a discipleship church: embracing god’s vision for mission

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A DISCIPLESHIP CHURCH: Embracing god’s vision for mission. Rev. Dr. Rick Rouse. What is a Missional Church?. Common View : Congregations have a mission. New Testament : God has a mission and congregations to help carry it out—sharing the Good News for the sake of the world! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



A DISCIPLESHIP CHURCH: Embracing gods vision for missionRev. Dr. Rick Rouse

What is a Missional Church?Common View: Congregations have a mission.

New Testament: God has a mission and congregations to help carry it outsharing the Good News for the sake of the world!

A missional congregation is one that seeks to be a partner in Gods mission!5Miseo Deo: What is Gods Mission?TO REDEEM THE WORLD

Great Commission: Go into all the world and make disciples!

Great Commandment: Love God and love your neighbor.

6A COMMUNITY OF DISCIPLESThe Missional Congregation understands that it is primarily a missional community of people being trained and equipped to live among the world as daily disciples. Its purpose is to carry out Gods gospel mission for the healing and redemption of the world.CASE STUDY: TRINITY LUTHERAN

Changing the questionS:

What is gods vision for our PROMISED future?

Where is God LEADING US?

HOW CAN WE PARTNER WITH GOD IN GODS MISSION IN THE WORLD?GrowMaintainDecline18%14%68%ELCA Congregations 2000-201082%Based on worship attendance 2000 to 2010elca.org10

Average Size of a Congregation in the ELCA Based on Worship Attendance for 1990, 2000, 2008, 2013 (estimate)Source: Annual Congregational Reports, ELCA. Prepared by Research and Evaluation, November, 2009.

Mission Capacity and Funding ConsultationResearch and Evaluation, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, 2010. 2010 American Religious Survey1. NONE category now 16% (8% in 1990)2. Oregon 20% in 1990; Vermont now 34%3. 69% believe in personal God; 30% NO4. Mainline Protestant: 12.9% (5.8% loss)5. Non-denominational: 14.6% (.6% loss)6. Pentecostal: 3.5% (.3% gain)7. Mormon: 1.4% (0 loss/gain)14Rise of the Nones:

TABLE CONVERSATION:1. Is the ELCA facing a time of crisis or opportunity?

2. What are the lessons from Trinity Lutheran? How did they move forward after the fire?

3. What new opportunities may God be opening up for your congregation?

SeDUCTION OF THE SANCTUARYA place of refuge and inspiration?A place to hide from the world?

Self-preservation is antithetical to the cross.The public arena is Gods arena

The lesson of the LIGHTHOUSE

Which Do you aspire to be? MAINTENANCE

Church-going Insider

Focused inwardMISSIONAL

Gospel-carrying Outsider

Focused Outward







27 Maintenance: How many pastoral visits are being made?

Mission: How many disciples are being made?28 Maintenance: If it upsets our members, we wont do it.

Mission: If this will help us reach someone outside, lets do it!29Maintenance: How will this change affect me?

Mission: Will this increase our ability to reach people for Christ?30Maintenance: We have to be faithful to our past.

Mission: We also have to be faithful to Gods future.31Maintenance: Id like to introduce you to our members.

Mission: Id like you to meet our pastor!32Maintenance: Avoid conflict at any cost.

Mission: Conflict is an opportunity to learn and to grow.33Maintenance: Preoccupied with tending to the organization.

Mission: How to make the gospel relevant to the culture.34Maintenance: How many Lutherans live within 25 minute drive of our church?

Mission: How many unchurched people live within a 25 minute drive of this church?35Maintenance: How can we get people to support our congregation?

Mission: How can we support our community?36Maintenance: How do we save the congregation?

Mission: How do we save the world for Christ?37

Partners with Christ As a Missional Church, we surrender to a vision of God greater than our own so that we can be transformed into the image of Christ. We become the face of Jesus to the world, his hands and his feet.