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8 Ways to Write Viral Headlines

(And, you wont believe #6!)Patti DalessioReinvent Interactive, Inc.4/16/16

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agendaWhats Viral ?Common Elements of Viral Headlines Differences Across Social Platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter)8 Ways to Create your Own Viral Headline

What does it mean to go Viral?

Math is hardEssentially, the average distance between each person that spreads a piece of content, from the creator to each person that clicks

The formula for going viral


Broadcast vs. viral


A message is sent to people directly - one source, many recipients.

Broadcast vs. viral


Messages spread exponentially, propagating (spreading) via sharing and re-sharing from multiple sources Like a biological virus!

Other People need to SHARE content for it to become viral

Whats the secret to making a piece of content go Viral?

Theres no secret


There is the headline

Lets look at the data:

Exploring commonalities of viral headlines

Structure of a viral headline

21 Clothing Hacks That Will Save You From Embarrassing MishapsFormatPromiseTopicEmotion SuperlativeContent Type

How do viral headlines differ among Social Platforms?

Research by steveSource:Steve Rayson of BuzzSumo

Researching the headlines of the most shared posts in the BuzzSumo database


Notes About the researchExtracted trigrams and bigrams from the headlines of 1 million random articles from top publishersLooked at trigrams that are present in at least 150 of the article headlinesSorted them by shares across social networks to identify the top performing trigrams in terms of social shares

3-word phrase2-word phrase

The words and phrases that resonate with people vary (a lot) across social Media platforms

Top Headline Trigram (3 word phrases) shared on Facebook and Twitter

Top Headline Trigram (3 word phrases) shared on Facebook and Twitter

Content Elements

Format Elements

TOPIC elements

Superlative words


Take-AwaysTwo Elements that Perform BestAcross Platforms

List PostsHow To Posts

8 ways to write a viral headline

(1) structureUse a viral headline structure with at least three of the key elements

(2) Format elementResearch the formats that work best with your audiences and use that format in your headline!

(3) Content elementCheck the content types that resonate with your audience and include these in your headline

(4) TOPIC elementChoose topics that resonate with your audience. Research trending topics (tool like BuzzSumo) and leverage these topics, or a permanently popular topic. Like: Content Marketing: Every Time You Mention Your Product A Kitten Dies.

(5) Superlative or emotional wordsResearch the emotional words that resonate with your audience.

The research shows that words like Amazing work well on Facebook whereas Successful has more appeal on LinkedIn. What is important is the words that resonate with your audience.

(6) TrigramsResearch the bigrams and trigrams that work best in your area/niche and on your social networks.

NERD ALERT:A way to do this with BuzzSumo is to search for the most shared of your topic, export the results, sort by network shares.e.g. Facebook, copy the headlines of say the top few thousand posts and paste them into a text analyzer (such as http://www.online-utility.org/text/analyzer.jsp) which will show you the most popular two and three word phrases. Use the trigrams that work best with your audience.

(7) Have a clear promiseWhat does your headline promise the reader?

Is it explicit what they can expect if they click through to your article. Are you promising to improve their performance, to reveal a secret, show them something amazing or surprising or are you promising to unravel a story.

(8) Tailor promotional content for each social networkDraft different content for social posts and ads on the different networks.

Use the words and phrases that work best on that network.

More Tips for Viral HeadlinesLENGTH: 8 words or less than 70 characters (theres always exceptions)Inject your titles with a high dose of curiosity and back it up with great contentAddress Readers in 2nd PersonIts awkward, but its the perfect form for headline writing, grabbing the attention of readers by calling them out.You Think You Know Game of Thrones? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!3 Ice Cream Recipes Youll Drool Over This Summer5 Emergency Tools You Should Never Leave Home Without

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