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Adding Tech To Your Communication Mix

8 Tools ToSupercharge Your Marketing(and they work together!)

About the Presenter

Jim Elder

President of Allegra Design Web Print, an integrated marketing services agency

Local work

Board member Missouri Venture Forum

Board member Childrens Home Society

Board member Creve Coeur Olivette Chamber of Commerce

Board member Maryland Heights Chamber of Commerce

Past lives

Asst. Professor at Lindenwood University

Chair, Dept of Entrepreneurial Studies

Marketing, pricing and channel strategies

Former SVP Marketing at healthcare services & biotechnology companies

19% of advertising fails outright

50% of advertising is ineffective**

67% could achieve increased results with no additional cost by tweaking the messaging and media mix*

Its time to change the way we do this

*Source: What Sticks, Rex Briggs and Greg Stuart



Whos Your Customer?

Of course you know that the more you know about someone, the easier it is to find out what they need and sell to them, right?

So, how many kids do most of your customers have?

Are they married?

How old are they?

Do they own a house? Whats it worth?

You know this stuff, right?

What do they do for fun?

What are their hobbies?

Whats their education level?

Whats their net worth?

How do they invest their money?

Where do they like to shop?

How do they shop?

Knowing this is a lot harder, isnt it? If you did know this, would it influence how you communicate with your customers? With how you prospect for new customers? Lets hope so.

Whos Your Customer?

and Find More Like Them

To get the right message to the right people you need to know your customers

Identify your best customers/clients/donors

Analyze your customer profiles

Age, Income, Profession, Education, Gender, Home Ownership & Value, Children, Investment Portfolio Value, etc.

Likes & Dislikes, Activities, Interests, Political Affiliation

A hundred thousand databases available

Know Your Customers

Better targeted lists =

less waste + better response!

Knowing Your Customers

Customer Analytics

A customer profiling tool that helps you find prospects who are much like your current customers.


Useful for B2C, B2B and nonprofits

Starts with house (active customer) file containing the name and address of at least 500 people (consumers) or businesses

Compares your customer demographic (B2C & B2B) and behavioral (B2C) characteristics to consumer databases which typically contain about 160 million households or 15 million businesses

Produces a customized report identifying the traits as well as a count of similar prospects within your selected target geography

B2C Key Behavioral Target

Basic B2C Demographics

Age Band-IndividualGenderMarital StatusFamily PositionEthnicity-Groupings (Race)OccupationOccupation GroupingChildren in HouseholdChild AgesEstimated Household IncomeWealth RatingHome OwnerDwelling TypeLength of ResidenceHome Market ValueNet Worth RangesIncome Producing Asset RangesInvestmentsCredit CardsAuto-Class of Primary VehicleLifestyle Dimensions

The typical report for these B2C & Donor demographic profile elements with penetration information for targeted geographies including prospect counts by data dimension.

Predictive Analytics

A Predictive Model needs to compare two groups of data. So, it takes more data, more effort, and is more expensive, but it gives better results.

Predictive modeling analyzes past and current activities and behaviors of two groups to improve future results. The goals are to:

Find statistically significant differences between the two groups and

Assess these differences to identify whether a pattern exists and if it is likely to repeat itself.

As examples, Responders and Non-responders are both needed to produce the outcome report for a predictive model.

Responders the group of individuals who have responded, renewed or made a purchase.

Non-responders - the group of individuals who were marketed to or contacted and did not respond, renew or make a purchase.

Predicative Analytics Response Summary Report

Predictive Model divides the prospect data into ten equal parts called deciles, each representing one tenth of the sample population. The first decile has the highest and the tenth decile has the lowest likelihood of responding.


74% Increase in Lift for Decile 1 (74% better response rate than average)

Cumulative % of Responders before lift turns negative: Your model achieves 92%.

Target prospects in Deciles 1 7 for best response. Start with #1 and work down depending upon budget. Ignore decile 8 and below.

