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For beginners learning English.


  • 1. On the fifth of November...On the fifth of November...

2. ... people eat toffee.... people eat toffee. 3. They watch fireworks.They watch fireworks. 4. But dogs dont like fireworks!But dogs dont like fireworks! 5. FamiliesFamilies go togo to aa bonfire.bonfire. 6. The origins of Bonfire NightThe origins of Bonfire Night Whats the history of this celebration?Whats the history of this celebration? The year is 1605...The year is 1605... 7. Guy Fawkes and his friendsGuy Fawkes and his friends Lets stop Protestant religion! We wantLets stop Protestant religion! We want a Catholic monarchy in Britain.a Catholic monarchy in Britain. 8. Their objective:Their objective: to kill King James Ito kill King James I Their secret plan:Their secret plan: a big explosion in Parliamenta big explosion in Parliament But...But... 9. Hey, whats this?Hey, whats this? Guards, arrest that man!Guards, arrest that man! Long live the King!Long live the King! 10. TortureTorture Whats your name?Whats your name? John Johnson.John Johnson. Whats your name?Whats your name? Guy Fawkes.Guy Fawkes. Its execution for you, Mr Fawkes!Its execution for you, Mr Fawkes! After torture...After torture... 11. And today, Beefeaters check theAnd today, Beefeaters check the cellars in Westminster Palace.cellars in Westminster Palace. 12. Every year they look for explosives.Every year they look for explosives. After that, the Queen opens parliament.After that, the Queen opens parliament. 13. The rhyme says: Remember,The rhyme says: Remember, remember the Fifth of November!remember the Fifth of November! 16051605 14. People make a guy.People make a guy. It goes on the bonfire.It goes on the bonfire. 15. In this pictureIn this picture I can see...I can see... 16. a churcha church three horsesthree horses a pub with a lot of windowsa pub with a lot of windows a tractora tractor a telephone boxa telephone box a post office and shopa post office and shop two boys with a trolleytwo boys with a trolley a bonfirea bonfire three boys with fireworksthree boys with fireworks a guy on a chaira guy on a chair 17. In this pictureIn this picture I can see...I can see... 18. A penny for the guy?A penny for the guy? Here you are.Here you are. 19. Mummy, can we goMummy, can we go home and make toffee?home and make toffee? All right!All right! 20. Do you like the bonfire?Do you like the bonfire? Yes, I do. Its very big!Yes, I do. Its very big! 21. Be careful, Jack!Be careful, Jack! Dont have an accident!Dont have an accident! Dont worry! I doDont worry! I do this every year.this every year. 22. But Im tired!But Im tired! Come on!Come on! 23. I like this one.I like this one. Which firework isWhich firework is your favourite?your favourite? 24. 11 22 33 44 55 66