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PreftceMy interestin Jaimini was aroused over 20 years ago yet a college student by a Kerala Brahmin whcn I was astrologer who wagpractisingnear my residence. What struck me most was his admirable analysis of tbe fourth housein my horoscope, according to Jaimini, supported by eloquentquotationsfrom thc SUTRAS. He gave me to understandthen that the 3rd and 4th Adhyayas had beenlost and that they were not to bc found either in print or in manuscriptform anywhere. By about 1936an advocate friend of mine prescnted me with a copy of Jeimini Sutrasin Kannada script which also contained the original sutras of the 3rd and 4th Adbyayas. Tbe Kerala astrologerwas kind enough to interpret the 3rd and 4th Adbyayasfor 4y benefitand I am gratefulto him for this belp. Subsequently shiftedhis officeand I lost he touch with him. Sincethen my interestin Jaimini began to grow and I gathered valuable information tbrough my discussions with Panditswbo usedto visit my grandfather late Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao. I havewith me a number of versionsof Jaimini in Devanagari, Kannadaand Telugu scripts-most of them containingNeelakanta's commentaries. And the present work which I have the pleasure to place before the public is mainty based upon my "STUDIES" educated done during the last fifteen years. Owing probably to the dearthof books dealingclearlywith the principles,and of


scholarswho have specialised this particular branch of in astrological knowledge, Jaimini'smctbodshave not been popular. Consequently is not possibleto say with what it degreeof success principlesgivenby Jaimini could be the appliedto practical horoscopes. But there is no doubt whatsoever that when once the tecbnique prediction as of given by Jaimini has been clearly grasped, considerable rccuracy could be aimedat. In these.STUDIES I have merely endeavoured to make availablein compactand simple form the lcading facts or concepts Jaimini'sprinciples. Certainaspects of of Jalmini such as Dasas, Ayurdaya, etc., whichhave hitherto remained obscure,have been dealt with exbaustively and their slgnificance shown. I do not ctaim originality. But I claim to be the first in India to have given an expositionof Jaimini in English with suitable illustrations. It shouldbe pointcd out in conclusion tbat if this work were to stimulatea more detailedstudy of Jaimini, my labourswill have beenamply rewarded.

Bangalore, Yijayadasami, 20th October, 1950.


Preface to the Fifth EditionIt is with great pleasure that I present herewith the fifth editionof my stuotes IN JAIMINI ASTROLOGY. The fourth edition went out of print a coupleof yearsago and the bringingout of tbe fifrh edition had to be dehyed due to my other preoccupations. This edition has beenrevisedand typographical and othererrorsbavebceneliminated. Jaimini has certain specialfeatures especiallybearing on longevity and Dasa interpretation furnistring fresh materialfor the research-minded. The informationgiven in this book has beenbased on all the four chaptersof the SUTRAS aod has becn tested by me on several horoscopes. In fact as early as 1944, even before I brought out the first edition,I had made predictions based on Jaimini on the horoscopes Hitler and Mussoliniwhich were of remarkably fulfilled. I am thankful to Mr. G. K. Ananthram for having brought out this edition attractively. I hope that astrological savantswill welcomcthis new edition as they have welcomed my other books. all

Bangalore 29-l t-1986


ContentsARTICLE Chapterl-Preliminary Observrtions Jaiminiand Parasari Differences Jaimini'sAbstruseness StandardHoroscopePAGE

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Chepter II-The EssentialsExphined 5. The Karakas 6. Natural Karakas 7. Karakasin Jaimini 8. Atmakaraka 9. Amatyakaraka 10. Bhratrukaraka I l. Matrukaraka 12. Putrakaraka 13. Gnathikaraka 14. Darakaraka 15. Detcrmination Karakas of 16. Exceptions 17. Minor Karakas 18. Different Kinds of Lagna 19. Arudha Lagna 20. Hora Lagna 21. Bhava Lagna 22. Varnada Lagna

viii ARTICLE Chapter-II (Contd.)

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Varnadasfor Other Rasis Ghatika Lagna Nisbekaor Adbana Lagna Parasara's Method Samarsingh's Method Unsatisfactory Nature of ExistingMethods Pranapada Method of Finding Pranapada D w a r aR a s i Bahya Rasi Paka and BhogaRasis : Gulika Brahma Exceptions Selection Brahma of Maheswara Rudra Chapterlll-Aspects and Argalas Reckoningof Aspects Aspects Jaimini in Rangeof Aspect Argalas Formation of Argala Benefic Argalas MaleficArgalas Counteraction Argalas of Significance Argalas of Argala Chakra Argala Chart in the StandardHoroscope

