9A Unit 1 Star signs Comic strip & Welcome to the unit& Vocabulary

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  • 9A Unit 1 Star signs Comic strip & Welcome to the unit& Vocabulary
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  • What are your friends characteristics? What are your friends characteristics?
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  • What kind of person is he/she? He has lots of energy. She is friendly and loves to meet people. He feels sure about his own ability. She cares only about herself. He does not get angry easily. She treats everyone equally. He can wait without getting angry. She wants to know about everything. energetic outgoing confident selfish easy-going fair patient curious
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  • active outgoing selfish impatient modest unfair shy inactive generous proud clever silly strong weak patient fair Can you help them find their friends? hard-working lazy
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  • New words active outgoing selfish impatient modest unfair shy inactive generous proud cleversilly strongweak patient fair hard-working lazy PositiveNegative
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  • Do you remember? correct friendly polite honest regular un im ir in dis Can you say more adjectives like these? Who has the best memory?
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  • 1.Shes an __________ girl who is good at speaking, singing and dancing. Her brother isnt the same as her. He is __________. 2.Top students are always _____________ones. They are not __________ at all. 3.Teachers should be __________. If they are ___________, their students will be unhappy. 4.Mary has many friends and she likes going to the parties and chatting with others. She is very __________. Her brother is just the opposite, he is __________. active inactive hard-working lazy patient impatient outgoing shy
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  • 5. Lily is the top student in the grade, her teachers and parents are ___________ of her. But she is very ___________ herself. 6. Doing more practice can make you __________ while unhealthy lifestyle makes you ___________. 7. All the businesses are ______________ except a __________ one. We got many donations for the UNICEF. 8. Its ___________ that you criticize your students without asking for the details. Youd better be __________ to them. proud modest strong weak generous selfish unfair fair
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  • The 12 animal signs of Chinese horoscope. ['h :r sk p] Rat Ox Tiger Rabbit Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey RoosterDog Pig
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  • In China, we have 12 animal signs, but in Western countries, they also have 12 star signs. Do you know whats the difference between star signs and animal signs? The Western star sign system [ 5sIstEm ]( ) is based on the month you were born in, and each star sign stands for ( ) a period of time in a year; while the Chinese animal sign system is based on the year you were born in.
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  • Aries ['eri:z] Star signs
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  • Cancer ['kns] Star signs
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  • Taurus ['t :rs] Star signs
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  • Leo ['li:u] Star signs
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  • Gemini ['d eminai] Star signs
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  • Virgo ['v: u] Star signs
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  • Libra ['li:br] Star signs
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  • Capricorn ['kprik :n] Star signs
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  • Scorpio [' : ] Star signs
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  • Aquarius ['kweris] Star signs
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  • Sagittarius [ sd i'teris] Star signs
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  • Pisces ['paisi:z] Star signs
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  • Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
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  • ram n. crab n.
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  • bull n. lion n.
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  • twins virgin
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  • scales n. sea goat n.
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  • scorpion n. water carrier
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  • centaur n. fish
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  • I was born on __________. My star sign is __________. It says that I ________________. In fact, I ____________________. (characteristics)
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  • What does the star sign say about Eddie today? It says he will have lots to eat and drink today.
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  • Language points: 1.It says Ill have lots to eat and (1) , letter, newspaper, notice , say , . The guidebook says to turn right. (2) lots (n.) , 2.worry about not doing sth. (Ving ----- not doing sth.) e.g. Thank you for not having asked me to such a bad party. 3.be familiar[ fE5miljE ] with sth. , (1)This song sounds familiar. (2)Are you familiar with that book? : English is familiar to him.( )
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  • 4.Its + adj. + of sb. to do sth. : Its + adj. + for sb. to do sth. (1) of sb. adj. : polite, clever, wise adj. sb. . Its + adj. + of sb. to do sth. Sb. + be + adj. + to do sth. e.g. It was kind of you to help me. ==? (2) for sb.?----- adj. to do sth. . (3) , That is How It isof sb. to do sth. It is. e.g. That is kind/nice of you to say so. How thoughtful of you to remember my birthday!
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  • 1. Read all the star signs and try to remember them. 2. Try to make a report about your friend. (star signs /adjectives)