations to create an abundance of space for whatever you need to carry. </p><p>For its style and innovation, A Night Of Fashion at the Art Gallery is the perfect occasion to unveil the new Honda Civic Hatch to the fashion industry. </p><p>S A H o n d A d e A l e r S H i p S</p><p>d Av e p ot t e r H o n d A141 Brighton Rd, Glenelg8294 3444</p><p>n o r d i c H o n d A385 Glen Osmond Rd,Glen Osmond 8229 2355</p><p>F o r m u l A H o n d A754 North East Rd, Modbury8265 9555</p><p>H o n d A . c o m . A u</p><p>Considering Carsguide motoring reporter Mark Hinchliffe described the Honda Civic Hatch as the Miranda Kerr of the small hatch world petite, pretty from every angle and just enough curves to be sexy as hell, it seems only fitting to include the Honda Civic Hatchs launch at A Night Of Fashion. </p><p>Honda is no stranger to the fashion community, continuously at the forefront of automotive design and innovation. The new Honda Civic Hatch offers a combination of luxury and quality that is both stylish and sporty, embodying the definition of style with substance.</p><p>Honda sees itself as a perfect fit as naming rights sponsor for A Night Of Fashion as </p><p>it is optimistic, full of energy and fun. This extends from founder Soichiro Hondas company philosophy of the Three Joys, being producing, selling and buying. The philosophy reflects the enjoyment of those who engage in the Honda experience, from the engineer who designs the product, the employee who sells it and the person who buys it. This is embodied in the collaborative nature of A Night Of Fashion, where everyone including the designers, the hosts and the guests can be inspired by the craft of others. </p><p>Hondas ethos of The Power of Dreams is fitting for a fashion event of this nature, as, like Honda, everyone continues to strive for future successes while acknowledging their history. </p><p>i n t r o d u c i n G t H e n e w H o n d A </p><p>c i v i c H Atc H</p><p>p r o f i l e</p><p>8</p></li><li><p>NEWS IS ALWAYS IN FASHION</p></li><li><p>c A r l A Z A m pAt t iWith her first boutique opening in 1972 in Surry Hills, Sydney, Carla Zampatti now has over thirty boutiques and concept stores across Australia. Zampatti is renowned as one of Australias most influential fashion designers, creating high fashion with a signature style for over forty years. Along the way she has been awarded a Member of the Order of Australia in 1987, which was upgraded to Companion level in 2009, along with a host of other honours both nationally and in her home country, Italy. </p><p>Zampattis Spring/Summer 2012/13 collection features a strong presence of pastels, relaxed tailoring, jumpsuits and a return of swimsuits to Zampattis label. The garments feature colours of powder blue, tangerine, musky pink, black, cream and navy. Key pieces include Grecian chiffon gowns, a sheer-flocked crop top and white cut-out one-piece swimsuit. </p><p>c A r l A Z A m pAt t i . c o m . A u</p><p>David Jones, Adelaide Central Plaza100 Rundle Mall, Adelaide 8305 3208</p><p>225 Unley Rd, Unley 8274 1300</p><p>Shop 41A, Burnside Village, Glenside8379 9299</p><p>B i A n c A S p e n d e rFinding inspiration for her designs in everything from art to music to historical dress, Bianca Spender has found a loyal following for her modern, elegant style. Spender uses geometrical references and draped fabrics to create garments that reflect her signature balance between shape and form. After commencing work in design at her mothers company - acclaimed designer Carla Zampatti - when she was 12, Spender pursued a career in business before reigniting her passion for design. Spender first worked as a pattern maker in northern Italy and junior designer for Martine Sitbon in Paris. </p><p>Upon returning to Australia, Spender worked as a designer with her mother once again, before entering into fashion design under her own name in 2007. Spenders Spring/Summer 2012/13 range features rich colours including emerald green, turquoise, vivid blue and yellow in silky textures to create Spenders perfect summer look.