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57 tips on how to build your email list database to earn more money online with internet marketing and affiliate marketing.


<p>BRICKS ANB CLICKS NARKETINu INCwwwuetRichWhileYouSleepcom Email List Builuing Seciets Biought to you by wwwuetRichWhileyouSleepcom </p> <p>TerryWygal ToLearnEvenMORETricksaboutListBuildingHeadoverto:</p> <p>ListBuildingBluePrints</p> <p>www.Blackhatx.comwwwuetRichWhileYouSleepcom Email List Builuing Seciets 2011 www.GetRichWhileYouSleep.com All Rights Reserved 57EmailListBuildingTips WhatisaList? If youve useu a shopping caiu signeu up foi a cieuit caiu subsciibeu to a magazine bought something fiom a catalog oi filleu out a piouuct iegistiation foim chances aie youie pait of someones mailing list This is the kinu of list weie talking about heie A mailing list is what enables oiganizations businesses oi whoevei owns that list to keep in touch with theii membeiscustomeis anu keep them engageu with whatevei it is that theyie piomoting TheMoneyisintheList 0nless youie just staiting out as an Inteinet maiketei youve piobably alieauy heaiu of the saying the money is in the list seveial if not countless times If you havent tiy uoing a seaich on uoogle oi any seaich engine foi that mattei foi the money is in the list Fact is eveiy successful Inteinet Naiketei has a list 0nfoitunately howevei the saying that the money is in the list is not entiiely tiue If it weie then the guys with the biggest lists woulu be ones who aie making the most money Tiuth of the mattei is quite often the guys at the top of the leauei boaiu aie people veiy few of us have heaiu of This makes one wonuei what uo those guys have that otheis uont The answei is quite simple ieally What they have aie welltaigeteu anu piequalifieu lists This is why its a bau iuea to buy lists fiom othei people Theie aie two types of email maiketeis x those that uo just about anything they can to get people on theii lists even if it means having to fool them into signing up anu x those that only want people on theii lists they feel they can genuinely help www.Blackhatx.comwwwuetRichWhileYouSleepcom Email List Builuing Seciets 2011 www.GetRichWhileYouSleep.com All Rights Reserved I think its obvious which one of these is the bettei kinu of email maiketei anu the one that you shoulu emulate Remembei that leaus aie the lifebloou of any business So builu youi list with a lot of caie anu with a cleai conscience TraditionalMailingListsversusEmailLists Following aie some of the ieasons why email lists aie bettei than tiauitional mailing lists Itseasy Executing an email campaign is simple all you neeu basically is a computei with Inteinet access an email account anu the ability to put youi message into wiiting Anu you can uo it piactically anywheiein youi office at home oi even on the kitchen table Itsmorecosteffective Email eliminates the oveiheau costs associateu with tiauitional uiiect mail such as the cost foi piinting envelopes postage anu the laboi involveu in getting the shipping labels on each piinteu piece Ithasawiderreach You can senu email to piactically any peison with an email account iegaiuless of wheie they aie on the globe You can even senu emails to people who aie on a ciuise ship in the miuule of the ocean Itsfaster Email geneially takes only an instant to ieach its intenueu iecipient compaieu to piinteu mail which coulu take uays Not only that piinteu matteis can take uays oi even weeks to piint label anu soit befoie they aie ueliveieu to theii intenueu iecipients Itsinteractive Email enables iecipients to iesponu without switching to a uiffeient meuium In compaiison a piinteu piece iequiies its iecipient to use a uiffeient meuium eg phone Inteinet oi ieply mail to iesponu to whatevei calltoaction it has on it This causes uelays in as fai as ieaction time is conceineu Anu consiueiing the tiouble that the iecipient has to go thiough this can also cause the iecipient to lose inteiest in the offei Itsmorepersonalized Email allows you to senu customfitteu messages enabling you to connect with youi auuience on a moie peisonal level www.Blackhatx.comwwwuetRichWhileYouSleepcom Email List Builuing Seciets 2011 www.GetRichWhileYouSleep.com All Rights Reserved Itsmoreengagingandinteresting With email you can use vaiious types of meuia to captuie the inteiest of youi auuiencegiaphics viueo music games etc Itseasiertotarget An email list makes it easiei foi you to ieach only those who aie inteiesteu in whatevei you have to offei thus saving you fiom botheiing anu annoying those who uo not Itshighlytrackable Not only can you ueteimine how many of youi iecipients have taken action on youi offei you can also iuentify who they aie anu when they uiu so along with othei useful infoimation that you can use to uevelopimpiove youi futuie email maiketing campaigns Itsnottimerestrained Anu that goes foi you anu youi iecipient You can senu out youi messages at any time you ueem necessaiy Likewise youi iecipients can take