A-G Requirements Advisory Lesson Plan. A-G Requirements College Entrance Requirements You must take these courses to get into college! Set of courses

Download A-G Requirements Advisory Lesson Plan. A-G Requirements College Entrance Requirements You must take these courses to get into college! Set of courses

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A-G Requirements

A-G RequirementsAdvisory Lesson PlanA-G RequirementsCollege Entrance RequirementsYou must take these courses to get into college!Set of courses students are required to take in high school in order to apply to a 4-year universityEnsure students are prepared for courses, majors, and programs offered at UC and CSU UC University of CaliforniaCSU California Sate University All A-G courses MUST be passed with a C or higher

A-G Requirements

A. History/Social Science2 years required1 Year of US History OR 1 semester of US History & 1 semester of Civics or American Government AND1 year of Social Science

Ouchi Offers:

10th Grade-World History Honors World History

11th Grade-US History AP US History

12th Grade-AP GovernmentEconomicsB. English 4 years requiredCollege Preparatory English composition and literature Ouchi Offers:9th Grade-Common Core ELA 9Honors Common Core ELA 9

10th Grade-Common Core ELA 10Honors Common Core ELA 10

11th Grade-Common Core ELA 11AP English Language & Composition

12th Grade-Common Core English 12AP English Literature & Composition

C. Math 3 years required (4 years recommended)Algebra 1GeometryAlgebra 2ORHigher Mathematics

Ouchi Offers:

9th Grade-Integrated Math IIntegrated Math II

10th Grade-Integrated Math IIIntegrated Math III

11th Grade-Integrated Math IIIPre-Calculus

12th Grade-Pre-CalculusAP Calculus

D. Laboratory Science2 years required1 Biological Science1 Physical ScienceOuchi Offers:

9th Grade-Biology

10th Grade-AP Environment Science

11th Grade-ChemistryHonors Chemistry

12th Grade-PhysicsSTEM

E. Language other than English 2 years requiredBoth years must be the same language Sign Language is accepted You may qualify for a waiver that will excuse you from having to take the 2 years of language coursesOuchi Offers:

9th Grade-French 1Spanish 1

10th Grade-French 1French 2Spanish 1Spanish 2

11th Grade-French 2French 3AP Spanish Language

12th Grade- Honors French 3AP Spanish LanguageAP French F. Visual & Performing Arts1 year requiredThe entire year must be on the same topicYou may take art, dance, drama, music, photography, digital imaging, etc.

Ouchi Offers:

11th Grade-Art 1

12th Grade-Art 1G. College Prep. Electives1 year requiredYou can take any course in A-F categoriesFor example, you can take an extra year of math or science as a College Prep. ElectiveYou may also take Sociology, Psychology, Ethnic Studies, or any other course that qualifies as a college preparatory elective

Ouchi only offers courses that fall into the A-F categories. A. History/Social ScienceB. EnglishC. MathD. Laboratory ScienceE. Language other than EnglishF. Visual & Performing Arts***Take an extra year of any course that falls into one of the above categories and you will meet your G-Requirement!Sample 4-Year High School Schedule

Now, create your own 4-Year High School Schedule

Using Ouchi High Schools Graduation Requirements (handout) decide which courses you will take each yearPlan your A-G courses for 9th gradePlan your A-G courses for 10th gradePlan your A-G courses for 11th gradePlan your A-G courses for 12th grade

ResourcesTo learn what courses count towards A-Ghttp://www.ucop.edu/doorways/Search by High School

To begin high school & college planningwww.californiacolleges.eduExplore the student section (middle school)

Student Guide (8-12th grades)


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