</p><p>B i A n c A S p e n d e r. c o m . A u</p><p>David Jones, Adelaide Central Plaza100 Rundle Mall, Adelaide8305 3208</p><p>d e s i g n e r s</p><p>1 0</p></li><li><p>S c A n l A n &amp;t H e o d o r eFounded in 1987 by Fiona Scanlan and Gary Theodore, Scanlan &amp; Theodore is firmly established amongst the big guns of Australian fashion. Known for their unique prints and clean lines, season after season their intelligently designed collections exude a quiet confidence and complexity that is simultaneously classic and ultramodern. </p><p>Spring/Summer 2012/13 sees a slight departure from their signature fluid lines in favour of sharp tailoring and a bold colour palette. Crimson, royal blue and black dominate the collection with metallic accents scattered throughout. Structural silhouettes reign supreme, underscored by a few powerful floor-length pieces for an added touch of drama.</p><p>S c A n l A n t H e o d o r e . c o m . A u</p><p>310 Unley Rd, Unley8271 0622</p><p>w i l lo wAfter studying commerce and working in fashion PR, Kit Willow launched her debut collection in 2003. Since then, Willow has become one of Australias most well-loved and successful designer brands, both at home and on the international stage. Skillful in the art of corsetry and draping, Willows pieces are renowned for their craftsmanship, fluidity and romanticism. Willows Autumn/Winter 2012/13 collection, Monarch Movement signifies a darker turn for the designer with its bold colour combinations and gothic undertones. Inspired by the Monarch butterfly, the collection revolves around metamorphosis. Features include magnified butterfly wing graphics, leather bustiers and curved silhouettes, culminating in the centrepiece of the collection, the cocoon coat a design feat that perfectly reflects this seasons shape for outerwear.</p><p>w i l lo w lt d. c o m</p><p>Shop 126, Burnside Village, Glenside8379 0956</p><p>d e s i g n e r s</p><p>1 1</p></li><li><p>What is your opinion on the relationship between art and fashion? I believe they are very closely related, especially the art of couture. Couture to me is wearable art. I love creating pieces that take weeks or months to make. I don't think I could ever go into mass production. </p><p>Tell us a bit about your new collection. It is a fresh colour palette for me - acid yellow, black, navy and watermelon. I have stepped out of my comfort zone with this collection to explore a different side of design. I undertook a lot more background research for this collection to form a real 'story' behind it. </p><p>What celebrity would you want to dress? Beyonc, Megan Gale and Jennifer Lopez. I love their sexy curves. </p><p>What do you think the significance is of having the Elder Wing as the venue for A Night Of Fashion? Being such an iconic building in South Australia, it is fantastic to partner the surrounds of the Elder Wing with fashion. A perfect synergy, I think.</p><p>If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be? It would have to have been the late Alexander McQueen. He was never afraid of pushing the boundaries. </p><p>Who do you admire in the industry? George Gross &amp; Harry Who, they have been such an iconic South Australian label for such a long time.</p><p>Tell us a bit about your new collection.This collection is an evolution of my Autumn/Winter 2012 couture collection. Ive tried to go more in-depth with my story and my take on the ballet Swan Lake.</p><p>What do you think the significance is of having the Elder Wing as the venue for A Night Of Fashion?The Art Gallery Of South Australia is spectacular and such a wonderful concept to combine the idea of art and fashion. Having studied art and art history quite a bit Im very much looking forward to seeing how the Elder Wing lends itself to this kind of venture. </p><p>Where did you find inspiration for your new collection?It was actually a while ago. I was given tickets to the theatre and I heard Tchaikovskys score from Swan Lake. I instantly envisioned my entire collection and I raced home to put pen to paper. </p><p>If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?I would love to do something one day with a mega brand such as Gap or H&amp;M. I think that would be a really cool challenge. Who do you admire in the industry?The Australian fashion industry (Adelaide in particular) is very supportive and nurturing of young and emerging designers. What made you want to be a fashion designer?I dont think there was ever any one thing. I honestly think I was made to do this (I cant do anything else). I was playing with fabric and always drawing since I was three years old. It was just a natural thing for me. </p><p>pA o lo S e B A S t i A n </p><p>c o u t u r e + lo v e + m A d n e S Sw i t H c r i S t i n A t r i d e n t e</p><p>w i t H pA u l vA S i l e F F</p><p>pA...</p></li></ul>