60 seconds… write down anything you want– we will not be sharing out loud

Download 60 seconds… Write down anything you want– we will not be sharing out loud

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  • 60 seconds Write down anything you want we will not be sharing out loud

  • Personality isCharacteristic pattern of thinking, feeling, and actingIt is what makes us unique

  • Today focus on biological roots, nurture of environment, self-serving bias, and cultural influencesPsychoanalyticChildhood sexuality and unconscious drive personalityHumanisticInner capacities for growth and self-fulfillment drive personality

  • Psychoanalysis NOTHING IS ACCIDENTALFreudHypnosis (lacked something, think testing)Free associationPersonality is what arises from conflict between impulse and restraintWhat does that mean?

  • Where else did we talk about Freud this year?

  • So how do we break into our unconscious? What is our unconscious?

  • Just for reference if you need it

  • So lets go back to his definition of personality againArises from the conflict between impulse and restraint

    Which is the biological function, which is the social contrast?

  • Psychoanalytical Personality DevelopmentFreudian stages (id dominated)Psychosexual phases thru erogenous zones

  • Psychosexual Stages Chart

  • Freud ApplicationsOedipus or Electra Complexes

  • What is anxiety?What role does the Ego play in anxiety?Unresolved conflicts = fixation on a psychosexual phase

  • Defense Mechanisms reduce/redirect anxiety by distorting realityRepressionUnderlies ALL OTHER DMSSeen thru dreams and slips of the tongueRegressionHomesick from camp/collegeThumb suckingReaction formationI hate him/her because I love him/her.ProjectionShe or he doesnt trust me = I dont trust myselfRationalizationSocial drinkersDisplacementEveryday of your teenage lifeDenialS/he would never cheat on meIts going to be different this time

  • Neo-FreudiansTook basic ideas and Focused more on consciousnessDiscussed items outside of sex and aggression

    Psychoanalytic = FreudPsychodynamic = all about the unconscious based on but outside of Freudian stages and/or id, ego, superego

  • Alfred AdlerChildhood is important, focus on social not sexual tensionsInferiority complexFictional finalism The ends justify the meansall men created equalBirth order studies

  • PRONOUNCED HORN-EYEBasic anxiety studies3 ways we relate to others (toward, away, against)Womb envyChildhood anxiety caused by dependent childs helplessnessTriggers desire for love and securityBelieved Freud to be SUPER biased

  • Carl JungLess emphasis on social, more on repressionArchetypes (self, shadow)

    Collective unconsciousWhy are people spiritual?

    Who do you mourn more and why?Victims of Sandy Hook?Collateral damage of 22 victims in Afghanistan?

  • Assessing the unconsciousProjective testsTAT: Thematic Apperception TestRorschach Inkblot

  • Why cant I trust my husband?

  • Rorschach InkblotHighly subjectiveToday used as an icebreaker in psychoanalysisInner feelings or mindset linked to interpretation of inkblot

  • Criticisms of Freud/PsychoanalysisFreud and FordBut!Wheres the social aspect?Cultural aspect?Evolutionary traits?Loftus studies and repression vs. false memory

  • Where is Freud correct?We have limited access to our mindsThe unconscious goes intoTwo track mindSchemasPrimingSplit brainParallel processingImplicit memoriesEmotions before analysis of eventSelf concept and stereotypesDefense mechanisms and false consensus effects

  • ConclusionWE DEFEND OURSELVES AGAINST ANXIETYHow do we go about doing that? I dont know ask Freud.ApplicationTerror management theory

  • What is going through your mind?

  • Terror Management TheoryPeople explore emotions and have certain behavioral responses when dealing with impending death