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  1. 1. Film making A film is a battleground, Sam Fuller
  3. 3. Stage 1- Idea The process of film making starts with an inspiration or Idea that sprung from our rendezvous with everyday life. There is no dearth of ideas; however the important thing is to contemplate whether it is good enough to create a lasting impression with a viable theme that can be developed into a strong script.
  4. 4. Stage 2- Development Idea takes the form of a script with all the essentials like a good screenplay, characters and moods, defining key moments in the film. Shooting film costs money, and therefore this is also the time for budgeting analysis and getting ready with the pitch for obtaining funds for further script development.
  5. 5. Stage 3- Packaging Once the final scripting done, producer and director work towards ensuring the commercial success of the idea. The most common practice to ensure success is usually casting well known faces in the film. With so much money and reputation on stake, it is indeed important to package the project with best talent around.
  6. 6. Stage 4- Finance This is perhaps the most tedious part of pre-production. Getting funded can be trickier unless you have exceptional marketing skills to convince the investors that your idea is going to make money in the end. Securing finance means half the battle won. .
  7. 7. Stage 5- Pre Production During this stage every step of filming is planned, right from storyboarding, shooting permits to budget allocation, Insurance and technical aspects. The more time you spend in pre production, lesser are the chances to face challenges in successful completion of your project.
  8. 8. Stage 6- Shooting Once shooting is started, it is imperative to keep a regular check on schedule and budget since it is prone to go overboard with many unforeseen events that are likely to occur at the time of shooting. Production manager ensures that the budget and shooting schedule is managed well with lesser glitches on the go.
  9. 9. Stage 7- Post production An editors job is as critical as direction. A smart edit can make an ordinary film come alive; on the other hand a bad edit might totally screw an otherwise brilliant script. Sound design, foley and music play equally important role to give an edge to your film.
  10. 10. Stage 8- Distribution While movie making is an art, distribution is pure business sense. It is during this phase the marketing plans are executed with official posters, teasers, and press kits released for public screening. Film distributors usually throw a launch party for official first screening of the film and afterwards it gets distributed to cinema for wider audience.
  11. 11. Stage 9- Screening The film gets sent to theatres across country or oversees for screening and voila! Thats where you sit back relaxed, basking in the glory of having made it to the finish line. There is no joy greater than seeing your idea taking a shape on screen that is well received by the audience
  12. 12. Credits: Argalian Pictures By: Sumie