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  • Josephson iunction applications; applications of superconducting materials).

    An exhibition of low temperature equipment and books will be held during the conference.

    Potential exhibitors are invited to apply to the Comite d'Organisation LT 15, Avenue d'lnnsbruck, 38029 Grenoble Cedex, France.

    For any further information applyto Secretariat Scientifique LT 15, Centre de Recherches sur les Tres Basses Temperatures, CNRS, BP 166 X. 38042 Grenoble Cedex, France.

    5th international congress of food science and technology This congress, sponsored by the International Union of Food Science & Technology (IUFoST), will be held in Kyoto, Japan, on September I 7 - 22, 1978. The scientific programme includes plenary and subplenary sessions, and contributed paper sessions.

    The plenary sessions will be dedicated to comprehensive assessment of the present and future roles of food science and technology n solving world food problems.

    The tentative programme of subplenarysessfons Jncludes: 1. Resources of food; 2. Safety and nutritional aspects of food; 3. Preservation and processing of food; 4. Physical, chemical and sensory properties of food.

    The sections for contributed papers are ; exploitation of food resources;food safety;food engineering and technology ; organoleptic properties ; basic problems of food constituents ;

    biochemical techniques in food science : food analysis and standards ; microorganisms : food and nutrition ; food additives and adventitious constituents ; t rad i t iona l local foods ; others.

    For any information apply to : Prof. Hideo Chiba, Scientific Program Committee, 5th international congress of food science and technology, c /o Nippon Italy Kyoto-Kaikan. Sakyo-Ku, Koto, 606 Japan.

    1978 French refrigeration meeting The 1978 meeting, organised bythe French Association of Refrigeration, will be held on 17 - 20 October, in Nantes (France).

    The general theme of the technical programme 'Refrigeration engineering - refrigerating machines at the service of the food industries' is divided into two parts: - - Present and future refrigerating equipment and systems (three sessions : 1. Predictable development of refrigerating machines and systems; 2. Properties and applications of new refrigerants; 3. Retiability and maintenance of refrigerating machines). - - Refrigerating systems in the food industries (also three sessions : I. Freezing of liquid and pasty products: 2. The preservation of fish quality; 3. Poultry quality).

    Three half-days will be devoted to technical visits to industrial plant and research centres in the Nantes region.

    Information about this meeting can be obtained from the Secretariat de I'Assocnation Franoaise du Froid, 129 Boulevard Saint- Germain, 75279 Paris Cedex 06, telephone : 326 22 42.

    Introducing some of the editorial board

    Or J.J. Kowalczewski was born in 1923 and studied mechanical englneenng at the SwPss Federal Institute of Technology. Zurich He obtained his bachelor's degree in 1947 and became a Doctor of Techmcal Sctencespn 1963wi tha thesis on 'Two-phase flows =n an unheated and heated tube'

    Dr Kowalczewski worked for Ateliers de Construchon, Oerlikon, Switzerland from 1947 and then in 1950 moved to Australia and joined the CSIRO as a research officer He is now Assistant Chief of the Division of Mechanical Engineenng.

    His research has been on f lu idf lowand heat and mass transfer asa background to development of components and systems Pn refrigeratnon and air conditfoning. He ~s nowturning hisattenhon towards energy conserva- tron and solar heating and cooling systems

    Dr Kowalczewskp has been Vice-Presidenc of Commls

    s~onEofthel lRsince 1971 He~sa member of the Australian Instptute of Refrigeratron. Air Cond~t~on- mg and Heating and Js a

    fellow of the Austrahan InshtuteofEncllneers In 1962 he was awarded their Mechamcal Engineering Pnze

    Professor Dr H. Myncke Js member of the editorial board for BeCgium. Born m Antwerpin 1921, he studied electrPca/engpneer

    Jng at the Umversrty of Leuven and obtained a doctorate pn scpence at the Unwersqy of Pans VI

    He started his career rn technologJcal research by studying liquefaction and high magnehc fields at the Laboratory for Low Tem- peratures and Applied Physics under the directpon ofProfessorA Vanltterbeek Since 1948 he has been responspble for research related to the physpcal properhes of msurahng matenalsandbuJldmg

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