a brief history of the cell stress society international. on its fifteen anniversary by founding...

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1. Montevideo 2014First Conference of theLatin America Chapter,Cell Stress Society InternationalChair: Dr. Maria Bausero!Cell Stress and!Heat Shock Proteins 2. A Brief History of the!Cell Stress Society International!On its Fifteen Anniversary!!By!!Founding President Larry Hightower!--------------------------! 3. First of 3 key events: An international workshop tradition beginsIn the fall of 1997, Subhash Lakhotia hosted a workshop entitled Molecular Biology of StressResponses in India. This set the pattern for future CSSI international workshops: About 100participants, 70% from the host developing country and neighboring countries, emphasis onquality science, student participation, and culture.!Wolfgang Schumann and Subhash. !Wolfgang tells the story of the idea of !a workshop at www.cellstress.uconn.edu.!Pramod Srivastava and Takashi Yura! 4. Second Event: An international congress in Budapest, 1997The Budapest Congress attracted over 700 colleagues from over 62 countries. With an !attendance more than twice the 1996 Cold Spring Harbor meeting, a very popular venue that !had filled beyond capacity, this congress demonstrated that there was great interest and enthusiasm!from the global scientific community to support and attend international meetings in our field.!90th birth anniversary of Hans SelyePeter Csermely, Chairman!2nd CSAC Editorial BoardMeeting: Drs Hickey, Yura,!Brown and Morimoto (L to R)! 5. Third and Catalyzing Event: Another publisher buys CL. Decision!was made to terminate CSAC at the end of 1999. !Announcement of New Journal: September 21, 1995 Nature 6. !!!!2013 was the 18th year of!Cell Stress & Chaperones!Session speakers: N. Pfanner, !K.-D. Scharf, R. Morimoto, L. Hightower, !E. Muckel and L. Nover (Session Chair).!Bound volumes of a journal are rarely seen today. !It is a good way to show the growth of our journal over!its 18 year existence. Dramatic increases in the number of !published papers began in 2008, the start of the Springer Era. !In that year Cell Stress & Chaperones became published bySpringer and is part of the world-wide distribution system forSpringer electronic and print journals.!The first public display of CSAC was during!The German Society for Cell Biology meeting,Hamburg, 1996.! 7. Cell Stress & Chaperones Growth in Usage!Complete Citations, 2002 - 201214,2474,90419,77426,94339,76845,00040,00035,00030,00025,00020,00015,00010,000The chart above shows the dramatic increase in citations, !a change that will translate into higher Impact Factors for our journal!over the next few years. The chart on the right is likely the most predictive!of the future growth and development of our journal, !the annual increases in full text downloads of articles!published in Cell Stress & Chaperones.!!5,000-2008 2009 2010 2011 2012Full Text Downloads per year 2008-2012!! 8. Fifth International Congress on Stress Responses in Biologyand Medicine, Quebec City 2011!Chairman: Professor Robert M. Tanguay!Sixth International Congress on Stress Responses in Biologyand Medicine, Sheffield, UK 2013!Chairman: Professor Graham Pockley!! 9. VIIth InternationalCongress on StressResponses in Biologyand Medicine will beheld in Beijing, China inOctober of 2015. !Organizers: ProfessorsLingjia Qian andTangchun WuBeijing 2015! 10. Events at the CongressesSymposia: Drs. Arrigo, Landry, Tanguay and Lubsen atsHSP session, Budapest, 2007. !Editorial Board meetings: Drs. Hendershot, Nagata, Sato, !Schumann and Heikkila at Tomar, 2005.Awards: AssayDesign studentposter awards !at Tomar, 2005.Awards: Dr. EllenNollen and mentor,!Dr. Harm Kampinga,share a memory!before the AlfredTissires Award !Ceremony, Budapest,2007.Daniel Ciocca visits Emily Noonans!poster in Quebec, 2003.!Commercial Exhibits! 11. The CSSI Medallion for Career AchievementTakashi Yura - 2000 Aaron Ciechanover - 2005!!!Susan Lindquist - 2003!Costa Georgopoulos - 2009!R. John Ellis - 2007!Ferruccio Ritossa- 2010 12. The Alfred TissiresYoung Investigator Award!Wanping Xu - 2009Ellen Nollen - 2007!Anton Vila-Sanjurjo!2005!Alfred, 1917-2003Mathias Gehrmann- 2011Justin Benesch- 2013!! 13. The First Ferruccio Ritossa Early Career Award!was made at the Sheffield Congress in 2013.!!The creation of this award was part of the celebration of the 50thanniversary of the discovery of the heat shock response.!The award went to Dr. Mehdi Mollapour!Assistant Professor!Department of Urology!SUNY Upstate Medical University. !Dr. Mollapour was sponsored by!Dr. Len Neckers, the National!Cancer Institute, NIH USA.! 14. Ferruccio Ritossa, scientist and sculptor 1936-2014!Receiving the CSSI MedalIn Bologna Italy 2010Observing heat shock puffsIn Naples Italy early 1960sInspiring a one-daysymposium of scienceand the arts in Rome 2013Organized by ProfessorsGabriella Santoroand Larry Hightower 15. CSSIRegularMembersbyGeographicNorthAmerica50.00%Africa0.53%Asia16.84%SouthAmericaEurope26.84%5.79%CountrieswithmostmembersbyregionsNorthAmericaRegion-2013Canada:20USA:75EuropeFrance:5(8)Germany:8Italy:9TheNetherlands:5UK:6Denmark(3)Asia-PacificAustralia:6China:3Israel:8Japan:10HongKong(2)India(3)AfricaSouthAfrica:1(6)SouthAmerica(LaVnAmerica)ArgenVna:5(8)Brazil:5(5)Chile(1)Mexico(1)Uruguay(1)CSSImemberscomefrom28countriesThepurposeoftheCellStressSocietyanditsjournalCellStress&ChaperonesistofostertheinternaVonaldevelopmentofthestressresponsefield. 16. NorthAmerica23%Europe38%Africa1%Asia37%SouthAmerica1%GeographyofPublishedArVcles27CountriesRepresentedEachYearAfrica1%200852ArVcles201271ArVclesNorthAmerica29%Europe39%Asia24%SouthAmerica7% 17. Join the Latin America!chapter and the CSSI!for the same membership!fee. !!If you are already a!CSSI member, then!Latin America Chapter!membership is free.!!Receive print and/or electronic!access to Cell Stress &!Chaperones journal, meeting!discounts and membership!pin (available at CSSI desk).!!Visit Leigh and Adam at the CSSI table in the foyer (photo from Porto Alegre Meeting)!Most importantly, support the development of our field in Latin America!