7 steps to online engagement success

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7 easy steps to online engagement success


  • 1. 7 steps to onlineengagement

2. PlanningConsider online engagement whenyou start your Engagement PlanWhat are you hoping to achieve?What questions will you ask?How do you want people to be involved? 3. Choose therightfeedbacktoolsHow much decision making power will the community have?This will help shape your engagement strategy and whichtools to use. 4. 3Ask engaging questionsBe clear about what you want to achievein as few words as possible. 5. Create engagingcontentThink video, images, infographics!Make it easy for the community to getinformation about your project 6. Promotion is keyUse online and offline activities todrive traffic to your site andmaximise participation. 7. Check your pageDAILYRespond to comments and questionsProvide updates to keep content freshEntice visitors to return 8. Close the loopThank the communityShare your resultsTell them how their feedback is beingused.