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A collective NO to child sex tourism. Initiatives to address the problem. Greet Koster Barbara Féres Royal Netherlands Marechaussee Plan Netherlands Law Enforcement Advisor Manager Institutional CSI - Board of Directors and Corporate Part. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


A collective NO to child sex tourism

A collective NO to child sex tourismGreet Koster Barbara Fres Royal Netherlands Marechaussee Plan Netherlands Law Enforcement Advisor Manager InstitutionalCSI - Board of Directors and Corporate Part.

Initiatives to address the problem34th Annual Crime Stoppers International ConferenceBarbados, September 30, 2013A collective NO to child sex tourism


- raising awareness - enlarging knowledge - stimulation for global campaigning - emphasise need for collectivity Explanation National campaigns Multi-stakeholder approach Heading to the future Recent developments Collective ambition

Awareness on CST, power of MSA

Expansion MSA/CSIPrograms like Australia3Who we are

Special attention for the power of cooperation between totally different organisations, actually quite opposites BUT with the same goal: the protection of children!

Police and security tasks in the Netherlands, including our special Dutch municipalities in the Caribbean Responsiple for border control Active in military mission areas throughout the world Member of Plan International, one of the oldest and largest children'sdevelopment organisations in the world.Active in 50 developing countriesacross Africa, Asia and the Americas, promoting child rights, lifting millions of children out of povertySpecial attention for girls who are even more discriminated than boys.Independent, with no religious, political or governmental affiliations.

4Child sex tourism?

Sexual exploitation of children (< 18) by men or women travelling abroad, often from a richer country to less developed countries

Child sex tourism is a crime punishable by law in the country where the exploitation (abuse) takes place and in many native countries

FactsWorldwide, large scale

Out of sight of justice and law enforcement

Directly related to human trafficking

ProblemsInvisible, twilight zoneNo intelligence, hard to traceScattered initiatives to address the issue

1st campaignJanuary 2010

Stop the silence!

Focus: Awareness

8Where: Schiphol Amsterdam AirportFocus: Thailand and Brazil Period: one year


increase willingness to report67 reports (400% increase)National follow-up campaign1st Campaign January 2010

National follow-up campaign requested by the Commander of the Royal Marechaussee9RecommendationsTarget group = an ally -> civil participation

Quality of reports requires improvement

Invest in recognising signals CST

Need for multi-stakeholder approach Government, Travel Industry, NGOs and Crime Stoppers

Knowledge of the phenomenon of CST! What to report!10

Multi stakeholder approach

End child prostitution, child pornography & trafficking of children for sexual purposes

Plan supports children in developing countries, trying to improve life circumstances especially for girls because they are even more disriminated than boys.11

2nd Campaign

October 2012 January 2013

Stop the silence!

Focus: Awareness and quality of reports

Where: 3 National airportsFocus : worldwidePeriod: 3 months

Results: 27 reports2 cases handed over to foreign law enforcement1 criminal investigation in the Netherlands (on going concern) 2nd Campaign October 2012

13Added valueSpin-off:Huge media exposureNews on national and local television/radio Printed media attention

Massive dissemination of flyers Through travel industry/NGOs newsletters (Plan 60.000)Through destination booklets (40.000)

Heading to the futureYearly campaigning on national airportsEU Airpol participation? European campaign Dont look away!Mega events national & international

Airpol: the LE network of police and borderguard units at Eur Airports16

Recent developmentsHigh on Dutch political agenda:

- Multi annual actionplan

1. prevention2. investigation & prosecution3. (inter)national public & private cooperation

- Interpol Specialist Group on Crimes Against Children - Interpol project NONANONYMITY- SOMEC project UK

Recent reports: National Reporter and NGO Terre des Hommes

1. Nonanonymity, risk reduction, prevention, surveillance on convicted pedophiles with a high risk on recidivism. Prevent/keep them from travelling, emigration, or (voluntary) working with children

2. Declaration of no objection

3. Passive monitoring system, monitoring travelling convicted pedophiles

SOMEC: focus on exchanging information on delinquents of serious sexual/violent crimes, prevention recidivism.17

Collective AmbitionGlobal expansion of multi-stakeholder campaigns (on airports) addressing CST

Global CS interference

Stimulate intervention programs at destinations aligned

Set up agenda for collective global action!

Exmaple at destination: Protect APLE CambodiaGlobal action: travel industry wish for a black list.18

Thank youPlease join our workshop later today

Focussing on challenges and the collective ambition

Notice that your input is very valuable!

Please join us campaigning!

Greet Koster greet.koster@csiworld.org +31 654 968 100



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