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8 th Grade Social Studies Pacing Guide. Revised Summer 2009 Toledo Public Schools Input from teachers through surveys. Toledo Public Schools August• 2009. Amy Netter • Robinson Middle School. View Pacing Guides Online. http://notes.tps.org/tpsintra.nsf. Pacing Guide ‘09. What’s New?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 8th Grade Social StudiesPacing GuideRevised Summer 2009Toledo Public SchoolsInput fromteachers through surveysAmy Netter Robinson Middle School

    Toledo Public Schools August 2009

  • View Pacing Guides Onlinehttp://notes.tps.org/tpsintra.nsf

  • Pacing Guide 09

  • Whats New?Intervention ColumnAssessment ColumnStandard, Indicator, & Description are all in one column.Pacing Guide is divided by unit instead of by chapter.The chapter is now listed in the same column as the page numbers.

  • Three Week Review & No TestPossible Pacing Guide Adjustment

    Quarter 1 Colonization & SlaveryQuarter 2 American Revolution & Articles of ConfederationQuarter 3 Constitution, Early Republic, & Territorial ExpansionQuarter 4 Civil War & Reconstruction

  • Coming Soon!Edusoft Quarterly Assessments

    1st, 2nd, & 3rd quarters only

    Scored & data gathered electronically

    Training needed information will be provided at department meetings

  • Edusoft Tests, Data, & More

  • Assessment ColumnOE Open-Ended Assessment Question(see todays handout)

    AT Assessment Test Question(included in back of Pacing Guide)

  • Vocabulary Content & Testing Vocabulary included in Pacing GuideLabel each set 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th quarters (in order)Vocabulary strategies included on Intranet (Curriculum, then Social Studies)

  • Intervention IdeasOptions for Teaching, including:

    History Alive! Nystrom Atlas of United States History (NAUSH)We the PeopleGraphic OrganizersFoldables

  • Bring Learning Alive with History Alive!Preview, Content, Process (Interactive Notebook)Supplemental Material found in Media Centers (or contact the Director of Social Studies for information on borrowing what you need)

  • History Alive!Multiple Intelligence Teaching Strategies:Visual DiscoveryExperiential ExerciseWriting for UnderstandingProblem Solving GroupworkResponse GroupSocial Studies Skill Builder

  • NystromPull-down maps, atlases, desk maps, & lesson bindersWebsite:ushistoryatlas.com

    Find:mapspicturesprimary sourcestimelines

  • We the PeopleFree resource class set of books about the Constitution & development of American governmentProgram sponsored by the Ohio Center for Law-Related EducationProfessional Development & implementation planned for this yearoclre.org

  • We the PeopleProfessional DevelopmentWhen September 22, 2009 from 4:00-6:00 pmWhere TBAWho 8th Grade Social Studies Teachers & Middle School PrincipalsCompensation at hourly rate & LPDC credit of 2 hours

  • Youth for JusticeWhen Saturday, October 24, 2009 from 9:30-2:00 pmWhere Sanger Branch LibraryWho Social Studies Teachers, Grades 5-8Compensation at hourly rate & LPDC credit of 4.5 hours

  • Graphic Organizer Idea

  • Another Idea

  • A Final Idea

  • Foldable IdeaVenn Diagram:Federalism

    Reserved Powersestablish public schoolsmarriage & divorceregulating tobacco & alcoholtrade within statestraffic & motor vehicle laws

    Shared Powersregulating bankscriminal justice systemtax the peoplecreate a court systemborrow money

    Delegated Powersprinting currencydeclaring warinterstate & foreign tradetreatiespost office

  • Another Foldable IdeaLayered-Look Book:Bill of Rights

    1st Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, & to petition the government.2nd The right to keep & bear arms.3rd Soldiers cannot be placed in homes without the owners consent.4th Provides security from unreasonable searches & seizures; probable cause is needed for warrants.

  • Another Foldable Idea cont.5th The right to due process of law grand jury, no self-incrimination or double jeopardy.6th The right to a speedy trial by jury, to be informed of charges, to confront witnesses, & to have a lawyer.7th The right to a jury trial in civil cases over twenty dollars.8th No excessive bail or fines & no cruel & unusual punishments may be imposed.9th The Constitution shall not deny other rights of the people.10th State powers are recognized & protected.

  • Wrap-UpWhat has worked for you?

    What suggestions do you have for professional developments?

  • Contact Information If you have questions, concerns or are in need of assistance, please contact Jennifer Lawless, the Director of Social Studies and Foreign Language, at 419.671.8235, or jennifer.lawless@tps.org.


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