A Catalogue of the Collection of American Paintings Catalogue of the Collection of American Paintings in The Corcoran Gallery of Art VOLUME I THE CORCORAN GALLERY OF ART WASHINGTON, D.C. A Catalogu of thee Collection of American Paintings in The Corcoran E ,

Download A Catalogue of the Collection of American Paintings   Catalogue of the Collection of American Paintings in The Corcoran Gallery of Art VOLUME I THE CORCORAN GALLERY OF ART WASHINGTON, D.C. A Catalogu of thee Collection of American Paintings in The Corcoran E ,

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  • A Catalogue of the Collection of American Paintings

    in The Corcoran Gallery of Art



  • A Catalogue of the Collection of American Paintings

    in The Corcoran Gallery of Art

    Volume 1




  • Copyright 1966 By T h e Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C. 20006

  • The Board of Trustees of

    George E . Hamilton, Jr., President

    Robert V. Fleming

    Charles C. Glover, Jr.

    Corcoran Thorn, Jr.

    Katherine Morris Hall

    Frederick M. Bradley

    David E . Finley

    Gordon Gray

    David Lloyd Kreeger

    The Corcoran Gallery of Art

  • William Wilson Corcoran 69.1

  • A cknowledgments

    While the need for a catalogue of the collection has been apparent for some

    time, the preparation of this publication did not actually begin unti l June, 1965.

    Since that time a great many individuals and institutions have assisted in com-

    pleting the information contained herein. I t is impossible to mention each indi-

    vidual and institution who has contributed to this project. But we take particular

    pleasure in recording our indebtedness to the staffs of the following institutions

    for their invaluable assistance: T h e Frick Art Reference Library, T h e District of

    Columbia Publ ic Library, T h e Library of the National Gallery of Art, T h e Prints

    and Photographs Division, T h e Library of Congress.

    For assistance with particular research problems, and in compiling biographi-

    cal information on many of the artists included in this volume, special thanks are

    due to Mrs. Phi l ip W . Amram, Miss Nancy Berman, Mrs. Christopher Bever,

    Mrs. Carter Burns, Professor Francis W. Grubar, Mr. Richard A . Herman,

    Mrs. McCook Knox, Mr. Marchal Landgren, Mrs. John R . Slidell, Mrs. Edward

    Spingarn and Mrs. Hermann Warner Wil l iams, Jr.

    T h e preparation of the catalogue was under the general supervision of

    Mrs. R a l p h E . Phillips, Research Curator. It would be difficult adequately to

    express our appreciation and gratitude to Mrs. Phillips for the energy and schol-

    arly application she has devoted to its preparation. T h e Editoria l Committee of

    the publication consisted of Mrs. Phill ips; Richard A . Madigan, Assistant Direc-

    tor; James Harithas, Curator; and the undersigned. Miss E l l e n C . Gross, Regis-

    trar; Roger Selby, Curator of Education; Miss E l l en D . Catledge, Curatorial As-

    sistant; Mrs. Inga W . Heck, Supervisor of Extension Services; and Geoffrey P.

    Borwick, Administrative Assistant to the Director have ably assisted the Editorial

    Committee. Other members of T h e Corcoran Gallery of Art Staff have assisted

    with numerous details and their cheerful and wil l ing help is warmly acknowl-

    edged. We also note with appreciation the research on the paintings in the collec-

    tion accomplished by our predecessors on the Staff. Russell J . Quandt, Conserva-

    tor, has contributed valuable technical assistance which has been of great benefit.

    T h e photographs in this catalogue are by Victor Amato, Staff Photographer. T h e

    design and production supervision of this volume was ably carried out by Phi l l ip

    W . Bi rch and Richard Chodnicki of the Geo. W . King Printing Co.

    H . W . W., J R .

