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At IQPCs 5th Global Forum on Investing in Distressed Debt, the leading funds and investors in distressed debt will discuss the state of the market as well as the cutting-edge strategies for successfully taking advantage of current conditions. Is now the time the buy? Will there be deepening discounts? What will the market look like one year from now? Attendees of IQPCs 5th Global Forum on Investing in Distressed Debt will benefit from the wealth of information shared over two full days of educational sessions and networking. For more info visit www.distresseddebtforum.com


<p>IQPC-NY Global Distressed Debt 4.1</p> <p>INVESTING IN DISTRESSED DEBT</p> <p>5TH GLOBAL FORUM ON </p> <p>TM</p> <p>Cutting Edge Strategies for Restructurings, Bankruptcies and Turnarounds</p> <p>Sponsors: </p> <p>Media Partners:</p> <p>September 22-23, 2009 Millennium Broadway Hotel New York City, NY</p> <p>Hear From Leading Experts Including:</p> <p> Leading distressed debt funds and investors strategies for success Opportunities in corporate distressed bonds as well as residential and commercial real estate State of the economy and impact on distressed debt market Update on traditional financing and alternative financing options Update/lessons learned from the auto industry</p> <p>Atalaya Capital Management</p> <p>Babson Capital Management, LLC</p> <p>BlackRock, Inc.</p> <p>Blackstone GSO Capital Partners</p> <p>Ceres Real Estate Partners, LLC</p> <p>CoBe Capital, LLC</p> <p>DDJ Capital Management, LLC</p> <p>Fidelity National Financial</p> <p>Fortress Investment Group, LLC </p> <p>Hartford Investment Management</p> <p>Hildene Capital Management</p> <p>JCR Capital</p> <p>Kellner DiLeo &amp; Co.</p> <p>Marathon Asset Management</p> <p>New York City Comptroller/NYCERS </p> <p>Prophet Equity</p> <p>Roca Management </p> <p>Rossrock, LLC</p> <p>TIAA-CREF Investment Management </p> <p>Versa Capital Management, Inc.</p> <p>West Wheelock Capital</p> <p>Attend and learn:</p> <p>1-800-882-8684 www.distresseddebtforum.com </p> <p>PresentsRegister </p> <p>by June 26thto SAVE up</p> <p>to $800</p> <p>New this year - </p> <p>Real Estate Break-OutSessions</p> <p>Earn CLEand CPECredits</p> <p>Finance IQ A Global Leader inFinancial Conferences</p> <p>Who should attendIQPCs 5th GlobalForum on Investing inDistressed Debt:</p> <p>5th Global Forum on Investing in Distressed DebtAdvisory Board:</p> <p>Among theworlds mostcutting edge</p> <p>financial conference organizers,Finance IQ provides strategic eventsacross the US, Europe, Asia and theMiddle East every year, educatingalmost 5,000 high-level executivesannually. Our comprehensive eventsprovide an unbiased, specialistforum where you can discuss theissues most important to you andnetwork with industry leaders.Finance IQ is a division of theInternational Quality and ProductivityCenter (www.iqpc.com), a globalconference company with officesacross six continents.</p> <p>Chair: </p> <p>Peter AntoszykPartnerPROSKAUER ROSE LLP</p> <p>Members: </p> <p>Thomas KiriakosPartnerMAYER BROWN</p> <p>Thomas SalernoPartner &amp; Co-Chair InternationalInsolvency Practice, SQUIRE,SANDERS &amp; DEMPSEY LLP</p> <p>Stephen LernerPartner and Chair of the Bankruptcyand Restructuring Group, SQUIRE,SANDERS &amp; DEMPSEY LLP</p> <p> Distressed Debt Funds </p> <p> Hedge Funds </p> <p> Private Equity Funds </p> <p> Limited Partner Investors (Pensions,Endowments, Foundations, HNW/FamilyOffices, etc.)</p> <p> Legal, Tax &amp; Accounting Firms </p> <p> Third-Party Marketers </p> <p> Rating Agencies</p> <p> Lenders/Alternative Finance Providers</p> <p> Consultants, Turnaround Firms andPortfolio Advisors</p> <p> Data Providers and Trading Firms</p> <p> Anyone wishing to gain an edge in thishighly competitive market!