7 appexchange apps to help you stay connected at dreamforce

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    7 AppExchange Apps to Help You Stay Connected at Dreamforce

  • 2015 Internet Creations. All rights reserved.

    Staying connected with your customers can be tough when youre on the go, especially if youre attending Dreamforce.

    But having the right AppExchange apps installed can enhance your Salesforce1 mobile experience and help you be productive.

  • 2015 Internet Creations. All rights reserved.

    Want to make sure you dont miss a beat while youre wandering around Moscone Center?

    Heres our list of seven must-have AppExchange apps to help you stay connected at Dreamforce.

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    Cirrus Insight for Mobile

    Cirrus Insight for Mobile allows you to save emails and log calls directly to Salesforce.

    This one is a must since most people will be living in their inboxes during the week, and the 950+ reviews speak for themselves.


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    If you need to quickly access your reports, this free app will do the trick. Select the columns you would like to see, and they will appear in a mobile report, without giving you all the excess info. You can also easily create tasks and events from your calendar.

    MobilePlus - Add Calendar & Reports to your Mobile App (Free)


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    Before those business cards end up lost or in the trash, get them in Salesforce! With this app, you can easily scan and instantly turn a business card into a new lead or contact in Salesforce.

    ScanBizCards Enterprise - Business Card Scanner App


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    The Email Distribution add-on for Email to Case Premium allows you to close the loop without logging into Salesforce. Seamlessly respond to customers from a mobile device while capturing the response in Salesforce and never exposing your personal email address.

    Email to Case Premium with Email Distribution


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    If you prefer to not field cases yourself and want to hand off a case to one of your colleagues, you can easily change ownership from your mobile device in a flash with this free app.

    Change Case Ownership Plus (Free)


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    This is a useful app for sales reps who want to make sure lead records are assigned to the correct owners as soon as they are created. You can change the owners of lead records from the Salesforce1 app using a custom action.

    Change Lead Record Owner in S1 (Free)


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    Whether you're making sales calls on the go or out meeting one of your customers out, this app provides a great ice-breaker to start your conversation.

    Lets Talk About the Weather (Free)


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