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Ann-Marie Brouder, Principal Advisor - Regions at Forum for the Future, speaking at a workshop on climate change hosted by the West Midlands Regional Observatory in Birmingham on 20 April 2009.


  • 1. A low-carbon West Midlands Ann-Marie Brouder Forum for the Future A presentation given at State of the Region: Implications of Climate Change event, 20 April 2009. This presentation forms part of the Observatorys ongoing State of the Region dialogue between policy makers and researchers on the theme of climate change.
  • 2. A Low Carbon West Midlands Forum for the Future 20 April 2009
  • 3. What Ill talk about 1. Introduction 2. Thinking about the future 3. A positive future for the West Midlands?
  • 4. Forum for the Future sustainable development charity our vision is of business and communities thriving in a future thats environmentally viable our mission is to find practical ways organisations can deliver a sustainable future
  • 5. JT Group
  • 6. Thinking about the future
  • 7. Thinking in a structured way about the future Inspires and motivates Attracts new people Brings sustainable development in from the cold Speaks to strategists Improves decision-making for long- term success
  • 8. Tourism 2023 To deliver a shared view of the future challenges that the industry faces and what the industry, and key players within it, need to do to be future proofed
  • 9. Climate change Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2007 report: Global average 0.4 degrees of warming 2007 2030 Storms more intense and more frequent Drought Heatwaves more intense Agriculture variable impacts Biodiversity threat Spread of disease Sea level rise IPCC 4th Assessment Report 2007
  • 10. Climate change Since 2007: research data on high side of projections Arctic sea ice in rapid retreat Changes in the pipe already Nature Magazine National Snow and Ice Data Center 2008
  • 11. In the West Midlands Winter rainfall could increase by up to 20% and summer rainfall could decrease by up to 30% By the 2020s a flooding event similar to the one experienced in Autumn 2000 could cost WM agriculture 20 million The cost of disruption to transport could be between 30 million and 80 million
  • 12. Climate change Acting means massive change Not acting means massive change Conclusion?
  • 13. So why a vision of a low-carbon West Midlands? Show that a low-carbon West Midlands is a successful West Midlands Show that action on climate change doesnt have to cost the Earth Start a debate
  • 14. At the heart of the vision Prosperous Better transport Better local environment The Lunar Society, Stronger communities 1765 1813 Healthy men and women who forged the industrial revolution Pride and unity
  • 15. At the heart of the vision New and transformed businesses Alasco Ltd low-carbon innovation Haven Hotel, Ludlow Green motoring Smarter, more livable places Birmingham City Centre Villages Suburbs Regeneration Happy people!
  • 16. Energy 20% reduction in energy consumption on 2004 levels 20% of energy from renewable sources Micro-generation & feed-in tariffs Bio-digesters Wind Combined Heat and Power Carbon Capture and Storage
  • 17. Land Drier soils, flood threat Easier winters for livestock, new types of crop Land for adaptation Local production Urban farming
  • 18. Housing New build is zero-carbon Retro-fit is big business Use of smart metering Housing enables low-carbon lifestyles
  • 19. Transport Cars go electric Investment in integrated public transport Shift freight to rail Roll-out of velib model for bikes and cars Demand reduction using ICT
  • 20. Work More efficient office space Seasonal working? Working from home Manufacturing low-carbon technology, green motoring Leveraging skills base for a new industrial revolution
  • 21. Using the vision A starting point for debate A guide for policy and strategy What do you think?
  • 22. thank you Contact details: Ann-Marie Brouder Forum for the Future a.brouder@forumforthefuture.org Tel: +44 (0) 773 068 0603
  • 23. Contact details Ann-Marie Brouder Forum for the Future E a.brouder@forumforthefuture.org T +44 (0)773 068 0603 Web www.forumforthefuture.org John Walker Senior Research Analyst West Midlands Regional Observatory E john.walker@wmro.org T +44 (0)121 202 3246 Web www.wmro.org Blog http://wmro.wordpress.com