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'lrARTICLE ChapterIV--Planetaty and Rnsl Strdngtbs Sources Strength of Sources Rasi Srength of AtmakarakaSttength AssociationStrength Location br AspectSffetrgth Strengthdue to Lord Strength Odd Rasis of AtmakarakaDisposition rength St Sources Planetary of Strength Amsa Bala Moolathrikona Bala Numerical Measure Rasi Strength of The Lord's Strength Bala Moolatbrikona Amsa Bala KendraBala Chara Bala Druk Bala SthiraBala Total Rasi Strength Special Strength Exceptions ChapterV-Dasas and Bhoktls Kinds of Dasas Choiceof Dasa Chara Dasa Rasis Visbamapada Rasis Samapada The Order of Dasas Dasa Period

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ARTICLE 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. 100. Chapter-V (Contd.) FurrherVariations DasaDuration of Variations due to Dual Lordship Conjunction Dual Lordsin Own Rasi of h{ars-Ketu Conjunction Other Signs in Saturn-Rahu Conjunction Other Signs in One Lord in Own Rasi and the Other Lord in a Different Rasi Dual Lords in Different Rasis Bhuktisin Chara Dasa Durationof Sub-periods SthiraDasa DasaPeriods Calculation SthiraDasa of ThrikonaDasa Spanof ThrikonaDasa Sub-periods Thrikona Dasa in Varnada asa D BrabmaDasa YogardhaDasa NiryanaSulaDasa NiryanaPhalaSula Dasa Other Dasas

PAGE 49 49 49 50 50 50 54 55 56 56 57 58 59 6l 63 64 66 67 . . .. 6 8 68

ChapterVI -Determinationof Longevity l 0 l . G e n e r aO b s e r v a t i o n s l 102, Jaimini'sMethods 103, Termsof Longevity 104. MethodOne 105. Alpayu 106. Ir{adhyayu 107. Purnayu 108. Reconciling Contradictory Results

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xi ARTICLE 109. I10. ll l. ll2. I13. I14. ll5. I16. ll7. ll8. I19. 120. l2l. 122. 123. Chapter-VI (Contd.) Calculationof Exact Longevity Summary MethodTwo MethodThree Observations KakshaVriddhi Conditions KakshaVriddhi fcrr Kaksha Hrasa Conditions KakshaHrasa for Rasi Vriddhi Rasi Hrasa Remarks The N{ainPeriods Death of The Sub-period Death of Certain ExceptionsPAGE

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ChapterVII-Judgment of Horoscope 124. Preliminary Remarks 125. Karakamsa 126. PhysicalAppearance 127. Character and Mind 128. FinancialProspects 129. Health and Disease 130. EducationalProspects l3l. Parents 132. Brothersand Sisters 133. Marriage 134. Combinations Applicable Women to l3 5. Children 136. Profession 137. Sourceof Death 138. Natureof Death

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Chapter-VII (Contd.) 139. Yogasin Jaimini 140. Raja Yogas l4l. ArishtaYogas yogae 142. Miscellaneous ChapterVIIl-Timing Events 143. GeneralRemarks 114. Nature of Results 145. Father'sDeatb 146. Mother'sDcath 147. Nativc's Own Death 148. Deathof Wife 149. Deatbof Other Relatives ChapterlX-Summary I J0. GeneralObservations l5l. Karakas 152. DifferentKinds of Lagnas 153. Aspects and Argalas 134. Rasi Strengths 155. Dasasand Bhukris 156. Longevity 157. Periodof Death 158. Judging Horoscope a 159. TimingEvents 160. Yogas An Index of TechnicalTerms


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Preliminary Observations1. Jaimini antl Parasari The Jaimini systemof Astrology upon which these Studiesare based marks a definitc departure from the canonsof Parasari, or the gcncral system of Astrology now in voguethroughoutIndia. It cannot bc maintained boweverthat Jaimini and Parasariarc at completevariance from each other or they are two distinct systems. On the contrary, it seems rcasonableto suppose, that Jaimini is merely an offshoot oi the generalschemeofthcastropropoundedby Parasara, in the works logicalscience for of Parasaraand Vriddbayavana, frequent refcrences are to bc found to the specific and distinct mcthorlology in cmployedby Jaimini. For instance, Adhyaya l, Pada 1, Sutra 5, Jaimini saysthat planetsin the 4th, 2nd and llth from an aspectingbody cause Argalas. Parasara simply confirnrsthis in his I/cra Sastra. Similarly in the matter of counteractionof Argalas, determinationof Karakas, Arudha Lagna,results of Karakamsa, determinationof longevity, etc.,it looks as though Parasaraand Vriddhayavana confirm Jaimini. This might tempt one to conclude that Parasara and Vriddhayavana must probably havc beenlater writers. Sucha conclusion vlouldbe unwarranted progenitor of Vyasa, could because Parasara, beingthe not have lived after Jaimini. The sourceof all astrological knowledgeiu India is undoubtcdly Parasara. Jaimini must


Studics Jaimioi in Astrology

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