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Post on 11-May-2015




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Dale Dillon, The S.M.A.R.T. Group has a brief overview of Twitter -- Best Practices, Favorite Apps and Daily Routine. For small business owneres and professionals.


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2. 1. Best Practices2.Tools3.Daily Schedule 3. Best Practices Twitter handle should be you and the photo should be you. 4. Best Practices What to write things that you think are cool, interesting, funny and to provide feedback. 5. Best Practices Be conversational! 6. Best Practices Respond to all @ messages Read your stream and respond. 7. Best Practices Do not click links. 8. Best Practices Quality Followers review people that follow you carefully before followingback. 9. Best Practices Good things to check first are: Did they tweet or retweet you first? Do you recognize them from comments on your blog? Are they asking for help? Do they look like they could be a good resource for you? 10. Best Practices Good things to check first are: Read their tweets: Do they converse with others? Do they tweet too frequently? Do they have too many retweets? Read their bio: Do they have one? Does it include a link? Does it make you want to follow them? 11. Tools FriendorFollow.com 12. Tools FriendorFollow.com Connect with Twitter Hover over photo to see more about them Can unfollow Only allows so many interactions Gold Membership 13. Tools FriendorFollow.com Flitter.com 14. Tools FriendorFollow.com Flitter.com Much easier to use!! Recommend 15. Tools FriendorFollow.com Flitter.com SocialOomph.com Free version Schedule tweets Automatic follow feature Filter new followers Delete DMs! 16. Daily Schedule Check Interactions and respond Check lists Make sure your lists are up to date and relevant Scan twitter feed for interesting tweets to interact Scan Trending Once a day