a clean in place (cip) mag flow meter with pasteurized milk ordinance (pmo) approvals

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  1. 1. Illllllllllllllllll i lllllllll llllllllll illllllll " llllllllll ~ llll r iiiiiiiiw 'usa. siemens. com/ flow You need to monitor your raw ingredients and maximize productivity,but you are hampered by limited choices in your instrumentation to help you achieve this.Would you like to have another option for your Clean in Place (CIP) dairy flow meter! The same Siemens ow meter that you may have relied upon in your processing now has the Pasteurized Milk Ordinance (PMO) approvals.That's right,the proven performance of the SITRANS Mag 1100F has now earned the prestigious PMO certification In addition,our expert process specialists can provide you with the industry expertise and responsiveness you need to make the most of your dairy process.Call on us for a fresh solution to your processing needs. Answers for industry.
  2. 2. Your flow meter for dairyYou may have relied on the MAG1100F because it is unaffected bythe suspended solids,viscosity,and temperature challenges typically found in food and beverage applications.It can also save time and money with ease of installation. Customers have purchased the MAG1 100Ffor the following reasons:- ease of installation with triclamp fittings - stainless steel,obstruction less flow perfonnance - meets all sanitary requirements and is 3A certied - suitable for CIP and SIP cleaning,- IP67 INEMA 4X rating that is upgradeable to IP68 INEMA 6P - delivered with your specied connection with metal-tometal design,no grounding connection is requiredYou'll like using the same proven easy-touse-and-install magnetic ow meterthat is in many food and beverage applications,now featuring new PMO certication! Backed by a strong portfolioIn addition to electromagnetic ow meters,count on Siemens as a single source supplier of Coriolis flow,level,ultrasonic clampon flow,temperature and pressure devices. Offering you peace of mindBy choosing Siemens,you also have the option of our Vericator.The Siemens Vericator is designed to conduct in-situ verication of complete owmeter systems,so you know that the Magl 100F is perfonning to manufacturer's specications at all times with more system validation points than any other manufacturer. Simiivris lIIIllllrV,lnr S553 k| |rll1rllor1larkw. Jy/ H)| ldl'tl| d, (1/ : '()()ll'. . lriiilm. l Ill UN/ - All i . |lllli"ll.lniliislry,lllf1 RI") / ll -HM info LlSl'JSll? lTTI2llS coinusa. siemens. com/ flowstilt]: -cl in rliaiiriv wiilinul prim iintiw rrrrlur Ho PM U l)(lU8', v 091: Local service and support makes it work Siemens backs up every instrument with top-of-the-line service and support,including: 24/7 technical support at no extra chargeField Service personnel with years of experience. A Quick Ship program for fast replacement of instruments State of the art training facilities and CEU creditsContact your local Siemens partner today to see the Mag1100F in person. inciirltirrr1.; :i. .iriprmrriwifirrtliis vt-r r. i.mr. iiiis 'llL! t'l~/ wnirli .T .ply as ulnar rll. IPrl or with ll HIAV i ii.-re . l'~ a result ul ll 'ii)lIl| IPlll L'r| U]t| lYlI1ll. ll( Lllllll,ilulr Viv rvsrn Llli}fiH, [LVl5lL5 slmll on-v exist :1 LK[| H5')lV i]E]VEr, 'litrrrris nl miirrarrAll [ihrlllltl 1|PSir)ll, xHi"i4iHTCSVlit-I| VAllMll| iTHSii!lrrml:' lli]ll| l:') pl : ;wiiri: iisAii or ~, ur_pl4gr,4,-rrrparri whose use ml ttirnl [I s ll lwir awn yuirpnsvsi irrilil vrr ry rlw rinhts Lll illi l, IHll, V':


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