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  • 1. PARTTWO

2. 3. The great pyramids of Giza are among the ancient wonders of the world. The building of the great pyramid goes back to about 3500 years ago. The mystery of the pyramids is that we do not know for sure how were they built, why? And what is exactly inside them.
There are about 110 pyramids discovered up till now and it is said that there are more not discovered yet!
The Great Pyramids of Giza
4. The Tour Guide:Welcome to the great pyramids of Giza.
Hana:Who built those three pyramids?
The Tour Guide Khufu, Khafre and Menkaure, the great pharaohs, did.
5. Hana:When was the biggest one built?
The Tour Guide: It was built around 3500 years ago.
Hana:How were these pyramids built?
The Tour Guide:There are many concepts, but there is no certainty about how they were reallybuilt.
6. The Tour Guide:The program of the Nile cruise is
very interesting!
Hana:Really? Whats there?
The Tour Guide:The program includes a belly dance
show, a folklore show and jazz music.
Hana:Sounds great!
On A Cruise
7. Preposition of Place
8. The Tour Guide:Alexandria is a historical city located at north Egypt!
Hana: Why was it named Alexandria? The Tour Guide:It was named to its founder Alexander the great!
Hana:Was it really the
former Egyptian capital?
An Excursion to Alexandria
9. The Tour Guide:Thats right; and there lived the famous queen Cleopatra.
Hana: The atmosphere here is very different; dont you think so?
The Tour Guide:You are right! The atmosphere and even the climate here belong to the Mediterranean countries.
An Excursion to Alexandria
10. Hana: I wonder what is the race of the Egyptians? !
The Tour Guide:Well, The Egyptians are a great mix because of the different civilizations that ruled them!
Hana: Such as what?
The Tour Guide:The Pharaohs, the Roman, The Arabs, the Turks and even the French and the British!
An Excursion to Alexandria
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