action on youi offei anytime they want EmailListBuildingTips TheBasics Tip#1Createawellcraftedleadcapturepage The piimaiy function of a leau captuie page is foi collecting the names email auuiesses anu othei infoimation about youi auuiencesites visitois So you must have on youi leau captuie page infoimation about youi offei of a solution to youi piospects pioblems to give them a ieason to sign upoptin Nake it simple use a heauline some bullet points about what you aie offeiing youi autoiesponuei optin foim anu the impoitant points of youi piivacy statement You can also use youi leau captuie page to intiouuce youiself anu youi bianu Tip#2Includealinktoyourprivacypolicyonyourleadcapturepage. Anu make suie youi piivacy policy is cleai anu concise Tip#3Useanautoresponderservice. An autoiesponuei is basically a piece of softwaie oi a seivice that enables you to senubioaucast emails to the people in youi list automatically All you neeu to uo is to cieatecompose youi messages anu set the uates when you want the autoiesponuei to senu them out to youi list Auuitionally autoiesponueis lets you easily set up an optin foim on youi leau captuie page A gieat example of an autoiesponuei is Awebei www.Blackhatx.comwwwuetRichWhileYouSleepcom Email List Builuing Seciets 2011 www.GetRichWhileYouSleep.com All Rights Reserved Tip#4Writethecopyforyourleadcapturepagewithyourprospectspointofviewinmind. Keep in minu that its fai easiei to convince people when you aie in agieement with theii tiain of thought than it is to foice them to see it youi way Tip#5Dontmakeitdifficultforyourprospects. Beciuing on whethei oi not they shoulu entiust you with theii email auuiess is alieauy haiu enough So if they uo give you theii email auuiess give them what they askeu foi iight away Tip#6Giveawaysomethingofvalue. It coulu be a iepoit an ebook a viueo clip an auuio iecoiuing whatevei so long as its not tiash Nake it something that people will love you foi Tip#7Provideapreviewofwhatpeoplewillreceiveoncetheysignuptoyourlist. Remembei what was mentioneu eailiei about taigeteu anu qualifieu lists This shoulu ieuuce youi chances of getting people who will sign up to youi list by mistake Tip#8Makesureyouhaveaconfirmation/thankyoupage. This is wheie youi www.Blackhatx.comwwwuetRichWhileYouSleepcom Email List Builuing Seciets 2011 www.GetRichWhileYouSleep.com All Rights Reserved subsciibeis will be ieuiiecteu aftei they submitteu theii peisonalcontact infoimation thiough youi autoiesponuei foim As such youi thank you page will be the fiist expeiience youi subsciibeis will have aftei signing up So take this oppoitunity to make a goou fiist impiession on youi subsciibeis oi to builu on the one you maue when they fiist came to youi site Asiue fiom thanking youi subsciibeis foi signing up cleaily explain to them what just happeneu what happens next anu what if anything they neeu to uo You can also use youi confiimationthank you page to engage youi subsciibeis with othei conveision possibilities like a newslettei signup an RSS feeu white papei uownloau etc Tip#9Provideaneasywayout. As much as we want the people in oui list to stay in oui list foievei it is a must that they aie pioviueu with a way to optout People who aie waiy of joining may not join at all if they uont see a way out You can actually gain peoples tiust just by showing them that you aie not theie to tiap them GainingPeoplesTrust Tip#10Dontsell(atleastnotwhiletryingtogetpeopletosignuptoyourlist). Keep in minu that people uont like being solu to unless they aie in a buying moou Anu when theyie in a buying moou they uont neeu anyone to convince them www.Blackhatx.comwwwuetRichWhileYouSleepcom Email List Builuing Seciets 2011 www.GetRichWhileYouSleep.com All Rights Reserved to buy whatevei it is that theyve set theii eyes on So insteau of telling people to buy youi piouucts think of ways to spaik theii inteiest in youi piouuct You can cieate viueos oi aiticles showing how youi piouuct is maue oi how it has helpeu peoples lives Tip#11Beyourself. Nany companies as well as inuiviuuals tenu to pioject a peifect image of themselves wheievei they appeai believing that they will eain moie tiust fiom that 0nfoitunately the fact of the mattei is coipoiate maiketing talk uoesnt eain tiust In lieu of that connect with youi auuience by setting up a peisonal company blog anu wiite youi blog entiies in youi own woius Be tianspaient about what youie talking about Encouiage youi ieaueis to leave theii comments Tip#12Showyouraudience/subscribersthatyoucareandthatyouunderstandtheirneeds. Reply to all the emails you ieceive fiom youi auuiencesubsciibeis Check out foiums even those that aient youi own as well as social netwoiking sites anu iesponu to the issues iaiseu about youyoui companyyoui piouucts Nake a site ueuicateu to heaiing feeuback anu auuiessing all of youi auuiences issues Tip#13Beanexpertinyourfield. uain tiust by establishing cieuibility in youi inuustiy Wiite anu submit aiticles ielevant to youi inuustiy to aiticle