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  • 7 ideas today to enhance classroom talk tomorrow Rachel Hawkes
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  • teacher talk planned tasks student to student student to teacher
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  • 1 Teacher talk 5Cs Consistent Clear / concise Communicative Checks understanding Creative
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  • 2 Incidental talk Have a routine for recording the incidental talk that arises in everyday classroom interaction.
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  • Incidental talk Y8 beginner German first 6 weeks danke (thank you) gut (good/well) bitte (please) einfach (easy) jetzt (now) eine Frage ( a question) eine Antwort (an answer) schwierig (difficult) ein Heft (an exercise book) fast (almost) schnell (fast) eine Ausnahme (exception) die Aussprache (pronunciation) intelligent klar (clear) Ist das? (Is it/that?) nein (no) kein (no + noun) nicht (not)
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  • 1.Ich lese/spreche ein Buch 2.Deutsch ist danke/gut 3.Ich bin intelligent/ein Heft 4.Mathe ist einfach/jetzt 5.Usain Bolt laft sehr fast/schnell 6.Ich habe keine/nein Brder 7.Physik ist schwierig/ja
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  • teacher talk planned tasks student to student student to teacher
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  • 3 Phonics Students will be more confident at speaking in the target language if they have a secure grasp of the sound/writing relationship.
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  • 1234 5678 9101112 13141516 araaaraa elefante idea olvidar universocerdociclista casa coche cucarachagimnasia hamburguesa Espaazumoguitarrallave
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  • 4 Question words Students can initiate in the classroom as soon as they know the individual question words, so teach these with gestures asap! http://www.youtube.com /watch?v=iqCvE258vY0
  • Folie 11
  • Dnde? Cundo? Por qu? Con quin? Cmo? Quin? Qu?
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  • Qu pregunta es? Juego al ftbol. ? en Comberton. Dnde?
  • Folie 13
  • Qu pregunta es? Juego al ftbol. ? el sbado. Cundo?
  • Folie 14
  • Qu pregunta es? Juego al ftbol. ? JUEGO AL FTBOL! Qu? Cmo?
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  • Qu pregunta es? Juego al ftbol. ? Es fenomenal! Por qu?
  • Folie 16
  • Qu pregunta es? Juego al ftbol. ? con mis amigos. Con quin?
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  • 5 Teach it! Interaction language needs teaching. Introduce key structures and encourage students to use and re-use them often. http://www.tes.co.uk/teaching- resource/French-Classroom-Display-6336471/ http://www.tes.co.uk/teaching- resource/German-Classroom-Display-6340641/ http://www.tes.co.uk/teaching- resource/Spanish-Classroom-Display-6336470/
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  • teacher talk planned tasks student to student student to teacher
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  • 6 Spontaneity is planned! What is spontaneous for the students can be planned for by the teacher! Incorporate a range of different tasks into lessons that require students to produce language off the top of their heads. http://www.tes.co.uk/teaching- resource/Talking-to-Learn-6207455/ http://www.tes.co.uk/teaching- resource/Talking-to-Learn-2-6219693/
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  • Target talk
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  • Your answer must contain EXACTLY 7 words! Your answer must contain more than 9 words!
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  • Hotseating
  • Folie 23
  • Salut! Je mappelle Clarisse et jhabite Fonainebleau. Je suis drle et intelligente et je suis fan de foot! Le foot, cest ma passion. Mon quipe, cest le PSG. Mon frre Rny est trs sympa. En genral on sentend bien et normalement on regarde les matches de foot ensemble. Hier soir, jai regard un match de foot international la tl, Jai mang du popcorn, comme dhab. Le weekend dernier, je suis alle au Parc des Princes o jai regard le PSG contre Auxerre. Jai aim le match parce quil y a eu deux pnalties. Aprs le match, je suis alle au caf o jai mang un sandwich.
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  • 1Comment tappelles tu? 2O habites-tu? 3Tu es comment? 4Tu es drle? Tu es intelligent? 5Quel est ton sport prfr? 6Quelle est ta passion? 7Quelle est ton quipe prfre? 8Qui est Rny? 9Tu as des frres ou des soeurs? 10Comment sappelle ton frre? 11Ton frre, il est comment? 12On se dispute? 13Quest-ce quon fait ensemble? 14Quest-ce que tu aimes faire avec ton frre?