DecileResponder% of Resp% of All RecordsLiftCumulative % of RespCumulative Universe171417.61 %10.13 %73.84 %17.61 %73.84 %261015.05 %10.11 %48.86 %32.66 %61.36 %355213.62 %10.11 %34.72 %46.28 %52.49 %450212.38 %10.11 %22.45 %58.66 %44.95 %549212.14 %10.11 %20.08 %70.79 %39.96 %643710.78 %9.93 %8.56 %81.57 %34.80 %741510.24 %9.88 %3.64 %91.81 %30.43 % 82435.99 %9.88 %-39.37 %97.80 %21.84 %9601.48 %9.87 %-85.01 %99.28 %10.15 %10290.72 %9.87 %-92.71 %100.00 %0.00 %

Record Input Summary:

Top 10 variables out of the universe analyzed

These are the 10 most important attributes based on the analysis of your customers with our profiling process for identifying prospects who look like your existing customers.

B2C Customer Analytics Report Summary

Having enough records matched is most important to producing an accurate profile.

DemographicValue / RangePercentAdvantage Home OwnerDefinite Owner92.29%Advantage Dwelling TypeSingle Family Dwelling Unit88.25%Ethnic Group CodeWestern European86.90%Number of Children in HouseholdUnknown82.37%Advantage Household Marital StatusAt least 1 married81.76%Mail Order BuyerMail Order - Magazines78.82%Home Sale PriceUnable to Assign70.75%Target Value Score (all marketers)High Marketing Value69.52%Credit CardsBank Card65.24%Available Home Equity(000s)Unable to Assign59.61%Record TypeRecords InputMatchedMatch RateCustomers93381787.6 %

The Customer Analytics Program started with a list of 933 current customers utilizing their names and addresses. That list was compared to the US Post Offices National Change of Address (NCOA) database to assure the use of deliverable names and addresses. This list was submitted to a national database containing demographic and psychographic or behavioral information on the U.S. population.

Whats Next?

Now you know a lot more than before about your customers. How can you use this information to supercharge your marketing?

What Are Marketers Saying?



Websites Drive Client Engagement

Less than 1/3 of Small Business Owners are happy with their online prospecting.

Source: Google thinkinsight study, The Mobile Movement: Understanding Smartphone Users, April 2011

According to Google, nearly three billion monthly searches have local terms

Local Search Marketing


Google/Nielsen Mobile Path to Purchase custom study,

November, 2013:

69% of mobile users expect a business to be within 5 miles of their location

Over half of users want to make a purchase within 1 hour

93% who use mobile search go on to buy and most purchases happen in physical stores

Source: http://www.google.com/think/research-studies/mobile-path-to-purchase-5-key-findings.html

Local Search Statistics


Local Search Marketing

Only 20% of small businesses are claiming their local listing on Google + Local.

They are missing out on potential customers


Google+ Local (www.google.com/places)

Bing Local (www.bing.com/local)

Yahoo! Local Basic (listings.local.yahoo.com)

Best of the Web - BOTW (local.botw.org)




Yelp (biz.yelp.com/signup)

Super Pages

YP (www.yellowpages.com)

City Search

InfoGroup/Express Update (www.espressupdateusa.com)



Other sites, like InsiderPages and Kudzo, are also strong sources of referral traffic but often involve complex setups or sometimes require a small fee.


Local Search Diagnostic Tool

Source: Compuware, What Users Want from Mobile 2011

Mobile User Expectations


B2B Mobile Research

91% growth in B2B mobile search since 2012

42% of B2B researchers use mobile devices during the process

49% of mobile searches conducted at work

Comparing prices

Reading about products

Comparing feature sets

Contacting vendors

22% increase in purchases via mobile since 2012

A responsive website design automatically responds to different devices and resizes to accommodate them. The vast range in sizes and types of devices makes responsiveness a must-have today.Quick Tip #1: Dont forget to make sure your technology is mobile-friendly. For example, Apple devices and Flash technology aren't a good combo.

Responsive Website Design