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Webex held in March 2014 presenting the seven day services self assessment tool #7DayServices


  • 1. Good morning Welcome to WebEx Please note: telephone lines and sound will be muted until the start of the WebEx at 11.05am. Whilst you are waiting : Please go to the Meeting tab at top left of screen and click on Information option, see your individual Attendee ID (begins *9) and dial this into your phone. Thank you.
  • 2. Housekeeping Go to Meeting tab at top left of screen and click on Information, see your individual Attendee ID (starting *9) and dial this into your phone. The WebEx session is being recorded. Opportunity to ask questions after presentations. Phone lines will be muted during the presentations.
  • 3. Seven Day Services Self Assessment Tool Improving health outcomes across England by providing improvement and change expertise
  • 4. Seven Day Services: The Context Over the last ten years a growing body of evidence of poor patient outcomes for patients admitted at weekends. The 5 day service model no longer meets justifiable patient and public expectations. Dec 2012 NHS England Everyone Counts (2012/13: Planning for patients) Sir Bruce Keogh Review and Forum Findings December 2013 Aligned with NHS Englands Call for Action united approach to fundamentally change how we deliver health and social care services. 10 year Strategy NHS Planning Guidance 2014/15. Action Plans with service development and improvement plans 2015/16 Clinical standards which have the greatest impact into National standard contract 2016/17 All clinical standards incorporated
  • 5. Seven Days Services Improvement Programme The specific role of NHS Improving Quality is to: Support the adoption into practice of evidence based seven day services at pace and scale across England; Work with providers and commissioners to ensure that they have improvement expertise, capability, knowledge and tools to implement sustainable change; Create a vibrant network of seven day services learning across England that connects clinical teams, services, stakeholders, organisations and communities; Ensures patients, carers and users across the health systems are actively engaged in designing and influencing the right solutions to meet local health needs; and Challenge the NHS to think radically, push the boundaries and look for new and innovative ways of providing leading edge, sustainable seven day services.
  • 6. Seven Day self assessment tool - evolving A baseline tool to help organisations to self-assess where they are currently with services and the clinical standards Organisations can use as a resource to evaluate their progress toward extending their seven day service provision and impact Contains a series of baseline questions around current availability/provision of services and identifying the potential extending of services Each section has a range of related questions within it the sections between 7day plans and Service provision are useful to inform your responses to the Clinical Standards section The Clinical Standards section has been developed using the 10 national clinical standards for 7 Day services (http://www.england.nhs.uk/wp- content/uploads/2013/12/forum-summary-report.pdf) Other areas need further developing, e.g. primary, community and social care - we are seeking feedback nationally on developing these.
  • 7. Indications from early testing of the 7day tool: It is useful for: Local care organisations to capture a baseline position of what currently is going on along the pathway of care. Its a tool for dialogue - stimulating local conversations and discussions, challenging assumptions. Providing a benchmark and opportunity to track progress around the 10 clinical standards, and extending services Providing information that supports the development of local plans Providing an opportunity to share the information and learning drawn from the tool across the pathway Local communities can decide how they use the information from the tool To capture the information across the whole system no-one person can complete the self-assessment It is not a national reporting tool, the information will be aggregated across the regions and nationally to explore the distribution and equity of services
  • 8. Who can use the self assessment tool Tool can be currently used within: Acute trusts Community Trusts CCGs Different users will register for different levels of access: Data Approver A person within the organisation with responsibility for: Authorising the release of information entered by the data submitters Approving the status of those registered as data submitters Data submitter Person / persons that enter information relating to the specific section. An organisation can have multiple data submitters. Password will be issued after registration from the organisations Data Approver
  • 9. How does the self assessment tool work? Questions answered in a range of ways: Toggle boxes Multiple choice boxes Drop-down boxes Free text Free text cant be analysed but will provide further information for organisations
  • 10. What you will find within the self assessment tool The tool is divided into sections e.g. Clinical standards, Levels of service provision, finance, patient and public engagement Each section has a range of related questions within it the sections between 7day plans and Service provision are useful to inform your responses to the Clinical Standards section 10 National Clinical standards - alignment between the 10 National Clinical standards section and the NHS Planning Guidance 2014/17 No one person will be able to complete it all
  • 11. How to register for the tool Organisations can only start entering data once they have a Data Approver Can register at http://www.7daysat.nhs.uk/ and clicking on the Register button NATCANSAT verify e-mail address before assigning Data Approver status
  • 12. Additional information Register for access to the tool at: www.7daysat.nhs.uk NHS IQ Contacts: ian.robson@nhsiq.nhs.uk marie.tarplee@nhsiq.nhs.uk Help and Support Helpdesk 0870 840 8033 Email ccf-tr.Natcansat@nhs.net
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