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9.5 E-Commerce Insights 2014 is based on 16 years of ecommerce experience of Matthew Scott CEO Strategy, Navada Group www.navadagroup.com where retailers need to focus on influencer, content, organic optimisation and story telling


  • 1. Its knock out time Youve had too long to get it right RETAILERS 9.5 insights into eCommerce 2014

2. ONE! The biggest single mistake retailers make is to focus on their stores out of sync with their 'online store. Treat it as central to your business strategy in 2014 3. TWO! More than ever, retailers NEED to build their digital business as many will need to change their store models, either by closing down some stores, or by changing to 'click and collect' model 4. THREE! Stop throwing good money after bad via PPC. It starts with BRAND and telling that story of WHY you get up in the morning and why we should join your tribe and enjoy your products and your brand. 5. FOUR! The very best retailers have integrated all the digital channels Social is HOW to funnel, how to retain, how to build loyalty. The very best eCommerce is social centric. www.facebook.com/ElverysSports 6. FIVE! Many retailers are missing the integration piece internally with disparate departments not talking to each other to empower the online store. 7. SIX! The best Retailers engage all the time with their fast growing consumer base on social by engaging content, asking questions, giving them ownership of the brand and building that loyalty that will churn enormous sale value www.facebook.com/thenorthface 8. SEVEN! Customer Service- digital is where you can really add enormous value and build loyalty- simple things like delivery options, feedback and personalisation 9. EIGHT! UTILITY- Using time pressure mechanics via mobile for example is great- to compare, to reserve, to click and collect 10. NINE! Only the best retailers actually open up their digital store to champion customers and their stories. Profiling customers drives P2P purchase, puts products in situ and generates brand loyalty http://www.pinterest.com/buntingcorner/my-big-moment/ 11. NINE & A HALF! The commercial opportunity - retailers need to wake up to the operational, sales, customer service, market growth, cost-cutting values of developing a really strong digital business www.suki-tea.com 12. THE WINNER in 2014? 13. Change Champions in a digital world. www.navadagroup.com