</p> <p>Dear Colleague,</p> <p>Timing is everything, particularly in distressed debt investing. Knowing when to invest is crucialto maximizing your ROI. At IQPCs 5th Global Forum on Investing in Distressed Debt, theleading funds and investors in distressed debt will discuss the state of the market as well as thecutting-edge strategies for successfully taking advantage of current conditions.Is now the time the buy? Will there be deepening discounts? What will the market look likeone year from now? Attendees of IQPCs 5th Global Forum on Investing in Distressed Debt willbenefit from the wealth of information shared over two full days of educational sessions andnetworking. </p> <p>Through panel discussions, formal presentations and interactive audience participation,attendees will gain valuable insights into: The State of the Market: Where We Are and Where Were Heading Government Programs Update Overseas Investing Turnaround Strategies for the Whole Business Opportunities in Distressed Structured Products Legal &amp; Tax Aspects of Workouts, Defaults &amp; Bankruptcy Alternative Financing Options - Hedge Funds and Private Equitys Role Residential and Commercial Real Estate Distressed Debt Lessons from Recent Filings in the Automobile Industry Up and Coming Asset Classes</p> <p>Dont miss this unequalled opportunity; reserve your space now for IQPCs 5th GlobalForum on Investing in Distressed Debt! </p> <p>Best Regards,</p> <p>Lisa RinglenSenior Conference DirectorFinance IQ, a division of IQPCwww.distresseddebtforum.com</p> <p>2 Register Today: Call 1-800-882-8684 or visit www.distresseddebtforum.com </p> <p>INVESTING IN DISTRESSED DEBT</p> <p>5TH GLOBAL FORUM ON </p> <p>TM</p> <p>8:00 Registration &amp; Coffee</p> <p>8:45 Opening Remarks from IQPC and Chairperson</p> <p>Forum Co-Chair:Peter AntoszykPartnerPROSKAUER ROSE LLP</p> <p>9:00 The State of the Market: Current Overview andFuture OutlookThe economy, where we are and where were heading Current outlook for distressed debt: Will there be more large-</p> <p>scale deals in the coming months? Examining the pricing trajectory for the near-term: Where will we</p> <p>be in the next six months? How much worse can it get? Consolidation of financial institutions and funds; impact on the</p> <p>market Update on residential and commercial property distressed debt</p> <p>opportunities Corporate bonds forecast: Which sectors are ripe for distress?</p> <p>Moderator:Peter AntoszykPartnerPROSKAUER ROSE LLP</p> <p>Panelists:Ivan ZinnFounding Partner &amp; Chief Investment OfficerATALAYA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT</p> <p>Curtis ArledgeCo-Head Of US Fixed IncomeBLACKROCK INC.</p> <p>Jason NewSenior Managing DirectorBLACKSTONE GSO CAPITAL PARTNERS</p> <p>10:00 Government Programs UpdateCurrent administrations initiatives including TARP, PPIP, TALF andtheir impact on distressed debt PPIP / Legacy Loan Program, Legacy Securities Program Good bank/bad bank outlook PPIP impact on CMBS market FDIC TARP - asset and portfolio acquisition opportunities Governments involvement in the bankruptcy process: What are</p> <p>the longer term impacts of such heavy government involvementin what used to be dealt with by the courts?</p> <p> The role of government and government-related entities andclaims in restructurings</p> <p>Panelists to be announced checkwww.distresseddebtforum.com for updates.</p> <p>11:00 Morning Networking Break</p> <p>11:30 Fund Sponsors Strategy Roundtable Status of you current deals? Which new markets are you considering? What are your investment criteria? Leveraged loans: Good returns so far this year for the largest</p> <p>names; will it continue?</p> <p> Discussion on past performance vs. views of the future Hedge funds and private equitys role Acquisition strategies by private equity funds to acquire special</p> <p>opportunities in a distressed market through debt acquisition Raising capital: How are you finding investors? Which types of</p> <p>investors are you targeting? Are you using third-party marketers? Restructuring strategies: Workout war stories Overseas investing: New developments in the European market;</p> <p>Are there still deals in Asia? Sponsor debt buy backs: New stimulus plan tax break may make</p> <p>this a more attractive option, but is it worth it?