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1. SHOPPING EXPERIENCE DESIGN to create the worlds best shopping experience, maintain good relations with customers and improve sales in shops, banks and shopping malls. FOR RETAILERS 7STEPS 2. DRAW CUSTOMERS IN The purchasing process does not start at the entrance to a store, but at the moment the need is realized. Ensure your brand is associated with a fast, convenient and hassle-free answer to the needs of customers. Consider all branding tools you have at your disposal. Consciously use your logo, brand colors, typography and illustrations to create a distinctive and consistent image across all channels used to communicate with customers. 1 SHOPPING EXPERIENCE DESIGN 3. PREPARE FOR EVERY VISIT Think of yourself as the host of your point of sale. You have great inuence on its function and appearance, but remember that your guests start judging everything from the very beginning of their visit. Examine the most common scenarios of customer visits and plan appropriate conditions to meet different needs. Create a desired experiences map. Take advantage of the arrangement, colors and nishes to make customers feel safe and relaxed at every stage of their visit. Avoid aggressive advertising and visual chaos at all cost. Focus on the products; they are the target of almost every visit. Build your self-image discreetly. By previously visiting the store, customers have already shown they value your brand. Now is the time to fulll your promises. 2 SHOPPING EXPERIENCE DESIGN 4. The sense of control, resulting from a good orientation in space, is a necessary condition for a successful shopping experience. Provide customers with natural, ergonomic and clear waynding. Contrary to popular belief, this will not reduce time spent in your store, but will help customers become better acquainted with your offer. Never allow customers to feel lost and wander for too long seeking what they came for. Remember, the design of your waynding and information systems is as important as your logo and forms a major part of your brand identity. DIRECT CUSTOMERS TO DESTINATIONS 3 SHOPPING EXPERIENCE DESIGN 5. HELP CUSTOMERS DECIDE If possible, always provide customers direct contact with your products. Allow them to touch, listen, smell and try. Remember, this is your store, not your warehouse. It is a place where customers visit, and before making a nal decision, feel for a moment like owners of selected products. Be sure to provide customers with relevant information about products, while not obstructing direct contact with the products. The price tag is the most interesting part of your identication. Do your best to ensure that its design is as good as the product it accompanies. 4 SHOPPING EXPERIENCE DESIGN 6. PRESENT ADDITIONAL OFFERS Besides the original reason of their visit, customers often have other shopping needs and only need to be gently reminded or suggested of these needs. Offer complimentary products and associated services. Try to show complete solutions to common needs and a range of products that customers usually buy together. However, remember to not obstruct customers primary targets with overly aggressive POS communication, especially temporary posters, as this often spoils the relaxed atmosphere essential to a good shopping experience. 5 SHOPPING EXPERIENCE DESIGN 7. REMOVE SHOPPING BARRIERS Do everything you can to make the purchase process as smooth as possible. Focus on the least enjoyable aspects. Simplify all important information, try to shorten queues, ensure your staff is knowledgeable, friendly and always available. Provide various payment options and support a range of credit cards and installment plans. Do not allow customers who wish to return products to wait. Quality problems always occur. The ways in which you solve such problems determine if you lose a customer or create a loyal customer. 6 SHOPPING EXPERIENCE DESIGN 8. CONVINCE CUSTOMERS TO RETURN A good understanding and use of these seven tips will ensure customers return. However, always remember that the nal stage of a customers visit is your last chance to share positive emotions. Try to pleasantly surprise customers with little details or at least by saying a memorable goodbye. 7 SHOPPING EXPERIENCE DESIGN 9. Increase sales in retail chains and shopping malls. We create the best shopping experiences and provide tools for effective POS marketing. For over 10 years we have researched retail space potential, built experience maps and recommended areas for improvement. We design function and architecture arrangements, as well as waynding and signage systems. We assist in the testing, evaluating and implementation of innovative retailsolutions. humantrafc.pl kontakt@humantrafc.pl AGNIESZKA CHROSTOWSKA ANTONI MCZYSKI +48 504 604 502 +48 607 317 337 Niegolewskich 22.17 60-232 Pozna Poland