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<p>A GUIDE TO SETTING UP YOUR HOOTSUITE DASHBOARD</p> <p>A GUIDE TO SETTING UP YOUR HOOTSUITE DASHBOARD</p> <p>BY: NEZEL P. YURONG</p> <p>BENEFITS OF HOOTSUITE</p> <p>-You can see all your profiles in one place.-You can schedule updates and links way into the future without having to jump on and off social media all day long.</p> <p>-With a platform like Twitter (that moves so fast) you can customize your streams so you dont miss the things you want to see.-You can shorten links to save on characters!</p> <p>-If you add a Hootsuite extension, you can follow all your favorite blogs!-Anytime you click on the RSS button, a hootsuite box will open up and ask if you want to add that blog to a tab.</p> <p>-Click save and youll be able to access them all in one place!</p> <p>GETTING STARTED</p> <p>Go to Hootsuite.com</p> <p>Click Get Started--Free</p> <p>Enter your Email</p> <p>Add your Social Networks</p> <p>Click Twitter</p> <p>Enter your Twitter Log in</p> <p>Click Authorize App</p> <p>Click Facebook</p> <p>Enter your Facebook Log in</p> <p>Click Okay</p> <p>Click Okay</p> <p>This is now your Dashboard</p> <p>To add more of your Social Media, click Add Social Network</p> <p>Select what you want to add</p> <p>To add Google Page, click Google</p> <p>Click Allow</p> <p>Click Finished Importing</p> <p>Do the same with your other Social Media Networks</p> <p>This is what your Dashboard would look like</p> <p>ADDING STREAMS</p> <p>Once your profiles are linked, its time to add Streams</p> <p>Think of Streams like different trails of conversation</p> <p>To add, click Add a Stream</p> <p>With Twitter, there are several things you probably look at </p> <p>-your Direct Messages</p> <p>Your Home Twitter Feed</p> <p>and your @mentions</p> <p>With Facebook, there are Wall Updates</p> <p>Event Updates</p> <p>And Private Messages</p> <p>Hootsuite wants to know what Streams you care about most.</p> <p>Click the profile on the left, then choose your profile from the drop down</p> <p>Then click on the green + buttons to choose streams</p> <p>SETTING UP TWITTER STREAMS</p> <p>Hover over this tab and click on it </p> <p>Write Twitter. This will be your Twitter Area.</p> <p>Click Add Stream</p> <p>A box will pop up with your profiles on the list. </p> <p>Choose the Twitter button</p> <p>Choose a list of Common Streams</p> <p>The best are @mentions</p> <p>Direct Inbox</p> <p>Your Tweets</p> <p>These Tabs are ways you can add particular streams that are specific to you.</p> <p>Click Lists</p> <p>specify what Profile you want</p> <p>Write your Category List</p> <p>Click Keyword Tab</p> <p>You can add any Keyword you wish and it will pull up a Twitter feed for that word. </p> <p>This works great with hashtags.</p> <p>Then Click Add</p> <p>Click Add Stream</p> <p>Finally, click on the Search Tab</p> <p>Put in the URL of your Blog if someone tweets out your post and forgets to mention you, you can still follow how many people are sending out links to your site</p> <p>Then click Add Stream</p> <p>SETTING UP FACEBOOK STREAM</p> <p>If you linked your Facebook profile at the beginning of sign up, you dont have to add it again</p> <p>Click Add Stream</p> <p>Click Facebook</p> <p>Add the Streams you are interested in</p> <p>When you have added your favorite streams, this is how it looks like</p> <p>SENDING OUT STATUS UPDATES AND TWEETS</p> <p>At the top of the dashboard, youll see a little box that says, Click to select social network</p> <p>Click it</p> <p>Lets tweet first. Choose your twitter handle.</p> <p>In the box to the right, compose your tweet.</p> <p>If you have a link, you can put it in the link box</p> <p>and hit shrink which will make it compact.</p> <p>Underneath the box, youll see a few buttons. </p> <p>One is to add an image or file</p> <p>another is to schedule</p> <p>you can schedule your tweets for the whole day. Pick a date and time.</p> <p>Then hit schedule.</p> <p>If you selected to see your schedule stream, itll appear on your screen.</p> <p>ADDING APPS TO THE DASHBOARD</p> <p>Apps let you extend your social reach with popular social networks and services. </p> <p>Most of them are free, and they don't count towards your social profile limit</p> <p>Open the App Directory from the Dashboard</p> <p>This window will pop-up</p> <p>Select the App from the Directory at the left side</p> <p>For this tutorial lets select Free Apps</p> <p>Search or click the App you want to install</p> <p>Click Install App</p> <p>You may add the streams to a new tab </p> <p>Or add streams to an existing tab</p> <p>Click Finish</p> <p>RUNNING A BASIC ANALYTICS REPORT</p> <p>See whats working and what needs work with Hootsuites Basic Analytics Reports</p> <p>Hover the mouse from the Dashboard and click Analytics</p> <p>Under Customize click Build Custom Report</p> <p>Select a Template</p> <p>Or select Start from scratch</p> <p>Upload a logo or an image of your choice</p> <p>Type your Header</p> <p>Type the Description</p> <p>Then the title</p> <p>Find a module and click it</p> <p>Select the specific aspects of your social network</p> <p>Click the green plus sign of what you selected</p> <p>Next select your specific account</p> <p>Click Done</p> <p>Then youll be asked to receive emails for the report</p> <p>Select No Email if you prefer not to</p> <p>This is how your report looks like </p> <p>Then click Create Report</p> <p>You will then be redirected back to Hootsuite </p> <p>Here, you may Share your report</p> <p>Download as PDF</p> <p>Export your report</p> <p>Print your report</p> <p>Or duplicate it</p> <p>Or even Edit it</p> <p>Or Delete it</p> <p>The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.</p> <p>Brian Herbert</p>