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updates on 99 Balloons local and global initiatives


  • 99 Balloons:: Updates


    Our next rEcess Training Conference will be hosted in Fayetteville on Oct 5-6, 2012. We will have two separate tracks for existing rEcess programs and groups that want to start a rEcess. We would love your help in spreading the word to groups or individuals you think would like to learn more about rEcess. This is the perfect time for folks to come and hear what rEcess is all about and how to engage children with special needs on a local and global scale.

    You can find more information online, including a tentative itinerary and a link to register for the conference:


    Let us know if you have folks in mind that we should reach out to regarding the rEcess Training Conference!

  • HUBThe rEcess Hub website is a central place for all resources and tools related to rEcess. Each rEcess site has their own Storyboard Page, which includes information on their next rEcess event, links to volunteer and family registration, and pictures from their most recent rEcess event.

    The Hub also highlights a Local story each month from one of our rEcess programs, and links to the featured Global project for the month as well.

    There is a password-protected Resource page that is made available to all existing rEcess Leadership Teams, where they can download various packets, forms, and videos related to rEcess.


    We have distributed a rEcess Launch Kit to each of our rEcess sites which contains new and updated tools and materials for rEcess. A big focus of the Launch Kit was to help the volunteer experience and remind them that they are a part of something bigger.

    The Launch Kit includes: rEcess Rack Cards - These are to be handed out monthly to all volunteers and families, and include a Local and Global side. The Local side highlights a verse and prayer for that month, as well as information on the next rEcess event. The Global side highlights the perceptions of disability in a particular geography, and information on how to give towards a featured project that benefits children with special needs in that geography.

    Huddle Sheets - These are a tool provided for the rEcess Leadership Teams, and gives the verse and prayer for each month, as well as before and after thoughts and questions to help guide and facilitate an encouraging environment for the volunteers while they are there at rEcess.

  • ! ! ! ! ! ! ! -!Theme Sheets - There is a theme sheet for each ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! month that includes a suggested craft activity, ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! large group activity, movie, and lesson.! ! ! ! ! ! - Global Project Poster and Donation Box - ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! We provided a poster and donation box for each ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! rEcess site to encourage their volunteers and ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! families to tangibly help kids with special needs ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! around the world.! ! ! ! ! ! ! - Prayer Cards - Each kit includes 20 International ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Prayer Cards to be distributed to any folks who ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! would like to commit to praying for children with ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! special needs and the perceptions of disability in ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! the geographies in which they live.! ! ! ! ! ! ! - Updated Materials - We included a copy of the ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! most updated Building a rEcess guide, ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Volunteer Training and Parent Packet. We ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! also included information on updated online ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! materials.! ! ! ! ! ! ! - rEcess Hub postcards - These are for all ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! volunteers and families, and they explain the ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! rEcess Hub registration process. Beginning this ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! fall, all of our rEcess programs will be using our ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! rEcess Hub website for registration.


    We have created a new blog site, and today we launched our Imperfect Vessels blog series which will run for 8 weeks. We are excited to highlight posts from various thought leaders and workers who are engaging disability locally and globally.

    We encourage you to check out the blog and spread the word about the Imperfect Vessels series!

  • ! ! ! ! ! ! ! GLOBAL PROJECTS!

    Since launching our Global Project initiative last fall, we have helped fund 6 projects benefitting children with special needs in Haiti, Ukraine and Uganda. You can view a list of completed projects by clicking here.

    Beginning in September, we will be highlighting a different project from a different geography each month that benefits children with special needs. We are excited to continue providing opportunities for folks to tangibly help some precious kids around the world.

    Our current featured project can be found here. You have to create an account in order to give online, but its quick and easy and 100% of all donations go directly to the Global Project!

    We encourage to continue checking back at the Projects Page to view the highlighted project each month.

  • 99 Balloons will have a booth at the upcoming Disability Conference at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minnesota. We are excited to be a part of this event, and look forward to helping empower folks to engage kids with special needs locally and globally.

  • We are hosting our Art Walk fundraiser on October 24 at The Garden Room in Fayetteville. Guests will walk through 5 stations featuring 5 different art forms interpreting the theme Imperfect Vessels. We will also be sharing the mission, vision and work of 99 Balloons.

    We are excited about this event, and really need your help to make it successful! Please see our email for more details on helping with this event.