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PowerPoint Presentation8 steps to Create a mobile appBy: Engr. NasNOTE:To change the image on this slide, select the picture and delete it. Then click the Pictures icon in the placeholder to insert your own image.Step 1: IdentifyIdentify a problem which can be resolved by your appDecide the features of your appStep 2: Decide on a platformEach mobile platform has its own language called, application programming interface or API.Apple, Google Android, and Blackberry each offer their API to registered developers.Smart Phone Market StatisticsSmart Phone StatisticsStep 3: Design The appCreate the functionality for the app. Step 4: Develop a prototypeStep 5: Integrate an appropriate analytics toolSome of the mobile analytics tool which helps in this process:Google AnalyticsFlurryLocalyticsMixpanelPreemptiveStep 6: Identify beta-testers. Listen to their feedback and integrate relevant ones.Define target customerEliminate bugsIdentify goalsStep 7: Release/ deploy the appMost Popular Type of AppsStep 8: Support & Upgrade Mobile Device Statistics