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  1. 1. Tap into a free stream of consumer sentiment and insights for all of your products with Glow 4 Receive an email when consumers scan and post about products Sign-up online in minutes 3 5 Chat with consumers through the app Share and compare ideas and sentiment across your brands 1 Try the app out now at glowfeed.com 2 Brand Products in Glow Philadelphia 94 Kraft Dressing 76 Kraft Singles 74 Kraft Dips 70 Mondelez 2823 The Glow app has over 1m products ready to scan today Claim your competitive advantage today. open for feedback 2800+ products in Glow now
  2. 2. FAQ Frequently asked questions about Glow What does your app do? The app is called Glow Feedback and it lets all of us consumers quickly connect to any business to share our thoughts, ideas and opinions. Its a type of social media, but geared specifically to a more formal consumer-to- business connection. Can we have a play with the app? Sure. Visit glowfeed.com on your phone and click on the appropriate app store logo to download Glow Feedback. What do I do with the app? Grab a product of yours, hit the G+ symbol, scan the barcode and share your thoughts directly with the business. You can also connect by searching. For example, with location services switched on, hit G+ and search for Telstra Store or Australia Post. Glow will return a list of matching businesses local to you. You can now share your thoughts with those businesses. As well as your own, there are over 1,000,000 products and 1,000,000 Australian businesses already in Glow. How do we get involved? All of your products are already in Glow. We just need to assign them to you. To do this, we just need to sign-up here glowfeed.com/#/enterprise. Further details of the sign-up process are on the next page. Is there a charge? Glow is freemium software. It costs nothing to sign-up and start engaging with your customers, in perpetuity. For a limited period, well even do all of the configuration for you at no cost. Other features, such as surveys and coupons do attract a nominal fee, but the use of these features is optional. What happens if we dont sign-up? Glow is already in the market. When customers connect to you and your products, well post their comments to the public activity feed glowfeed.com/#/feed. Once youve signed up, youll be able to respond and join the conversation. Can I speak to someone? Of course. Drop us a line at registrations@glowfeed.com and well get right back to you.
  3. 3. Sign up for free customer sentiment and insights with Glow Sign-up now at glowfeed.com/#/enterprise What do I need to bring to the sign-up process? 1. Your contact details 2. An email address that we can use to tell you when your customers are talking 3. A list of the brands that you want us to assign to you What happens next? 1. Youll receive confirmation of your sign-up 2. Well work in the background to allocate the requested brands to your Glow account 3. Well send you login details for the Portal, where you can listen and respond to customer commentary 4. Youll tell your customers that youre waiting to hear from them 5. Well get out the way and let you begin the conversation One form to fill and youre ready to start a new era of customer engagement