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  • 1. What 5F have learnt about... FRIENDSHIP AND FEELINGS

2. Sylias says... 3. Jaedon says Everyone needs a friend even if they are a boy or girl or if they are different to others, everyone needs someone. 4. Liva SAYS Friends are like balloons your heart is the bond that hold you and your friend together 5. Movindu Says... Sometimes its exciting to make friends with people you have never played with before. 6. If you are invited to play with someone - get involved in the game and dont argue with them just because you want to play your game or have 7. HAPP angry scared sad worie d all feelings 8. Blake Says... 9. Sam Says... How to help someone out help them sort out the problem say what happened. help the person 10. Thomas Says... you can never buy true friendship and you should never try in the first place! 11. from jaxon Jaxon Says... Be Friendly Be Kind Be Nice Be Happy you share 12. Scarlett says how do you make friend? Treat others how you want to be treated and you will make friends. If someone is being mean to you be nice to them and they could start being nice to you.By Scarlett 13. Mahek Says: Everybodys different. People who are not looking nice can be friendly. People who are pretty can be mean. Its not about what you look like on the outside. 14. Emmas advice to make sure you keep your friends then make sure you are kind and very humorous and friendly to be a FRIENDLY FRIEND! 15. Ana Says Be kind to your friend or they might get angry and you might of had hurt their feelings. We can all be 16. Annie says Be nice to other people or else they wont be nice back follow the GOLDEN rule and be calm.:)


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