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1. A Feminist and Post Feminist reading of Britney Spears video- I wanna go (2011) Charlotte Kelly 2. Post-Feminist Reading Britney opens her top to show her chest to the ticket inspector in attempt to not get a ticket, she takes control of the situation. She exploits her sexuality, woman have the power to use their assets to their advantage. 3. Post- Feminist Reading Here she is leaning over the car while the male officer searches her. Although it could be seen as objectifying her due to the fact shes leaning over the car, it could be seen as her using her sexuality to attract the male audience. She is then seen as taking control as she walks away spinning the handcuffs in her hand, she has used her assets to her advantage. 4. Post-Feminist Reading At the start of the video Britneys in a press conference in which the first question is from a man, also another question is from another man on which he asks her a question about the way she looks. This could be interpreted as men trying to impress women as hes asking for her opinion. Also she swears at everyone at the conference when leaving, this highlights her superiority over the males as they sit and say nothing. 5. Post-Feminism Reading Britney grabs her fans behind in the video, this is seen as women objectifying men rather than the other way round. It shows a womans impendence and confidence to do things that stereotypically men have the confidence to do to women. The fan then is shown to do a back flip showing the effect woman can have on men, there are no real consequences of this. 6. Post- Feminist Reading Britney breaks the camera mans after letting him take photographs of her. Britney then goes on to hit all the men with a long microphone. She takes control, she blows a kiss at the man and then shows her strength and power by destroying his camera. She doesnt allow men to objectify her, she is superior. She is aware of her own strength and has control over him. 7. Feminist Reading Britney is almost seen as a car accessory here, she is leaning over the wind screen in a bikini top and mini skirt in order to attract a male audience. The man in the driving seat watches her whilst hes driving, this could be him objectifying her in his eyes. Also the man commands her get in the car. 8. Feminist Reading At the end of the video the man puts his arm around her, he is seen as taking control of her- she is unable to leave herself without the protection of a man. He then turns to the camera and laughs which shows hes in charge, it was easy for him to take control of a woman. 9. Feminist Reading Random men take pictures of her, and therefore objectify her, just as she walks down the street. They see her as a sexual object rather than a person. They do not ask her any questions or respect her personal boundaries, they simply take pictures again seeing her as an object in which they control. 10. Feminist Reading Britneys chest is very prominent in this video, when signing an autograph she grabs a pen from her bra. She is sexualised the please the male audience, and please her male fan. Again she is seen as a sexual object rather than a person. She also then goes on to bite the pen in a promiscuous manner, she is sexualised to appeal to a male audience. 11. Feminist Reading Britney wears heels which is stereotypically seen to please man, she therefore is not in control of herself and is unable what she feels comfortable in. She wears these to please and catch the eye of man, therefore the video is for a male gaze. Similarly with the rest of her outfit, it is highly revealing and sexualised to attract a male audience.