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Download 6 Unique Handmade Jewelry Making - Beaded   Money from Your Craft 12. My Other Books 1. Free Gift Get FREE Tutorials for Making Other AMAZING Handmade Beaded Jewelry Claim your free membership NOW Would you like to learn how to make other Well, I

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  • 6 Unique Handmade Jewelry Making

    Ideas by Poli Ness

  • All Rights Reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by

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    permission of the copyright holder. Copyright 2012

  • Table of Contents

    1. Free Gift

    2. Introduction

    3. Few Words About Seed Beads

    4. TUTORIAL 1: Earrings "Grape Clusters"

    5. TUTORIAL 2: Bracelet "Wet Asphalt

    6. TUTORIAL 3: Earrings "Summer Tune"

    7. TUTORIAL 4: Earrings for any Occasion

    8. TUTORIAL 5: Necklace Ogalala Lace

    9. TUTORIAL 6: Tubular Earrings

    10. Few Words from the Author

    11. Make Money from Your Craft

    12. My Other Books

  • 1. Free Gift

    Get FREE Tutorials for Making Other AMAZING

    Handmade Beaded Jewelry

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  • 2. Introduction

    Do you want to look attractive, stylish and unique? Nowadays fashion magazines set new trends literally on everything: shoes, clothes, accessories,

    jewelry. Its not surprising that jewelry, made of seed beads, has recently become very popular.

    Variety of colors, fancy forms and different textures, which you can match and

    mix, will turn jewelry into masterpiece. But you will be mistaken if you think that beading with seed beads is a diligent and laborious work. There are a lot of

    various techniques and simple methods available to create fabulous jewelry with seed beads.

    These items of craft work will always look unique and glamorous, and what's more important they will be made by your own hands. You will be able to

    create your unique jewelry, which will complete your outfit with its distinctive and glamorous design.

    In this tutorial you will find comprehensible schemes, used by seed bead

    jewelry designers in making simple and sophisticated items. We will explore these schemes on example of a particular jewelry item. You will then apply

    these techniques while making your own items according to your fantasy and style.

    You will also find photos of items and schemes with detailed instructions and

    explanation how to make one or another jewelry item. Further to the above, each item has full description of materials used for beading of this item.

  • 3. Few Words About Seed Beads

    To make a new item you will need seed beads of particular size, thread or nylon thread, a needle, scissors, other findings (such as rings, clasps) and

    some other instruments.

    It is important to use seed beads of the sizes, described in the tutorial, for each

    jewelry item. Choosing the set of colors is up to you, however. Sizes and colors are often specified on the package.

  • I advise you to use seed beads from one manufacturer, because same seed

    beads type made by different companies are not always of the same size. We will also need special threads and needles, designed especially for beading with

    seed beads. Their sizes are also specified on the package.

  • Other instruments and equipment, which you will need for making a particular

    item, will be mentioned in each tutorial. You can purchase all the needed instruments and equipment at specialized beading stores. In case you either

    face difficulties in finding such stores near you or you just prefer to order everything you need directly from the Internet, I've got a very convenient

    solution for you. Instead of running around the city for finding all the required tools, Ive provided you with an option to get all the necessary equipment

    directly from suppliers whom I consistently order from.

    This way you wont only save your valuable time but you will also get the best

    prices as well as high quality tools, which is very important for our kind of job. So dont repeat my mistakes; dont go and buy the cheapest tools and

    equipment out there! It doesnt worth it; believe me. I know exactly what Im talking about since I went through it in the beginning of my designing career!

    Invest one time in quality equipment and youll be able to use it literally for decades over and over again.

    Anyway, in the end of the day, this is your choise which tools and equipment to

    use and where to get them from. Go for whichever option you feel is the best for you. I just give you here an alternative way, which I wish somebody could

    provide me with when I started.

    Good luck!

  • 4. TUTORIAL 1: Earrings "Grape Clusters"

    You can bead these unique earrings, which resemble clusters of grape, in less

    than an hour (Picture 1). If you suddenly got invited to an event, but you can't

    choose the appropriate jewelry for your new dress, then beading these earrings

    will be a great idea. The technique, which will be described below, can be also

    used for beading a beautiful chain (Picture 2) and a bracelet. You can take any

    beads you like; the style and color depend on the event you will be attending.

    Old and outdated bead necklace may also be used.

    Picture 1

    Picture 2

  • We will need:

    1. Ball head pins (color: silver, pic. 3) Get it here

    2. Earring hooks (color: silver, pic. 3) Get it here

    3. Chain (color: silver, pic. 3) Get it here

    4. Wire cutters for jewelry wire (pic.4) Get it here

    5. Round nose pliers (pic.4) Get it here

    6. Beads 4 mm (color: blue, white, pic.5) Get it here and here

    7. Swarovski bicone crystal 4mm and 3mm (color: blue, crystal,

    pic.5) Get it here and here

    Picture 3


  • Picture 4

    Take a chain with small 4-6 mm in diameter rings. Clip a part of 8 rings off it,

    using wire cutters. That will be the length of the earring. (Pictures 6, 7)

    Picture 5

  • Picture 6

    Picture 7

  • Then attach the chain to the ear wire loop with your round nose pliers (that is

    an instrument with rounded ends). The ear wire loop should be slightly unbent

    and placed into the last chain ring. After that, bend the ear wire loop as it was

    before. We attached the ear wire loop to the chain thus (Pictures 8, 9, 10, 11).

    Picture 8

    Picture 9

  • Picture 10

    Picture 11

  • Attach the biggest bead, which is a Swarovski 4mm crystal, to the other part of

    the chain. Take a ball head pin and stick a crystal on it. Keep 1 cm of the ball

    head pin and cut off the extra part of it (Picture 12).

    Picture 12

  • Use the round nose pliers to bend the part of the ball head pin with the crystal

    and attach it to the other ring of the chain. After connecting the chain and the

    loop, bend the loop down close to the bead. (Picture 13, 14, 15)

    Helpful tip: To bend the end of the pin, we should grasp it near its end

    and bend a loop close to the crystal. Round nose pliers are specially

    designed to bend loops on stiff wires.

    Picture 13

    Picture 14

    Picture 15

    Thus, on the one end of the chain we have an ear wire loop and there is a

    crystal on the other (Picture16).

  • Picture 16

    We will be inserting beads on the chain in any color order. Insert 2-3 beads

    almost on every ring of the chain. The technique of inserting beads is the same

    we used for attaching the Swarovski crystal.

    Take a ball head pin and stick a crystal on it. Keep 1 cm of the ball head pin

    and cut off the extra part of it (Picture 17). Use round nose pliers to bend the

    end of pin as a loop and attach it to the