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Short presentation offering tips and hints to help you set up and maintain a business blog successfully. Includes some special offers on blogging set up and maintenance.


  • 7 Steps to Business Blogging Success Presented by Alison Neale The Proof Fairywww.theprooffairy.com
  • During this presentation youll find out: What you want your blog to achieve Which platform is best for you Why you should update your blog regularly How to be creative with content Why Google loves blogs How to keep them coming back for more The Bloggers Code of Conductwww.theprooffairy.com
  • About me Background in media & publishing Started The Proof Fairy in Nov 2009 Proofreading, blogging, social media and WordPress Keen writer!www.theprooffairy.com
  • What is a blog? Blog a frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links. To blog to maintain or add new entries to a blog.www.theprooffairy.com
  • Why should you blog? Websites with a blog get 55% more traffic than websites that dont! More traffic = more potential sales!www.theprooffairy.com
  • 1. Work out what you want your blog to achieve Attract more traffic to your website Communicate with existing customers Share your knowledge with the world Search engine optimisation A personal record THE BEST BLOGS ACHIEVE ALL OF THE ABOVE!www.theprooffairy.com
  • 2. Choose your platform carefully!www.theprooffairy.com
  • Top two blogging platforms www.blogger.com www.wordpress.com (hosted) or www.wordpress.org (self hosted)www.theprooffairy.com
  • Integrated blog or separate blog? INTEGRATED SEPARATE Every post Backlinks increases size of Useful for irrelevant site blog Improves SEO Visitors already on your website! Fresh content Maintain branded lookwww.theprooffairy.com
  • 3. Update your blog regularlywww.theprooffairy.com
  • Why updating regularly is important Fresh content for people and search engines Return visitors! Increase size of sitewww.theprooffairy.com
  • 4. Be creative with your content! Q&A Industry news Product launches Reviews Photo stories Videos Case studies Hints and tips How-to posts / videos Opinion In-house news Guest bloggerswww.theprooffairy.com
  • How long is a blog post? 400-600 words ... Because we have short attention spa....www.theprooffairy.com
  • 5. Make the most of SEO ... Target niche areas Use keywords wisely Google loves Wordpress!www.theprooffairy.com
  • ...but write for people, not computers! London taxi tours is a London taxi tour company that provides London taxi tours around London. Your London taxi tour driver can tell you lots about London during your London taxi tour and he will make your London taxi tour a London taxi tour to remember.www.theprooffairy.com
  • 6. Attract an audience and send your message viral ... Inform Educate Entertain!www.theprooffairy.com
  • Blendtec: masters of viral marketing Since 2006: 180 MILLION views on YouTube 1000% increase in sales of blenderswww.theprooffairy.com
  • ...Make it easy to share! RSS feed Email subscription Post to social media sites (twitterfeed.com) Share/like buttons Encourage comments and reply! Engage with other bloggerswww.theprooffairy.com
  • 7. The Bloggers Code of Conduct Take responsibility not just for your own words but also for the comments you allow on your blog Dont say anything online that you wouldnt say in person Ignore the trolls!www.theprooffairy.com
  • To summarise ... 1. Work out what you want your blog to achieve 2. Choose your platform carefully 3. Update your blog regularly 4. Be creative with content 5. Remember the SEO benefits but write for people, not for computers 6. Attract an audience and send your message viral 7. Remember the Bloggers Code of Conductwww.theprooffairy.com
  • Before you go ... Thank you for watching this presentation! Here are some special offers for you ... 12 months web hosting, domain name and WordPress installation just 75 (normal price 150) Standard blog package (4 unique posts per month + blog maintenance) just 120 per month for 3 months (normal price 150) Email alison@theprooffairy.com and quote SLIDESHARE2012 for special rates!www.theprooffairy.com
  • The Proof Fairy www.theprooffairy.co mwww.theprooffairy.com