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The eighth lecture in John Allan's series on The Inspiration and Authority of Scripture for Torchbearer Bible Schools. How can we be sure we are interpreting Scripture properly?


  • 1. The Interpretation of Scripture Tauernhof spring school 2008
  • 2. Seven ways to get it wildly wrong
    • Ignoring context
    • Illegitimate extensions
    • Reading it `mystically
    • Building big doctrines on small verses
    • Altering the meaning to fit our ideas
    • Reading in ideas the text doesnt contain
    • Picking and choosing passages
  • 4. What does it say? What does it mean to me? What does it mean?
  • 5. Observing
    • Understand the words
    • Appreciate the style
    • Investigate the background
    • Notice the details
    • Check out the context
  • 6. Interpreting
    • Start with the obvious sense
    • Look for the authors intention
    • Concentrate on what you understand
    • Compare Scripture with Scripture
    • Look for Christ
  • 7. Applying What have I learned about Jesus and God? What have I learned to cause shame? What have I learned about trusting him more? Is there a promise to claim? Kuhatscheks pyramid
  • 8. the pyramid specific general broader circumcision keeping law meat to idols association with paganism effort to win salvation link with evil


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