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  • Preparatory Course for Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) Examination December 2016 Examination for Level I

    > Portable reputation – the charter is the gold standard recognized worldwide

    > Kaplan Financial and Kaplan Schweser – an unbeatable combination in CFA® training

    > Over 50 years expertise – one of the largest global CFA® tutor teams committed to ensuring your success

    > Over 4,000 CFA® students trained by Kaplan

    > Schweser study materials – including our world renowned SchweserNotes™

    > A choice of study packages to suit your busy lifestyle

    Kaplan CFA®

    Student Privileges Includes Schweser video c

    lasses and

    materials worth more than

    S$1,000 Early Bird Course Fees

    starting at S$2,890*

    * Conditions apply

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    About KAplAn FinAnciAl Part of Kaplan Learning Institute, Kaplan Financial is one of Singapore’s leading providers of professional accounting and finance programmes, having trained over 30,000 students to date. With a focus on training excellence, Kaplan Financial has been accorded a number of honors by our partners, demonstrating our commitment to achieve excellent standards of learning facilities and provide outstanding student support. Widely recognized as an institution with dedicated lecturers and a proven track record of exceptional pass rates, Kaplan Financial will equip you with the skills and confidence you need to shine in the challenging accounting and finance industry. For over 50 years, the partnership between Kaplan Financial and Kaplan Schweser provides an unbeatable learning combination of study materials and tutor-support to over 4,000 individuals, making Kaplan a global leader in Exam Prep for the CFA® Charterholder Designation. With a choice of flexible study packages on offer to suit individuals’ busy lifestyles, the road to becoming a prestigious charterholder is never a mountain too high to scale.

    the KAplAn WAy Kaplan is the leading global provider of financial education for hundreds of thousands of students and business professionals around the world. Our comprehensive learning strategy, known as The Kaplan Way, utilizes learning science in the instructional design of our educational tools and courses. The system is the most effective, comprehensive study packages in the industry by employing a three-phase learning strategy:

    Acquire new knowledge through demonstration and examples. --------------------------------- Sets the foundation Provide you with the

    necessary tools to begin acquiring new knowledge

    Provide you with just what you need to begin the practice phase

    P R

    E PA

    R E

    Apply new knowledge through simulation and practice. ------------------------------------- Practice solving problems utilizing the

    information received in the prepare phase

    Directly interact with new knowledge and skills, identify gaps in performance and build expertise

    Receive guidance and feedback when solving the problems

    Learning science has shown that the work (and rework) during the practice phase is essential to cementing developing practices and the earlier information for long-term retention

    P R

    A C

    T IC


    Evaluate mastery of new knowledge and identify achieved outcomes. ----------------------------- Put your newly acquired

    knowledge to the test Demonstrate mastery

    of the objective by answering questions and solving problems

    P E

    R FO

    R M

    Why KAplAn FinAnciAl?

    ACCREDITATIONS ACCA Approved Learning Partner (ALP) – Student Tuition Platinum Status, Accredited Learning Organisation (ALO) for Foundation and Professional Programmes for Singapore QP by the Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC), Registered Tuition Provider for CPA Program by CPA Australia, Training Provider for CFA®.

    EXPERIENCE To date, more than 30,000 students have been through our doors.

    We boast one of the largest accounting and finance lecturer teams, who bring with them an invaluable pool of experience which our students can readily tap on.

    EXTENSIvE Well-established with a complete range of professional accounting and financial courses in Singapore, catering to all levels.

    REPUTATION Voted #1 Preferred Private Education Institution for Professional Certifications, Short Courses and Workshops for 4 consecutive years (2010/11 to 2013/14) in the JobsCentral Learning Rankings and Survey.

    Voted Top 3 Private School in Singapore (2009, 2010, 2013, 2014 & 2015) by AsiaOne People’s Choice Awards.

    ACCESSIbILITy Our centrally-located campuses at Wilkie Edge, PoMo and at the National Library Building facilitate your learning.