</p> <p>Moderator:Thomas S. KiriakosPartnerMAYER BROWN LLP</p> <p>Panelists:Marti P. MurrayManaging Director &amp; Portfolio ManagerBABSON CAPITAL MANAGEMENT LLC</p> <p>David J. BreazzanoPresident, Chief Investment OfficerDDJ CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, LLC</p> <p>Kate KutasiPrincipal/Portfolio Manager, KDC Distressed &amp; High IncomeSecuritiesKELLNER DILEO &amp; CO.</p> <p>John BuckVice PresidentVERSA CAPITAL MANAGEMENT, INC.</p> <p>12:30 Networking Luncheon</p> <p>1:30 Distressed Debt Investing: Recent DevelopmentsImpact of workouts, defaults &amp; bankruptcy on distressed debtfunds Workouts from the fund perspective Bankruptcy law update Cram-ups/cram-downs: What works and what doesn't? 363 Sales: Recent trends and structures</p> <p>Presenter:Steven EllisPartnerPROSKAUER ROSE LLP </p> <p>2:30 Operational Turnaround: A Case Study Going beyond the debt structure Whats the upside and when is it worth it? Driving working capital improvement Cash gap analysis</p> <p>Presenters:Jeff JonesChief Executive OfficerJC JONES &amp; ASSOCIATES, LLC</p> <p>Terry NewcombPartnerJC JONES &amp; ASSOCIATES, LLC</p> <p>3:30 Afternoon Networking Break</p> <p>Main Conference Day OneTUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2009</p> <p>3 Sponsors: </p> <p>Main Conference Day OneContinued</p> <p>4 Register Today: Call 1-800-882-8684 or visit www.distresseddebtforum.com </p> <p>6:00 Networking Cocktail Hour</p> <p>7:00 Day One Concludes</p> <p>Track A: CORPORATE</p> <p>4:00 Outlook for and Opportunities in DistressedStructured Products Outlook for distressed CDOs, CLOs, ABS Implications of CLO debt on the CLO and the industry: Are there</p> <p>thresholds and whos making the decisions? Secondary market: Trading structured products</p> <p>Panelists:Brett JeffersonPresidentHILDENE CAPITAL MANAGEMENT</p> <p>Manish KapoorManaging PrincipalWEST WHEELOCK CAPITAL</p> <p>Joel HolsingerManaging DirectorFORTRESS INVESTMENT GROUP LLC</p> <p>5:00 DIP Financing: Recent Trends and Structures Current pricing, fees and interest rates With the increasing number of workouts and insolvencies, will we see</p> <p>more DIP loans? Roll ups of old loans with the new lending Understanding what is necessary to obtain priming liens</p> <p>Presenter:Brian TrustPartnerMAYER BROWN LLP</p> <p>Track B: REAL ESTATE</p> <p>Commercial Real Estate Distressed Debt Pricing, supply of product or lack thereof, trends in the market Lessons from recent retail filings Will large scale commercial RE defaults result in large commercial RE</p> <p>distress or are most deals being "worked out" through extensions, lowrates etc?</p> <p> Securities: Pricing, any deals on horizon to securitize distressed debt Assets (REO): Valuing, exit (sell, auction, rent) The rush to single loan and whole loan portfolio market: Is it</p> <p>overcrowded with inexperience?</p> <p>Panelists:Brian NewmanManaging Principal, CERES REAL ESTATE PARTNERS, LLC </p> <p>William P. BowmanSenior Vice President, Investment ManagementHARTFORD INVESTMENT MANAGEMENT</p> <p>James H. Ross,Managing MemberROSSROCK LLC</p> <p>Residential Real Estate Distressed Debt From individual homes to MBS and the effect of the PPIP program, etc. Investing in RE single family distressed mortgages: What are the pitfalls? Residential Loans: What is trading (pricing, servicing, exit strategies)?</p> <p>Moderator:Jay RollinsPrincipalJCR CAPITAL</p> <p>Panelists:Rudy OrmanVice PresidentMARATHON ASSET MANAGEMENT</p> <p>Ricardo KoenigsbergerManaging PartnerROCA MANAGEMENT</p> <p>CONCURRENT SESSIONS BEGIN Please choose Track A or B</p> <p>8:30 Opening Remarks</p> <p>8:45 Deal Structuring: Legal &amp; Tax Issues in Distressed DebtInvesting Examining the legal aspects of workouts, restructurings, defaults &amp;</p> <p>bankruptcy Mark to market rules and other accounting issues: Impact on future</p> <p>investing Tax strategies Intercreditor agreement update &amp; avoiding intercreditor litigation</p> <p>Panelists:Thomas SalernoPartner &amp; Co-Chair International Insolvency PracticeSQUIRE, SANDERS &amp; DEMPSEY LLP</p> <p>Elizabeth McGinleyPartnerBRACEWELL &amp; GIULIANI LLP</p> <p>9:45 Institutional Investors RoundtablePension plan sponsors, sovereign wealth funds, endowments &amp;foundations, HNWs and family