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  • 1. 8TH GRADE ENGLISHSCHOOL MATERIALS Samantha Rodrguez Seminar EDPE4019 -001 Dr. Anbal Muoz Claudio
  • 2. CONVERSATION WITH THE 8TH GRADE ENGLISH TEACHER My conversation with Mrs. Ortiz (the 8th grade English teacher) from the school S.U. Carlos Zayas in San Lorenzo concerning the materials she uses for her class was very interesting. She informed me that she does utilize the textbooks sent by the Department of Education in Puerto Rico. However, she finds that complementary work books are necessary which she is supplied with by the schools library. According to her, the assigned books are not too difficult for the students but they are very repetitive and monotonous not only for students but for the teacher as well. Students do not find any pertinence to English textbooks either, they complete the exercises because the class requires it.
  • 3. CONVERSATION WITH THE 8TH GRADE ENGLISH TEACHER As for the teaching strategies she finds most helpful for the students improvement in their conversational skills, students are asked certain questions of topics they are most interested in so that they feel more comfortable and open to speaking in public . Oral reports are also very common in the classroom with the same objective in mind.
  • 4. DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION TEXTBOOK Scholastic Read XL for 8th Grade Mrs. Ortiz uses this book for her students because it covers many areas. It also helps students learn how to practice and improve in certain skills independently. This book is very important because it reinforces learners writing and grammar, reading skills, vocabulary, comprehension, analysis of words, language support for students who use English as their second language, among others.
  • 5. COMPLEMENTARY TEXTBOOKS Grammar in Context 2 (3rd Edition) by: Sandra N. Elbaum This book mixes grammar with the American culture and includes: activities that permit students to speak with each other and improve their communicating skills , exercises that help students get better in their grammar and writing skills, and language structure is better explained with the use of charts and notes specifically about grammar . Students also learn how to listen and comprehend reading selections in order to successfully answer questions from cassettes, etc.
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  • 10. COMPLEMENTARY TEXTBOOKS Writers Express: A Handbook for: Young Writers, Thinkers, And Learners This book is used specifically for students to develop better writing skills because the teacher frequently asks them to write essay paragraphs in class.
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  • 14. COMPLEMENTARY BOOKS Dracula by Bram Stoker The novel that the 8th grade group is currently reading is called Dracula by Bram Stoker. Mrs. Ortiz chose this book because it is an opportunity to expose her students to the different kinds of literature, it gives them practice in their reading skills and she thought that it would be a topic they would be interested in.
  • 15. OTHER TEACHING MATERIALS Power Point presentations are used as another way of teaching students a certain topic. Students like being taught in different ways.
  • 16. USE OF WEBSITES The English teacher informed me that besides her use of text books and novels in the class, she uses websites that seem helpful to the students such as: Englishforeveryone.org This website is used the most by the teacher because it includes worksheets that have to do with topics from the class and are good to determine whether or not students understand the material. Superteachers.com Workplace.com