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8 th Grade Social Studies Pacing Guide. Revised Summer 2009 Toledo Public Schools Input from teachers through surveys. Toledo Public Schools August 2009. Amy Netter Robinson Middle School. View Pacing Guides Online. http://notes.tps.org/tpsintra.nsf. Pacing Guide 09. Whats New?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 8th Grade Social StudiesPacing GuideRevised Summer 2009Toledo Public SchoolsInput fromteachers through surveysAmy Netter Robinson Middle School

    Toledo Public Schools August 2009

  • View Pacing Guides Onlinehttp://notes.tps.org/tpsintra.nsf

  • Pacing Guide 09

  • Whats New?Intervention ColumnAssessment ColumnStandard, Indicator, & Description are all in one column.Pacing Guide is divided by unit instead of by chapter.The chapter is now listed in the same column as the page numbers.

  • Three Week Review & No TestPossible Pacing Guide Adjustment

    Quarter 1 Colonization & SlaveryQuarter 2 American Revolution & Articles of ConfederationQuarter 3 Constitution, Early Republic, & Territorial ExpansionQuarter 4 Civil War & Reconstruction

  • Coming Soon!Edusoft Quarterly Assessments

    1st, 2nd, & 3rd quarters only

    Scored & data gathered electronically

    Training needed information will be provided at department meetings

  • Edusoft Tests, Data, & More

  • Assessment ColumnOE Open-Ended Assessment Question(see todays handout)

    AT Assessment Test Question(included in back of Pacing Guide)

  • Vocabulary Content & Testing Vocabulary included in Pacing GuideLabel each set 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th quarters (in order)Vocabulary strategies included on Intranet (Curriculum, then Social Studies)

  • Intervention IdeasOptions for Teaching, including:

    History Alive! Nystrom Atlas of United States History (NAUSH)We the PeopleGraphic OrganizersFoldables

  • Bring Learning Alive with History Alive!Preview, Content, Process (Interactive Notebook)Supplemental Material found in Media Centers (or contact the Director of Social Studies for information on borrowing what you need)

  • History Alive!Multiple Intelligence Teaching Strategies:Visual DiscoveryExperiential ExerciseWriting for UnderstandingProblem Solving GroupworkResponse GroupSocial Studies Skill Builder

  • NystromPull-down maps, atlases, desk maps, & lesson bindersWebsite:ushistoryatlas.com

    Find:mapspicturesprimary sourcestimelines

  • We the PeopleFree resource class set of books about the Constitution & development of American governmentProgram sponsored by the Ohio Center for Law-Related EducationProfessional Development & implementation planned for this yearoclre.org

  • We the PeopleProfessional DevelopmentWhen September 22, 2009 from 4:00-6:00 pmWhere TBAWho 8th Grade Social Studies Teachers & Middle School PrincipalsCompensation at hourly rate & LPDC credit of 2 hours

  • Youth for JusticeWhen Saturday, October 24, 2009 from 9:30-2:00 pmWhere Sanger Branch LibraryWho Social Studies Teachers, Grades 5-8Compensation at hourly rate & LPDC credit of 4.5 hours

  • Graphic Organizer Idea

  • Another Idea

  • A Final Idea

  • Foldable IdeaVenn Diagram:Federalism

    Reserved Powersestablish public schoolsmarriage & divorceregulating tobacco & alcoholtrade within statestraffic & motor vehicle laws

    Shared Powersregulating bankscriminal justice systemtax the peoplecreate a court systemborrow money

    Delegated Powersprinting currencydeclaring warinterstate & foreign tradetreatiespost office

  • Another Foldable IdeaLayered-Look Book:Bill of Rights

    1st Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, & to petition the government.2nd The right to keep & bear arms.3rd Soldiers cannot be placed in homes without the owners consent.4th Provides security from unreasonable searches & seizures; probable cause is needed for warrants.

  • Another Foldable Idea cont.5th The right to due process of law grand jury, no self-incrimination or double jeopardy.6th The right to a speedy trial by jury, to be informed of charges, to confront witnesses, & to have a lawyer.7th The right to a jury trial in civil cases over twenty dollars.8th No excessive bail or fines & no cruel & unusual punishments may be imposed.9th The Constitution shall not deny other rights of the people.10th State powers are recognized & protected.

  • Wrap-UpWhat has worked for you?

    What suggestions do you have for professional developments?

  • Contact Information If you have questions, concerns or are in need of assistance, please contact Jennifer Lawless, the Director of Social Studies and Foreign Language, at 419.671.8235, or jennifer.lawless@tps.org.


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