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Top 8 Important Facts To Know About Canvas Tents

Do you get inspired by the ultimate African safari tenting experiences? And planning for a tented safari in Africa? If your answer is yes, then you should buy an ultra-luxurious safari tent in advance to get unforgettable tenting experiences for lives. After all, canvas tents are an ideal, relaxing as well as luxurious way to spend a luxury tenting holiday to the fullest.

But before buying a canvas tent for your upcoming safari, have a look at a few important points that will give you a clear idea regarding the tents.

Sleeping under the canvas tent can let you feel closer to the nature. You can get the views of wonderful sights, hear the sounds of wild species as well as unique fragrances of the bush. While tenting in the Serengeti, you can hear lions roar, hippos grunt and hyenas whoop. Even, it may feel like the wild species are just outside your window!#1- A Peaceful Good Nights Sleep

These tents are spacious and airy. So its obvious that you can get a sense of indistinct lines, where the indoors and outdoors have merged. That particular point is not a definite border! However, canvas tents are semi-permanent structures and are quite luxurious to ensure you a relaxing as well as enjoyable safari holiday.#2- Roomy and Luxurious

#3- Withstand Harsh WeatherAs the cabins or villas of canvas tent are manufactured from heavy duty rip stop canvas, so it can withstand the bad conditions of weather effortlessly. For instance, the canvas tents can endure severe weather including high winds of 80 kilometers per hour and even higher.

#4- Durable and Easy MaintenanceAs these types of tents are made of the finest quality material, so they can last a lifelong period. Thats the main reason why customers are turning towards canvas tents for safari vacations. When it comes to maintenance, all that is needed that to consider washing regularly without using any cleaner or chemical. That means, just washing periodically a canvas tent can make sure that you will use it for a lifetime.#5- Fresh Smells and Scents of BushesAs the windows of canvas tents are well-crafted with a simple screen, so they can allow the fresh scents and smells of the bush to come inside. Dr. Ken Heilman, an honorary Professor of Neurology and Health Psychology at the University of Florida says Smells do bring back memories. That means, once you have smelled the African bush, it will be imprinted in your memory forever.

#6- Unforgettable Tented ExperienceUsually, canvas tents are luxurious so that they can offer wonderful safari experiences. No matter whether you want adventurous or romantic experiences, they can give you the most out of the safari vacation. Being perfectly safe, these tents can even offer you a memorable evening, including a good nights sleep.#7- Intimate SettingBy nature, these safari tents are generally meant for small as well as intimate affairs. But if you are opting for an African safari for a large group of people, then you can choose a canvas tent of large size to accommodate you all safely and comfortably.#8- FlexibleCanvas tents hold a flexible, semipermanent structure so that it can be moved easily. For its installation, it will hardly take a few hours. Even, it can be a convenient option, whenever a severe storm approaches. In fact, you can easily take down the tent and store them in a safe place. Once the weather is clear, you can set up them again.

Is a tented safari in Serengeti on your bucket list? If you want once-in-lifetime unforgettable memories on your Africa safari, you should buy handmade, ultra-luxurious canvas tents.Conclusion

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