A Monk's Way, by Clark Eide, a Novel Journey Into Spiritual Awareness

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    A Monk's Way, by Clark Eide, a Novel JourneyInto Spiritual Awareness

    PRESS RELEASE - FEB 3, 2016 06:00 EST

    Written as a parable for modern day life, "A Monk's Way" is both acaptivating novel, richly descriptive of life in an abbey, and acompelling guide to discovering a direct relationship with thedivinity within. As Moreau traces his own path to purposefulwholeness, readers will also find ways to reflect on how toestablish their own connection to their higher spiritual power.American author and singer, Clark Eide is pleased to announce therelease of his self-published book, A Monks Way, detailing theremarkable quest of a modern monk named Jean Moreau and hisjourney toward spiritual awareness is being received to ravereviews.

    This gripping yet contemplative narrative is set in the fictitious Abbey of Kervennec, Francewhere Father Jean Moreau is facing an existential crisis with his obsession over a woman,inevitably leading to a struggle with both his God and a power-hungry rival.Being in touch with the Creator is not a difficult thing, it just requires combining asking andperseverance, says Eide.Written as a parable for modern day life, A Monks Way is both a captivating novel, richlydescriptive of life in an abbey, and a compelling guide to discovering a direct relationship withthe divinity within. As Moreau traces his own path to purposeful wholeness, readers will alsofind ways to reflect on how to establish their own connection to their higher spiritual power.Within this duality is the parallel between the material and spiritual realms, providing eachreader with applicable meditations and guiding instructions.Many who seek to develop spirituality in their lives are stuck with the ideas and formula oftraditional upbringing or religion that are insufficient. Clark Eide was also in that rut, which iswhy he wrote this compelling story.In a pivotal, thought provoking interview, Clark can discuss the following: How do Monks live? Can women become Monks? Do Monks really take a vow of silence and celibacy? Do Monksdeal with the same everyday difficulties and challenges as everyone else? The epiphany onehas after a wrong doing and taking the steps to make it right; The souls journey to wholeness;Finding the path of Awareness; A personal connection to a higher spirit and the Universe; A lotof other things to find out in the world and the unique scenario of a monastery written for

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    everyone who is searching for something.I wrote the book over the course of four years. And in my own humble journey, I discoveredthat people are hungry hungry for meaning and fulfillment in life, says Eide. What satisfiesthat hunger are not things. What satisfies is more subtle, waiting to be discovered. It is thespiritual dimension of life. Most have followed the traditional religious path to spirit yettherein lies the issue of an over reliance on traditional religion as their only reference toprovide answers. But these are often complicated and inadequate, rarely allowing room forone to pursue that connection individually. I wanted to give people ways to achieve thisframed within the context of a characters personal experience, even one at the heart of atraditional religions institution.Insightful and at times enlightening, A Monks Way, posits an alternative to blindly followingthe conventional dogma of organized religion and presents readers with the tools toultimately cultivate a more meaningful relationship with a higher power.A Monks Way is available from Amazon.com for $12.95 print and $6.95 digital. In addition,readers can also enjoy the companion book, Ecstatic Prayers of Jean Moreau availabledigitally for $2.99 and $5.95 in paperback.For more information about the author, please visit www.clarkeide.com and follow him onTwitter @clark_eide.ABOUT CLARK EIDEFormer financial services entrepreneur and professional singer, Clark Eide is an American-born monastery devotee and writer who lives in Uruguay and France. His travels around theworld from the US, the UK and Ireland to India, France and Australia are driven by aconviction toward spiritual and cultural learning. He is a former member of the College ofPsychic Studies in London, and currently supports the Self-Realization Fellowship ofParamahansa Yogananda in Los Angeles. He has been a long-time student of TranscendentalMeditation, and he has had the opportunity to visit with Indian pundits both in situ and in theUnited States on practical matters and astrology. He continues to be a student of alternativetherapies such as Healing Touch, massage, hypnotherapy and EFT, and has studied withyoga masters in several countries. These encounters and experiences have taught him thatspirituality is about a direct connection to the Divine.MEDIA REVIEW COPIES AVAILABLE. TO SCHEDULE AN INTERVIEW WITH THE AUTHOR,PLEASE REACH OUT TO MINDI BLACK, FRAME PR, 310.924.5651, MINDI@FRAME-PR.NET

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