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A brief history of FIFA World Cup trophies including Jules Rimet Trophy, FIFA World Cup and Golden Boot winners


FIFA World Cup Competitions

Brief history of FIFA World Cup Trophies Cameron Kippentoeslayer2000@yahoo.com.auJules Rimet CupWith increasing acceptance ofprofessional soccer around theglobe meant the Olympics becameless attractive as the premier soccerplatform.

Jules Rimet, President of FIFAmoved a motion to organise aquadrennial championship called theFIFA World Cup.

French sculptor, Albert Lafleur,designed the first trophy to bepresented to the FIFA World Champions.

The Golden Boot

The Golden Boot Award wasintroduced at the 1930 FIFAWorld Cup.

This prestigious award, isGiven to the World Cup'stop scorer, and is earned byscoring the most goals in thefinals tournament.

FIFA World Cup 1930The first FIFA World Cup tookplace in Uruguay. The Jules RimetCup was presented to the firstFIFA World Cup winners, Uruguay.

Golden Boot - Guillermo Stabile,Argentina (8 goals)

Uruguay defeated Argentina 42

FIFA World Cup 1934The 1934 FIFA World Cup washeld in Italy.

Thirty-two nations entered thecompetition, and afterqualification, 16 teamsparticipated in the finaltournament.

Golden Boot - Oldrich Nejedly,Czechoslovakia (5 goals)

Italy beat Czechoslovakia 21 in the final.

FIFA World Cup 1938

The Competition was heldin France and Italyretained the Jules RimetCup.

Golden Boot - Leonidas daSilva, Brazil (7 goals)

Italy beat Hungary 42 in the final.

FIFA World Cup 1950The 1950 FIFA World Cup washeld in Brazil and was won byUruguay.

To mark the 25th anniversaryOf Jules Rimet's presidency ofFIFA, the trophy was referredto as the Jules Rimet Cup.

Golden Boot Ademir Marques de Menezes, Brazil (9 goals)

Uruguay beat the hosts Brazil 21

FIFA World Cup 1954

The 1954 FIFA World Cup washeld in Switzerland and won byWest Germany.

Golden Boot - Sandor Kocsis,Hungary (11 goals)

The tournament set anumber of all-time records forgoal scoring, including thehighest average goals scoredper game. West Germany defeated Hungary 32 in the final

FIFA World Cup 1958The sixth World Cup, washosted by Sweden andwon by Brazil.

Golden Boot JustFontaine, France (13goals)

Brazil beat Sweden 52 in the final

FIFA World Cup 1962

The 1962 FIFA World Cup washeld in Chile.

Golden Boot - Vava, Brazil /Garrincha, Brazil / Leonel Sanchez,Chile / Drazan Jerkovic, Yugoslavia /Valentin Ivanov, Soviet Union /Florian Albert, Hungary (4 goals)

The average goals per matchdropped to 2.78, under 3 for the firsttime in the history of thecompetition.Brazil claimed their second World Cup title by defeating Czechoslovakia 31 in the final.

FIFA World Cup 1966The 1966 FIFA World Cup washeld in England.

Golden Boot - Eusebio da SilvaFerreira, Portugal (9 goals)

This is the first FIFA WorldCup to have a mascotassociated with it.

England beat West Germany 42 in the final

FIFA World Cup 1970

The 1970 FIFA World Cupwas held in Mexico. Brazilwere allowed to keep theJules Rimet Cup.

Golden Boot GerdMuller, West Germany (10goals)The tournament was won by Brazil by defeating, Italy 41 in the final

What happened to Jules Rimet Cup ?During the second world war it was kept in an old shoe box hidden under the bed of the President of theItalian Football Federation.

After the war the trophy wasstolen at an exhibition just beforethe world cup in 1966 . It wasfound by a dog called Pickles .

Then in 1983 the trophy was stolenfor a second time in Brazil and wasnever recovered.

FIFA World CupThe new FIFA World CupTrophy was created by theItalian sculptor, SilvioGazzaniga for the 1974Tournament.

Made from 18 carat gold witha malachite base, the trophy is36.5 cm high, weighs 11lbs (6.1kilograms ) and belongs toFIFA.

A replica is presentedto the Winners.FIFA World Cup 1974

The 1974 FIFA World Cupwas held in WestGermany.

Golden Boot GrzegorzLato, Poland (7 goals)

West Germany beat the Netherlands in the final, 21.

FIFA World Cup 1978The 1978 FIFA World Cupwas held in Argentina.

Golden Boot MarioKempes, Argentina (6goals)

Argentina beat the Netherlands 31 after extra time in the final.

FIFA World Cup 1982

The 1982 FIFA World Cup, was held in Spain.

Golden Boot - Paolo Rossi,Italy (6 goals)

The tournament was won by Italy, after defeating West Germany 31 in the final.

The Adidas Golden ShoeIn 1982 the award wasrenamed the AdidasGolden Shoe.

FIFA World Cup 1986The 1986 FIFA World CupWas held in Mexico.

Golden Boot GaryLineker, England (6 goals)

Argentina beat West Germany 32 in the final

FIFA World Cup 1990

The 1990 FIFA World Cupwas held in Italy.

Golden Boot SalvatoreSchillaci, Italy (6 goals)

The tournament was won by West Germany, who beat Argentina 10 in the final

FIFA World Cup 1994

The 1994 FIFA World Cup washeld in the United States. Brazilbecame the first nation to winFour World Cup titles.

Golden Boot - Hristo Stoichkov,Bulgaria / Oleg Salenko, Russia (6goals)

Brazil beat Italy 32 in a penalty shootout after the game ended 00 after extra time, the first World Cup final to be decided on penalties.

FIFA World Cup 1998

The 1998 FIFA World Cupwas held in France.

Golden Boot Davor Suker,Croatia (6 goals)

The tournament was won by France, who beat Brazil 30 in the final. held in France.

FIFA World Cup 2002The 2002 FIFA World Cupwas help between SouthKorea and Japan.

Golden Boot - Ronaldo, Brazil (8 goals)

Brazil won the tournament for a record fifth time, beating Germany 20 in the final.

FIFA World Cup 2006

The 2006 FIFA World Cupwas held in Germany.

Golden Boot MiraslavKlose, Germany (5 goals)

Italy won defeating France 53 in a penalty shootout in the final, after extra time had finished in a 11 draw

FIFA World Cup 2010The 2010 FIFA World Cupwas held in South Africa.

In the final, Spain defeated the Netherlands 10 after extra time

FIFA World Cup 2014

The 2014 FIFA World Cupwas held in Brazil.

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