  • Table of Contents Acknowledgments


    Notes on the Catalogue

    Unidentified Painter 17

    Unidentified Painter 17

    John Smibert 17

    Robert Feke 18

    John Wollaston 19

    Jeremiah Theus 21

    Matthew Pratt 21

    Benjamin West 22

    John Singleton Copley 24

    James Peale 26

    Ralph Earl 27

    Gilbert Stuart 28

    Joseph Wright 30

    John Trumbull 31

    Unidentified Painter 32

    Christian Gullager 32

    Edward Savage 33

    Unidentified Painter 35

    William Jennys 35

    Charles Peale Polk 35

    Robert Salmon 37

    John Vanderlyn 38

    Edward Greene Malbone 39

    Rembrandt Peale 39

    Washington Allston 42

    Thomas Birch 44

  • John Wesley Jarvis 45

    Thomas Sully 46

    Samuel Lovett Waldo 48

    Unidentified Painter 49

    Charles Bird King 49

    James Frothingham 51

    William Edward West 51

    Samuel Finley Breese Morse 52

    Alvan Fisher 53

    Chester Harding 54

    Unidentified Painter 55

    Thomas Doughty 55

    John Neagle 57

    Asher Brown Durand 58

    Henry Inman 60

    Unidentified Painter 61

    Thomas Cole 61

    Robert Matthew Sully 64

    Robert Walter Weir. 64

    Fitz Hugh Lane 65

    Constantino Brumidi 66

    William Matthew Prior 66

    Unidentified Painter 67

    John Kendrick Fisher 67

    William James Hubard 68

    William Sidney Mount 68

    James Reid Lambdin 69

    Manuel Joachim de Franca 70

    Washington Blanchard 70

    Walter M. Oddie 71

    Seth Eastman 71

    John F. Francis 72

    Unidentified Painter with "JW" Monogram 73

    William Brenton Boggs 73

    Unidentified Painter 74

    Alfred Jacob Miller 74

    George Caleb Bingham 76

    John William Casilear 77

    William MacLeod 78

    Charles Loring Elliott 79

    Unidentified Painter 81

    Jane Stuart 81

    Louis Lang 81

    William (Tylee) Ranney 82

    Jennie Bellows Millard 83

    Unidentified Painter 83

    David Norslup (?) 84

    Christopher Pearse Cranch 85

    George Peter Alexander Healy 86

    Thomas Hewes Hinckley 92

    John Mix Stanley 93

    William E . Winner 93

    Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze 94

    John Frederick Kensett 96

    Regis Francois Gignoux 98

    Daniel Huntington 98

    Thomas Prichard Rossiter 100

    Thomas LeClear 101

    James Hope 101

    Henry Peters Gray 101

    James Walker 102

    George Douglass Brewerton 102

  • Worthington Whittredge 103

    William T . Mathews 105

    Henry Ulke 105

    George Fuller 106

    Jacob Hart Lazarus 106

    William Louis Sonntag 107

    Sanford Robinson Gifford 108

    William Garl Brown, Jr 109

    Jasper Francis Cropsey 109

    Johannes Adam Simon Oertel 110

    Paul Weber H I

    William Morris Hunt 111

    Nelson Augustus Moore 112

    Jonathan Eastman Johnson 112

    Richard Caton Woodville 115

    George Inness 116

    Frederick Rondel 120

    Frederic Edwin Church 120

    Frank Blackwell Mayer 122

    Robert Loftin Newman 123

    Benjamin Franklin Reinhart 123

    Severin Roesen 124

    Albert Bierstadt 125

    John George Brown 128

    Louis Maurer 129

    John Adams Elder 129

    William Trost Richards 130

    James David Smillie 130

    James Abbott McNeill Whistler 131

    Horace Bonham 132

    William Stanley Haseltine 133

    John L a Farge 134

    Eliphalet Frazer Andrews 134

    Alexander Helwig Wyant 136

    Homer Dodge Martin 136

    Winslow Homer 137

    Elihu Vedder 139

    Max Weyl 139

    Carl Christ Brenner 140

    Robert Wylie 140

    William Keith 140

    Robert Swain Gifford 142

    William Gedney Bunce 142

    George Henry Smillie 142

    Peter Moran 143

    Edward Lamson Henry 143

    S. Jerome Uhl, Sr 145

    Edmund C. Messer 145

    William Sartain 145

    Carl Gutherz 146

    Thomas Eakins 147

    Augustus George Heaton 149

    Howard Helmick 149

    Mary Stevenson Cassatt 151

    James Edward Barclay 151

    Albert Pinkham Ryder 152

    Ralph Albert Blakelock 153

    Richard Norris Brooke 156

    Frank Knox Morton Rehn 156

    Frank Duveneck 157

    William Merritt Chase 158

    Abbott Handerson Thayer 159

  • Introduction

    Wil l i am Wilson Corcoran, Founder of the Gallery which bears his name, was

    a man of vision. H e dedicated his museum to "the encouragement of American

    genius," a step consistent with his role as one of the earliest collectors and spon-

    sors of contemporary American art.

    Mr. Corcoran, a native of Georgetown where he was born in 1798, went to

    work for the Bank of the Uni ted States in 1826. I n 1836 he resigned to found his

    own brokerage house and in 1840, in partnership with George W . Riggs, pur-

    chased the Bank of the United States. Mr. Corcoran retired from banking in 1854

    to concentrate on his philanthropic interests unti l his death in 1888 at the age

    of 89.

    Greatly appreciating the work of contemporary architects, Mr. Corcoran com-

    missioned James Renwick to design the first building to house his private collec-

    tion. T h i s building, in the style of Louis X I I I , was constructed at the corner of

    17th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. I t was among the first in the United States

    planned exclusively as an art museum. T h e uncompleted building was requisi-

    tioned by the Quartermaster-General's Department during the C i v i l War, and

    four years elapsed after the end of the war before the structure was returned to

    Mr. Corcoran to fulfill its original purpose. O n May 19, 1869, he deeded the

    building, grounds, his private collection and an endowment fund to a self-

    perpetuating Board of Trustees. T h e institution was chartered by Act of Congress

    on May 24, 1870.

    As the Gallery's collections increased it became apparent to the Board of

    Trustees that the young museum was outgrowing the original structure. O n

    Apr i l 3, 1891 t