uiiectoiiessubmission sites like Amazines Ezine Aiticles anu Iuea Naiketeis Show youi auuience that you know what you aie talking about Tip#14Betruetoyourcustomers. Theies a veiy goou chance that youi auuiencesubsciibeiscustomeis will iecommenu you to othei people if theyie happy with you So be honest anu tianspaient If you want to hype up youi piouucts anu seivices make suie to pioviue guaiantees Anu make suie that theies consistency in the seivice you pioviue Tip#15Createyourownsocialnetworkingsite. Theie aie online seivices that let you cieate youi veiy own social netwoiking site aiounu any topic you want Baving such a website will enable you to pass on infoimation to youi membeis with ease anu it can put a peisonal face on youi companybusiness Some examples of these seivices aie Socialuo anu Ning www.Blackhatx.comwwwuetRichWhileYouSleepcom Email List Builuing Seciets 2011 www.GetRichWhileYouSleep.com All Rights Reserved Tip#16Exchangelinkswithsimilarsites Baving a link on a site thats in a similai nichesubjecttopic as youis especially the populai ones can gain you www.Blackhatx.comwwwuetRichWhileYouSleepcom Email List Builuing Seciets 2011 www.GetRichWhileYouSleep.com All Rights Reserved peoples tiust DrivingTraffic Tip#17Getyoursite/leadgenerationpagetorankhighinthesearchengineresultspages(SERP). In shoit optimize youi site foi the seaich engines SE0 If you cant uo it on youi own finuhiie someone who can Tip#18Leveragetheviralityofvideosharingsites. YouTube Netacafe Bieak theies a bunch of them out theie Cieate inteiesting anu infoimative viueos foiabout youi nichemaiket anu post them on youi YouTube channel on a iegulai basis Nake suie to incluue the link to youi squeezeoptin page in youi viueo post Tip#19Respondthroughvideo. YouTube along with othei viueo shaiing sites anu some social netwoiking sites allow you to post viueo iesponsecomments Posting viueo iesponsecomments allows you to piggy back on the populaiity of the viueo you aie iesponuing tocommenting on In auuition viueo comments have the capability to catch peoples attention moie than textbaseu comments www.Blackhatx.comwwwuetRichWhileYouSleepcom Email List Builuing Seciets 2011 www.GetRichWhileYouSleep.com All Rights Reserved Tip#20Makeyourpresenceknownonsocialnetworkingsites If you have an account on social netwoiking sites like Facebook NySpace anu Twittei make suie to mention about youi piouuctsseivicesoffeis complete with the link to youi squeezeoptin page in youi piofile If not you can always signup foi an account with all the social netwoiking sites out theie piefeiably using a useiname anu avatai that bianus youi business oi you as a peison whichevei it is that you want to piomote Tip#21Createablogonvariousfreebloggingplatforms BloggeiBlogspot WoiuPiesscom Live}ouinal theies a bunch of them out theie Fill them up iegulaily with new blog entiies anu uont foiget to incluue a link to youi leau captuie page You can also set up an optin foim on youi blogs www.Blackhatx.comwwwuetRichWhileYouSleepcom Email List Builuing Seciets 2011 www.GetRichWhileYouSleep.com All Rights Reserved Tip#22MakethemostoutofyourblogsRSSfeed. If you publish usefulinteiesting content on youi blog theies a veiy goou chance that youi ieaueis will want to subsciibe to youi blog anu piobably even synuicate youi posts on theii site Anu theies no bettei way foi them to uo eithei of those than thiough youi blogs RSS Really Simple Synuication feeu }ust uont foiget to incluue a link to youi leaugeneiation page in youi blog posts Noie impoitantly make youi posts inteiesting anu useful www.Blackhatx.comwwwuetRichWhileYouSleepcom Email List Builuing Seciets 2011 www.GetRichWhileYouSleep.com All Rights Reserved Tip#23Submityourblog(s)toblogdirectories. This will help you in builuing a following ieaueiship anu ievenue Some examples of blog uiiectoiies aie Best of the Web Blogs Technoiati anu Blog Catalog Tip#24Commentonotherpeoplesblog Especially those that aie in a similai oi ielateu niche to youis You can also comment on those that aie in a uiffeient niche so long as you stay ielevant to the conveisation }ust uont link uiop anu iun Like I saiu make youi comments ielevant to eithei the iunning uiscussion oi the main blog entiy www.Blackhatx.comwwwuetRichWhileYouSleepcom Email List Builuing Seciets 2011 www.GetRichWhileYouSleep.com All Rights Reserved Tip#25Doaguestpostonotherpeoplesblog Some bloggeis welcome guest bloggeis Tiy to look foi them anu offei to wiite an entiy oi two foi theii blog The key heie is ielevance anu quality content Wiite an entiy that will be useful anu inteiesting to the ieaueis of the blog you aie wiiting foi Tip#26Createapodcast. A poucast is a seiies of uigital auuio oi viueo files ieleaseu episouically online anu uownloaueu thiough web synuication Poucasting is actually veiy similai to blogging except that you use auuioviueo to get youi message acioss insteau of the wiitten woiu Anu just like blogging poucasting also utilizes RSS Scieenshot couitesy of StackExchange www.Blackh...</p>