offices: Who is investing in distressed debt?What are the returns? Are you increasing allocations to this market? </p> <p>Panelists:Eric EdidinManaging PartnerARCHER CAPITAL MANAGEMENT</p> <p>Sheryl SchwartzManaging Director, Alternative InvestmentsTIAA-CREF </p> <p>Joseph J. HaslipAssistant Comptroller for Pensions NEW YORK CITY COMPTROLLER/NYCERS</p> <p>10:45 Morning Networking Break</p> <p>11:15 Acquiring Controlling Stakes In Distressed Companies Turnaround strategies for the whole business, not just the debt Managing the control part: Dealing with stakeholders, appointing</p> <p>managers, defining new strategy Acquiring a company through a 363 transaction</p> <p>Moderator:William I. KohnAttorney at LawBENESCH, FRIEDLANDER, COPLAN &amp; ARONOFF LLP</p> <p>Panelists:Ken McMillenManaging DirectorCOBE CAPITAL LLC</p> <p>Joe FarricielliSenior Vice PresidentFIDELITY NATIONAL FINANCIAL</p> <p>Ross GatlinChief Executive Officer &amp; Managing PartnerPROPHET EQUITY</p> <p>12:15 Lessons from the Chrysler and General Motors Chapter11 Cases Section 363 Sale of good assets -- legal or just expeditious? Have the Courts re-written the priority scheme of the Bankruptcy Code? The need for speed -- is it real or imagined? Role of the US Government Unintended consequences Who is next?</p> <p>Presenter:Stephen LernerPartner and Chair of the Bankruptcy and Restructuring GroupSQUIRE, SANDERS &amp; DEMPSEY LLP</p> <p>1:15 Networking Luncheon</p> <p>2:15 Finance Providers Roundtable Alternative financing options: New innovative strategies Who are the finance providers now? Is there any traditional financing available? Lender liability/re-characterization/equitable subordination: Lots of smoke,</p> <p>any fires? Liquidity without CLO's: Who will fill the gap? The next wave Mezzanine financing: What are Mezz lenders doing when they don't have</p> <p>the capital to "take out" the senior debt in a borrower maturity default? Reconsidering the intercreditor agreement: Lessons from the trenches</p> <p>Moderator:Stephen BoykoPartnerPROSKAUER ROSE LLP</p> <p>Panelists:Jay RollinsPrincipalJCR CAPITAL</p> <p>Joel HolsingerManaging DirectorFORTRESS INVESTMENT GROUP LLC</p> <p>Peter J. UlmerSenior DirectorWELLS FARGO RETAIL FINANCE, INC.</p> <p>3:15 IQPCs 5th Global Forum on Investing in Distressed DebtMain Conference ConcludesFollowed by Post-Conference Workshop</p> <p>Main Conference Day TwoWEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2009</p> <p>5 Sponsors: </p> <p>EARN CLE CREDITS: IQPC will seek CLE accreditation in thosestates requested by registrants (post conference) which havecontinuing education requirements. This is subject to the rules,regulations and restrictions dictated by each individual stateorganization. Application for accreditation of this course orprogram in all CLE approved states is currently pending. ForFinancial Aid Policy information and to request CLE credits,please indicate so when calling to register: 1-800-882-8684,or on the online registration form.</p> <p>EARN CPE CREDITS: Penton Learning Systems d.b.a International Quality andProductivity Center is registered with the National Association of State Boardsof Accountancy (NASBA), as a sponsor of continuing professional education on</p> <p>the National Registry of CPE Sponsors. State boards of accountancy have final authorityon the acceptance of individual courses for CPE credit. Complaints regarding registeredsponsors may be addressed to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors, 150 Fourth AvenueNorth, Suite 700, Nashville, TN 37219-2417. Website: www.nasba.orgThis program stands as BASIC as there are no prerequisites or advanced preparationrequirements to attend our conferences. Group Live delivery method.</p> <p>Post Conference Workshop WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2009</p> <p>About our SponsorsChair Sponsor:Proskauer Rose is one of the</p> <p>nation's leading law firms. Founded in 1875 and headquartered inNew York City, the firm also has offices in Boston, Los Angeles,Washington, Paris, Boca Raton, Newark, and New Orleans. Wehave over 700 attorneys who provide...</p>