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  • 15Quest-ce que tu fais normalement avec ton frre? 16Quest-ce que tu as fait hier soir? 17Tu as mang quelquechose? 18Quest-ce que tu as fait le weekend dernier? 19Le PSG, cest quoi? 20Ctait bien le match? Pourquoi? 21Le PSG a gagn? 22Quest-ce que tu as fait aprs le match?
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  • Questions
  • Folie 27
  • 1. Jadore le sport. 2. Quinze ans. 4. Oui. 7. Oui, mais cest un peu ennuyeux. 6. Oui, bien sr. Et toi? 3. Cambridge. 5. Oui, jaime beaucoup. Quelles sont les questions?
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  • Busca a la persona que juega al ftbol los sbados. va al cine a menudo. lee todos los das. ve la tele cada da. nunca descarga msica del Internet.
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  • teacher talk planned tasks student to student student to teacher
  • Folie 30
  • 7 Creating contexts Teach specific language e.g. for game playing or for group talk tasks and then keep creating opportunities for students to use it.
  • Folie 31
  • Du bist ein groer Schwindler / eine groe Schwindlerin! You are a big cheater! Halt die Klappe! Ich hre nicht. Shut up! I cant hear. Ich habe gewonnen! Ich bin der Meister / die Meisterin! I have won! I am the champion! Was hast du fr Nummer..... geschrieben? What have you written for number....? Du hast verloren!You have lost!Ich habe keine Ahnung, kannst du mir helfen? I have no clue, can you help me? Fang an! Du bist daran! Start! Its your turn! Knnen wir bitte zusammen arbeiten, ich verstehe das nicht so gut? Can we work together please, I dont understand it very well..
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  • NadalPaella David VillaAndy Murray
  • Folie 33
  • X Qu piensas? S, es verdad! No, es mentira! Yo tambin! Yo tampoco! Ests loco/a! Pienso que... X X Qu piensas?
  • Folie 34
  • Pienso queI think that Creo que..I believe La excepcin es..the exception is porquebecause/for Es (from verb SER to be)It is (permanent characteristics) un animal una persona - un pas un continente - an animal a person - a country a continent de Inglaterra, Escocia, Espaa plural/singular un verbo un adjetivo un sustantivoa verb - an adjective - a noun masculino - femeninomasculine - feminine diferentedifferent los otros sonthe others are
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  • EspaaPerBrasilCuba yoellanosotrosUsted unodosdiezdoce MadridParisLondresBarcelona
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  • And finally Involve the students in reflecting on their own TL use and the teacher TL use. Ask them regularly to give their impressions as to their own progress.
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  • Project: Classroom talk Questionnaire: (write the answers in the back of your book, we will compare them each half term to see if the % increases) 1.How much German does your teacher speak in the classroom (% of total speech)? 2.How much German do you use when talking to your teacher (% of total speech)? 3.How much German do you use when talking to other students (% of total speech)?
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  • Secret policeman Someone in the class is the secret policeman. They will take note of who uses the German classroom phrases the most. At the end of the class, the secret policeman will reveal him/herself. The person using them the most German phrases will receive a reward at the end of the class.
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  • Es ist mnnlichIts masculineEs ist weiblichIts feminine Es ist andersIts differentEs ist vielfachIts plural Es endet mit....It finishes withEs beginnt mitIt starts with Ich wei es nichtI dont knowIch verstehe nicht I dont understand Ich brauche noch eine Minute I need another minute Nochmal, bitteAgain, please Ich habe mein Heft / Tagebuch vergessen I have forgotten my exercise book / planner Wie sagt man..... auf Englisch / Deutsch? How do you say . in English / German?
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  • Rachel Hawkes www.rachelhawkes.com (Presentations and Training Speaking) My profile on TES: http://www.tes.co.uk/mypublicprofile.aspx?uc=257847 www.rachelhawkes.com http://www.tes.co.uk/mypublicprofile.aspx?uc=257847 My email: rhawkes@comberton.cambs.sch.uk rhawkes@comberton.cambs.sch.uk http://www.all-languages.org.uk/events/language_world/language_world_2014


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