A comprehensive guide to buying your first contemporary paintings

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<ul><li><p>A Comprehensive Guide To Buying Your First Contemporary Paintings </p><p>While we push the youth of today towards high paying corporate jobs, and degrees that have </p><p>good prospects, we cannot deny the importance of art in our lives. Whether it is in the office, at </p><p>home, or even on the streets, we always stop to admire good art and the aesthetics of a place. </p><p>Art has been a source of never ending satisfaction and it genuinely helps us emotionally and </p><p>mentally. Art also works as good dcor. Art is important, and if you recognise that, and youre </p><p>looking for the right way to purchase your first modern art paintings, then this guide should </p><p>help you! </p><p>How to buy art? </p><p>You would be surprised at how much intuition actually works when buying art. But you cannot </p><p>rely on just your intuition when you are searching for oil paintings. There are many facts that </p><p>you need to acquaint yourself with, and above all else, you must love what you buy. Below you </p><p>will find a few helpful bits of information that will help you. </p><p> The first thing you need to know about buying canvas paintings is the name of the </p><p>artist. The artist need not be recognized by the world, but he must be good and </p><p>dedicated to his work. You should be able to see his passion flow his work. </p><p> You can go through an online art exhibition to be able to browse through a number of </p><p>artists and their works online, and choose someone who appeals to you. There are many </p><p>http://yelenaartstudio.com/exhibition.htmlhttp://yelenaartstudio.com/Autumn-Leaf-I_Contemporary-.html</p></li><li><p>up and coming artists who are making a big name for themselves online. All you have to </p><p>do is take the time out to browse through properly, and find art that you love. </p><p> If you are thinking about starting a serious collection of paintings on canvas, then you </p><p>must ensure that the art has a very high resale value. This is important, if you ever feel </p><p>the need to sell off the art you have collected. Considering the fact that you will be </p><p>investing a lot of money in it, you should be able to get back just as much or more when </p><p>you sell it. </p><p> You should ensure that the art you buy is properly inspected. Check for any signatures, </p><p>writing, the frame, and stickers - basically everything that is visible to the eye. The </p><p>better the catalogue and information you find on the artist and his or her work, the </p><p>more you should consider investing in them. </p><p>Finding an online art gallery as a start is pretty easy. There are many of them online and some </p><p>artists are willing to create customized and unique pieces that cater to your need. So, there </p><p>isnt a shortage of information or artists thanks to the wonderful world of the internet. You can </p><p>always get in touch with them, meet them if you want and get the answers to all your art </p><p>questions. The most you have to do is be dedicated to your endeavour to finding the right kind </p><p>of art, whether it is for your house, the office, or simply a collection that you want to start. </p><p>http://yelenaartstudio.com/gallery.html</p></li></ul>