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  • 1. We Need To Recycle Now! A Recycling proposal by the 8 th grade
  • 2. Did you Know? Recycling has been a law since 1988
  • 3. Did You Know? That over 500, 000 pounds of garbage that could be recycled ends up in the trash
  • 4. Did You Know?
    • Mr. Quirk and the 8th grade class calculated the amount of garbage that we throw away and 40% of it could be recycled!
    • We took the average garbage of each class and multiplied it by the number of classrooms and voila!
    • amount of garbage X number of classrooms= amount of total trash
  • 5. The process is easy! Just supply us with bins and well take care of the rest!
  • 6. Every class does there part Every class gets a paper recycle bin. Did you know that on average our school throws away 500 pounds of paper every month! We knowwe checked
  • 7. Dont Worry! Well make sure the bins get taken downstairs for pick up!
  • 8. We need your support! Well do the hard part! All we need is the cooperation of the school and you!


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