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  • 8/14/2019 8th Grade Test 2


    Pages of Spotlight Science 9: (read through, particularly paying attention todiagrams)Page 139-160TIP: consider reviewing some of the brain pop animationswe watched!

    Revision Questions:You can find the answers to these questions in yournotes, textbook, and experiments. Find the correct answers- then you canuse them to test yourself as a study strategy. Remember to spend moretime studying things you dont know and keep forgetting.1.What is a force? List 3 contact, and 3 non-contact forces.2.What does it mean when the pairs of forces acting on an object arebalanced or unbalanced? How does this influence its speed anddirection?3.What is resultant force? How is it calculated?4.If a ball pushed forward with 300N of force, and is resisted by 200N offorce, what is the resultant force? Is the ball moving? Is the ball speeding

    up, slowing down, or moving at a constant speed.5.If a car is being pushed forward by 1000N of force, and is resisted by1000N of friction, is the car stationary, speeding up, or slowing down?6.If the resultant force on a jet plane is 0N. Is the plane A. In the groundnot moving or B. In the air travelling at a constant speed and height, or C.Could be either A or B.7.What is friction? List 6 examples of friction.8.What is wind resistance and water resistance?9.What is lubricant?10.How is friction helpful, and how can it be a problem?

    11.What do these terms mean? Drag, streamlined, turbulence, wind tunnel12.What is speed? How is speed calculated?13.If Bill runs 115m in 12 seconds, what is his average speed?14.If Tim runs 80m in 6 seconds, is he running faster or slower thanBill?15.What is a distance time graph? What does the steepness of thegraph indicate? What does it mean if the line of the graph is horizontal?16.Sketch a distance time graph to describe the journey of a watermelonthrown from the roof of Landmark Tower. Use approximate values.17.Sketch the same graph, but this time the watermelon deploys aparachute half way down.18.What is a lever? List 10 examples you might know of.19.What do these terms mean? effort, load, pivot, mechanical advantage,force magnifier, distance magnifier.20.Draw examples of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class levers.21.What is a pulley? How does it work?22.If Grahame is using a 2 pulley system to lift a boulder, and he pulls therope down by 3 meters, how high will the boulder rise off the ground? Drawa sketch to help.

  • 8/14/2019 8th Grade Test 2


    23.What is the moment of force? How is it calculated?24.Bill bought a new car. It takes 10N of force to close the door to the car,if he pushes on it 1.2m away from the pivot. What is the moment of theforce?25.How much force would he need if he pushed it 0.5m away fromthe pivot?26.What is pressure? How is it calculated?

    27.If the surface area of an elephants foot is 100cm2, and the force itexerts due to its weight is 30,000N, what pressure does it exert on theground?28.How is pressure in liquids and gases different from pressureexerted by solids?