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    course Descriptions

    Education Course Classroom, Online Level I : 15 sessions, 45 hours

    Revision Course Classroom Level I : 8 sessions, 24 hours

    Kaplan Schweser Online Mock Exam Online Timed 6-hour exam (two 3-hour sessions)

    Our education course is designed to take candidates through the topics with clear and thorough explanation, making home study far more productive.

    Topics are taught with the use of worked examples throughout the course. It is designed to help you:

    • Develop a good understanding of each topic • Focus on the key knowledge needed for the exam • Cover the vast majority of CFA® Institute’s prescribed Learning Outcomes

    Statement (LOS)

    The sessions are spread evenly over the months leading to the exam via a combination of weekday evenings and weekend classes.

    Full coverage of the curriculum organized by LOS and presented online by faculty. Available on Kaplan Schweser website, the sessions used the same slide pack as contained in the classroom materials to dovetail seamlessly with the classroom experience to provide useful additional source of reference.

    Apart from a lack of understanding of topics, many candidates find the CFA® exams difficult due to poor exam technique. Our revision course aim to cover topic areas in overview with additional detailed review of the more challenging concepts.

    This is backed up with question practice and debriefs to ensure you are comfortable in applying your knowledge to exam standard questions. Our lecturers will ensure that you feel prepared for the style, format and challenges that await you on the day of the exam.

    Our Revision Course is designed to help you:

    • Apply knowledge in questions and reinforce exam techniques • Focus on topics you feel weak • Develop your exam strategy • Crystallize and refresh the understanding of topics • Obtain an overview and debrief • Revisit some tricky and difficult concepts

    Non-Education Course Candidates

    Our revision course is built up on the knowledge learned during our education course. Non-education course candidates are welcome to join, but to truly benefit from our revision course; you are encouraged to have a thorough understanding of the topics through your own self-study.

    Schweser’s Online Mock exam will be available from 19 November to 3 December 2016.

    Online Schweser Mock Exam is as close to the actual CFA® exam in format, difficulty, and length as we can make it. The Mock Exam helps develop your test-taking skills, identify your weak areas, and demonstrate your mastery of the CFA® curriculum. Afterward, view answer explanations, check your score compared to those of other candidates, and drill deeper into each question with our Mock Exam Tutorial.

    The Online Schweser Mock Exam includes:

    • CFA® Institute topic weightings • Printable answer key and online answer explanations • Online scoring and performance tracking by topic area with a comparison to other Mock Exam candidates • Answer explanations that include LOS and CFA® curriculum page references for every question

    Mock Exam Tutorial

    Unlock your Mock Exam and increase your potential for better performance. After taking the Online Schweser Mock Exam, the Mock Exam Tutorial gives you a detailed explanation of how we arrived at the answers. It’s designed as a focused, efficient review of each question to help you fill in the gaps in your knowledge. As you review your answers online, simply click “View Tutorial” under the answer explanations to view the multimedia instruction.

    The Mock Exam Tutorial features:

    • Over 10 hours of instruction on the concepts and techniques necessary to answer each question • Voice-over animated slides and instructor annotations that review the underlying concepts and techniques for each

    Mock Exam question and relates them to selecting the correct answer choice

    Course Materials

    • Teaching Slide Pack

    • Schweser Self-Essential Package

    • Schweser Video Classes

    Course Materials

    • Revision Mindmap Book

    • Revision Question Bank

    Our Preparatory Course for CFA® Examination is made up of 3 distinct phases:

    CFA® Institute does not endorse, promote, review, or warrant the accuracy of the products or services offered by Kaplan Financial. CFA® Institute, CFA® and the Chartered Financial Analyst® are trademarks owned by CFA® Institute.

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    The earlier you enroll, the lower the fees are. CFA® Institute will not accept enrollments for the exam after the final deadline. Please note that these fees are paid directly to CFA® Institute and not to Kaplan and are not included in our course fees.



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